Monday, October 20, 2008

Beyond Morning Sickness by Ashli McCall

I have read the best book on Hyperemesis and wanted all of the people who read my blog to go out and get this book and read it. You can find the book on or go to her web page at it is a wonderful book on hyperemesis. Here is my review I posted on

I read this book with much anticipation. I was dying to find out what it said. Finally a book that understood me. I had high hope for the book! I had visited the web-site for the book and the message board, and thought the web-site was great. How could the book not be just as wonderful. I started reading and felt like this book was written about me but written for me. I could not believe what women went through to have a baby.....and what I went through and what I am thinking about going through again. The book was great just as I had expected! It had wonderful story's about women who have gone through what I went through. It had great information for women with hyperemesis. I would highly recommend this book to woman who have suffered through hyperemesis, women who are currently suffering through hyperemesis, and friends & family who are supporting their loved one through this tough time. Women need to remember there are other women who have survived hyperemesis and to use this book as one of your tools to help you survive. If you are thinking about abortion to end your pain and misery, PLEASE read this book first, there is hope out there! I also have a blog about hyperemesis: and you can e-mail me for thoughts, questions, and support! Please go to the web-site listed above for more wonderful information about the book and to talk to the author. Remember you can do it!

Monday, August 4, 2008



My husband and I were so excited to find out we were pregnant with our first child in September. We had been married since June and weren’t preventing our family to start growing as soon as possible. My husband a little more nervous then I was, worried about finances, who will watch the baby when it is born, sleepless nights, and everything that comes with being a first time parent. We called and told my parents, brother, and grandparents and everyone was so excited. I called to make an appointment with my OBGYN but they wouldn’t see me until I was 3 months along and I was about 4 weeks. It didn’t matter I was excited, I even went and bought maternity shirts because I knew I was already showing at 4 weeks, I wanted the whole world to know I was pregnant and proud ( I was obviously not showing yet)!

I look back and wish I could have felt that way the whole pregnancy, but sad to say the worse was yet to come. I had no idea what was about to hit me. I was 5 weeks pregnant and started throwing up 5 to 10 times a day, I assumed it was morning sickness and life went on, I kept on working and throwing up in a trash can at work because the bathroom was just to far away. The vomiting became worse over the week and I started throwing up 20 to 30 times a day. I felt like I was dying I was throwing up so much I couldn’t eat or even keep anything down. Water was impossible to even keep down. I called my OBGYN who I hadn’t seen yet and the nurse told me it was morning sickness and I was most likely over reacting to the whole situation. The next day while laying in bed in our small apartment my husband at work I called my father who was also at work and told him I couldn’t move, I couldn’t even roll over, I was dehydrated and throwing up blood. My father rushed over and called the doctor and told the nurse I was coming in and I was coming in now, something was wrong! I thought the worse as my dad carried me to the car, I was all bones all my weight had disappeared. As we made it into the doctor’s office and they weighed me I noticed I had lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks. I had to pee in the cup and my urine had proteins in it and the doctor put me in an infusion unit at the hospital to receive fluid. He said in a few weeks this would all be over with just a bad case of morning sickness. Boy, do I wish he was right.

I went to the infusion until for 5 hours and on the way to the car afterwards I throw up every ounce of fluid they put in me. The doctor prescribed zofran (a drug they give chemotherapy patients) but I would throw that up also, I couldn’t keep it down. I went back to the doctors a few days later and I was admitted to the hospital. I would get out of the hospital and put back in a few days later. I lost over 30 pounds my first trimester. What was wrong with me! Why does the doctor keep calling it morning sickness? I was going to die! How was this affecting my baby! I had never been sick in my life!

After the first trimester I thought this would all end but I was wrong I was this sick for 9 months! All my friends and family would have a different solution on how to help me: fish oil, cream on your belly, raw potatoes, you name I have heard of it. I threw up so much I clogged the drains in both of our toilets and the Plummer recommend not to throw up in the toilet anymore. I never needed to wear maternity clothes and I never really showed. My doctor never had an answer for me what was wrong with me. I literally laid and bed and died for 9 months, and worked because we needed the money and my doctor would not put me on disability. So, I would lay at work and die as well! I could barely walk at some points and hated everything about being pregnant.

After 7 months of pregnancy I developed high blood pressure –preclempsia, and was induced a few weeks before my due date. I throw up during delivery, for 9 months straight I threw up every single day 20 times plus. I was induced at 6am and had 24 hours of labor, with 3 hours or hard pushing. You think I endured 9 months of pain the labor could have been somewhat easier, but it wasn’t. They had to end up suctioning the baby out, the guess for weight on the baby was 5 pounds or smaller due to the size of my belly and that I never gained weight. Well, one more thing they were wrong about! It was a little girl, a beautiful little girl 8 pounds 13 ounces, a huge baby for me! I looked at her and realized everything I went through for 9 months was well worth it, I loved her and she loved me for making it through and never giving up.

I want women out there to know the disease I had is called hyperemesis and it is real! It is not in your head and it is not a mental illness. I will most likely have this with every pregnancy I will ever have. Will that stop me from having more children? No! If I can do it any women can do it, if you are sick and it is more then morning sickness seek help from a doctor who knows about this condition. If I would have had a better doctor I think I would have received better medical advice.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Journal of Baby #2

---March 24, 06 --- Guess what I am pregnant! Ya! I am really excited and so is Brad. We found out Wednesday night. I think I am due some time in December. I go see the doctor for the first time April 12th. I am going to see a new doctor. There was something I just didn't like about Lizzie's(my first daughter) doctor. I hope I like this new doctor. I have been a little sick in the morning but by 10am I am fine. If it is like that for the whole pregnancy then I can handle that. But, I didn't start getting really sick with Lizzie until week 8. I am only at week 4, and I just want a healthy baby.

---March 28,06--- Well we are still very excited. I am still not throwing up but I am very nauseous, especially in the morning. I worry if something is wrong with the baby because I am not sick yet, but with faith and prayer I make it through. I am crampy in the evening.

---April 2, 06 --- Still excited!

---April 10, 06 (Mon.)-6 weeks--- Well, I am pretty sure I am dying!!This pregnancy is a killer! I am 6 weeks pregnant and started IV therapy last Friday (at week 5). I have to go to IV therapy every day this week for 4-5 hours a day. It is horrible, I have to keep the IV in, even when I am at home, I can't even pick Liz up. I don't have any energy because I can't eat, and if I do eat I throw it up right away. If I don't eat I throw up my stomach lining. I have thrown up 4 times in the last 24 hours. I am so weak I can't wash my hair or even comb it. I hate this and I will never do it again. I feel like a bad mother and wife. I just want to cry and sleep all the time. I don't know how I am going to make it to December 3! I know it is not like this the whole 40 weeks, but it is this bad to at least 20 weeks and I am only at week 6. I pray for help and I know with Christ by my side he will help me. I wish there was something I could do!

---April 17, 06-Easter Sunday-7 weeks! --- It has been a very long week. I've had to go to the IV infusion unit everyday this week. I went to the doctors on Wednesday and my potassium levels were very low or high and I had a very high amount of sugar in my urine. So, I had to go do more blood work but because I am dehydrated it took 3 tries to get blood out of me, very painful each time. They couldn't decide to put me in the hospital or not. Very stressful. I got worse as the week went on and now I am doing home IV therapy. They tried to do a picc line into my heart and after 6 tries and a black and blue arm they couldn't get it in due to dehydration. I have a pump in my leg that has to be changed every 48 hours, which means someone stabbing me with a needle! I am connected to the IV 24-7, and I hate it! I can't shower or sleep! I get sad a lot and I am very anxious. And it's Easter! I just wish someone could help me! I see my doctor Tuesday, I just want to feel better. I know this is hard on my whole family especially Brad and Liz. I hope I am not like those for the whole 9 months or even 20 weeks. I would like it to go away at 12 weeks or sooner!!!

---April 24, 06 (Mon.) - 8 weeks --- Day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute. The longest 9 months of my life. I am sick of being nauseous! I am only throwing up once maybe twice a day. Which isn't bad, but I am still not eating a lot so I am very weak. Every smell bothers me. It was not like that with Liz. I can tell you when someone washed their hair their shirt and what detergent they used. I can smell a cat or dog a mile away. It hurts to walk down the hall or just to stand up. Liz seems to be handling everything so well. Her smile keeps me going. I made it to stake conference, I really wanted to go so bad. L. Tom Perry spoke. The spirit was so strong it was so up-lifting to go to. He talked about family's and having the spirit in your home. I really needed that.

---Last day in April 30 or 31?, 06 - 9 weeks! --- This has been the longest week yet! I am not sure where to even start. I guess at 8 weeks it gets like 10 times worse. I started getting really sick Mon or Tues, throwing up 15 times a day. Wednesday I had an obgyn appointment just to fill out paper work not to see the doctor, and I was so sick in the office they tried to put me in the hospital but I refused. I lost 4 pounds in 7 days, and 14 pounds since I got pregnant so in 9 weeks. I told the doctor I would do IV therapy at home again. So, Thursday I had it put in again and they had a hard time finding a vein. The whole thing upset Liz. Thursday night I got a blood clot in my IV and I told Brad just to push it through with a syringe to flush the clot. My left arm went numb for a few hours. I didn't think it was a big deal but Brad wanted me to go to the ER. I didn't go and the next morning went I talked to my nurse she told me I should have gone to the hospital because the blood clot could have traveled to my brain and caused a stroke. Brad was totally freaking out and not happy with me, he won't touch my IV now! I then woke up Sunday morning at 5am with the worse cramps I have ever had. I felt like I was in labor. I couldn't even breathe, I finally called the doctor at 6:15am, they said it was either a miscarriage or constipation. I figured it was constipation since it was a side effect of zofran. I was told to go to the hospital if I started bleeding, they can't stop a miscarriage at 9 weeks. They said to try milk-of-magnesium. I called my dad to go to the store to get some, Brad didn't want to leave me. I took it and it gave me really bad diarrhea. The cramping sub-side but my stomach was very upset. It is better then this morning though, I really thought I was going to die this morning. I know Jesus helped me through this morning, I just kept praying he would help me and he did. This is so tough I don't know how I will make it another 31 weeks. It has to easy up at some point. It will be worth it at the end!

---May 8, 06 - (Mon.)-10 weeks ---- I am still alive. I made it through church yesterday (barley), just the first hour. But, better then nothing. It got me out of the house which is very nice. I have been emotionally struggling lately. I just feel like I can't do this anymore, and that I will never make it. I prayed for some relief today as I find myself all the time, I know Christ knows how I feel and he can help comfort me, and today has been my best day yet. I have thrown up a lot but I have been able to get off the couch a couple of times and I didn't feel like dying. I thank God for some relief. I keep telling myself it will be worth it at the end, but the end seems forever away. All week-end I felt like dying, the pain is indescribable, and I hope no one in my family gets this disorder from me.

---May 14, 06 - (Sun.) - Mothers Day - 11 weeks and 14 hours--- Yes, I am down to counting hours :) I had a really good week, but a bad day today. I tried to make it through sacrament meeting, but I am very crampy. I am so constipated, and nothing seems to help. If I am not constipated I have really bad diarrhea. My rear end hurts so bad! This was my first week going without an IV for 7 days :)I really think it is because all of our friends and family praying for us and fasting for us. God can work miracles and does work miracles through hope and faith.

---May 16, 06 (Tue.) - 11 weeks still--- Me and brad saw the doctor yesterday to her the baby's heart beat, but we were unable to hear it for some reason. Something about my placenta is in the wrong spot. So the doctor did an ultrasound to make sure everything was alright. The baby waved at us it was so cute, and you could see the little heart beating. I have now lost 20 pounds in 11 weeks.

---May 21, 06 - (Sun.)- 12 weeks - 1/3 of the way done--- 12 weeks but not far enough. I am still nauseous a lot!!! Like 6 plus hours a day. I only throw up a couple of times a day which is better then with Liz. I throw up like 20 times a day with her. I still feel yucky though. We went to Toys R Us yesterday and I thought I was going to die. I wish I had energy to do something or anything. I hope Liz and the new baby know that it is because of God that they are here on earth. There is no way I could make it through these pregnancies without God carrying me like in the poem, "Footprints". Days I feel like I can't make it, I pray to God and I feel him wrap his arms around me and I realize I can do it, I can do anything with Gods help. HE performs miracles, he really does! Remember that!

---May 27, 06 - Indy 500 Weekend, Memorial day weekend, 13 weeks--- They lowered my zofran pump this week from 700 to 500 whatever that means, but that is great news! I have been a lot more nauseous though and I have been throwing up more but I am really trying to hang in there. We tried to go to the mall today, I made it about 1/4 of the way through, and I had to go, I got sick in the parking lot before I could make it to my car :( I am ready to have energy and go do something, anything. Hopefully by week 16 I will be feeling better.

---June 1, 06 (Thurs.) - 13 weeks, 4 days! --- Yesterday was my doctors appointment to hear the baby's heart beat. My mom and Brad went. We heard the heart beat, it was 135-140 beats per minute. My mom swears it is a boy, but Brad swears it is a girl. I just want a happy healthy baby and for December to be here soon!!!!!!! I will love this baby no matter what, if I had a choice I would go boy so that we will have one of each, since this will be our last. But, I really think it is a girl :) We will see. The baby is starting to move like crazy. It moved all night, Brad even felt it's head. It's so small. I only lost one pound in the last 2 weeks :) I'm slowly starting to feel better, still not even 80% better, but somewhat. I am nauseous a lot, but not really throwing up. I am still not eating enough, but hopefully that will come with time.

---June 4, 06 - (Sun.) - 14 weeks --- Lizzie's second birthday party was yesterday! We had a swim party and bar-b-q. She wouldn't swim without me so I had to take my zofran pump out. I felt really good with the pump out so I decided not to put it back in. Well that was 24 hours ago and I am still pump free!!!! I feel good, well not good enough to get out of my bed I have been in for 14 weeks. I slept the best every last night and I am actually eating today. I just hope and pray it stays this way. I am ready to be done with the zofran pump for good!

---June 9, 06 - (Fri.)-almost 15 weeks!---One more week down! One more week closer!I am still having headaches. Wednesday I laid in our tiny shower in the dark for 2 hours just for some relief. I hate taking any more medication then I have to. But, after 18 hours of pain I finally took some Tylenol. It relieved some of the pain. I am still off my zofran pump. I am eating a little bit better but I am still weak and can't really move off the bed. I just want energy to do something, go somewhere or even drive. I am still not well enough to even drive. God has helped so much in this pregnancy. I really want to go to Idaho for the 4th of July to see my family, I hope I will be well enough to go!

---June 18, 06 - Fathers Day - 16 weeks --- I haven't wrote in a while, or it feels that way. I am finally 16 weeks and overall feeling pretty good considering everything. I am having extreme constipation problems still and have hemorrhoids that just might possible kill me. Brad bought me a donut to sit on and tucks pads. Brad didn't know what he was buying so he went to the pharmacist and said, "I am looking for Tuff pads and a pillow to sit on!" The pharmacist laughed at him and showed him what to get. Brad was embarrassed! I am cramping really bad due to the constipation. The cramps are worse then labor, I can't even breathe through them! The other day they lasted 6 hours, we almost had to go to the E.R. I have been taking colace a stool softener but it is not doing anything! I have been taking 6 fiber pills a day, and that helps just a time bit. Now the doctor wants me on a fiber diet which means I eat 4 oranges a day, 2 apples a day, grapes, strawberries, salad for lunch, and some nasty "hay tasting" fiber cereal for dinner. It is horrible! And I am still constipated! This baby is giving me a run for my money!

---June 19, 06 --- 16 weeks and still constipated!

---June 21, 06 - (Wed.) - First day of summer - 16.5 weeks---We are going to go to Idaho, and guess what I kinda am starting to show!

---July 6th, 06 - (Thur.) - 18.5 weeks --- Can you believe I have made it this far! I am still having problems going to the bathroom, but at least I am not throwing up! The baby moves either not at all or all the time for hours at end. I am showing if you look at me hard enough. I can't wait for the ultrasound. We went to Idaho for the 4th of July weekend and everyone has cute little boys. I would like a boy, but I really think it's a girl. We'll see in a week. I can't wait to find out. We had so much fun in Idaho. While in Idaho, Brad told about his conversion story to the church and he had everyone crying including myself. He talked about the car accident and families being forever and that's what he wants for us. Sunday was Fast Sunday, so Brad fasted for my health, Lizzie's health and the baby's health. Grandpa Frank bore his testimony and it was very touching. He mentioned Brad and being able to baptize him and how wonderful our family is. The whole trip was wonderful, we were happy to come home. There is nothing like home.

---July 23, 06 (I think) - Sunday (I think) - 21 weeks --- I know I haven't wrote in awhile. I really don't have an excuse. We had what I would call a tragedy in our family and I've been afraid to write it down because I'm afraid I would start crying and can't seem to stop. I am not going to give details, when, where, why and how, but I lost a best friend, her name was Lady and she was the best dog ever. On a better note we found out last Tuesday what the baby is going to be. I was so excited because I thought deep down it was a girl. Brad wanted a girl, everyone else thought it was a boy for sure. Well it's a girl! Brad was so excited. Her name is most likely going to be Emily Alice, which is good because Lizzie already calls the baby Emmie. So boy or girl, the baby will be named Emmie!

---Still July 23, 06 --- No longer constipated - Bad back pain - Everything looked good on the ultrasound, the baby looked huge. The baby should be measuring 20 weeks and 1 day, but it is measuring 20 weeks 9 days. So it is going to be a big baby. I can't wait to hold her. I finally have gone back to work from 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm. I still feel pregnant, but I'm not sick like I was. My back is killing me. And we are in the hottest heat wave ever in California. It was 120 degrees in my car yesterday. It has been over 105 degrees for over a week with no end in sight. The air conditioning in the house doesn't even seem to take the heat away. My Dad moved in with us this week.

---July 27, 06 - (Thur.) - 21.5 weeks - A day from hell --- I went to the doctor's this morning and after waiting for over an hour, the doctor had to leave for a delivery. My back was killing me and they weighed me and I still haven't gained a pound in 4 weeks. So they rescheduled me for later in the afternoon with another doctor. I then went to work from 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm. The air was broken at work and I was hot. I thought I was going to pass out. I then went to the doctor's again at 4:00pm, waited another 45 minutes, and have a bladder infection and most likely a kidney infection, and that's why my back hurts. I have been throwing up again and am very nauseous. They asked if I had a fever, but we've had 14 straight days of double digit heat, so who would know that? I still don't feel good. I then had a stressful evening so I took a shower and started crying in the shower because I was so stressed. Then Brad walked in on me and told me that my grandmother Betty had a stroke and can't move the whole right side of her body. It doesn't sound good, not good at all.

---July 28, 06 - (Fri.) - close enough to 22 weeks --- Grandma was moved to a rehab center for 2 weeks. She sounds horrible and because half of her face is numb she is hard to understand. I am very worried. I didn't go to work today because I am exhausted. I didn't sleep again last night, I finally closed my eyes at 1:30 am. I went to lunch today with my friend Kim to get my mind off everything. My Dad, Liz and I went to the mall tonight to see if that would help. I'm not sure I can handle much more. Poor Emmie, I hope she can survive all this. I have to go to Lodi tomorrow and I hope my back can handle the car ride. I also hope I can sleep tonight. I keep praying for strength and comfort. Brad and I have been saying family prayers also.

---August 5, 06 - (Sat.) - 23 weeks --- Well not much new to report. My Dad and Kevin went to Hot August Nights. I usually go every year with them, but I was afraid I wouldn't make it with the heat and all the walking around. Baby Emmie either moves a lot or not at all. She gets the hiccups lately too. I'm not throwing up, but I do feel nauseous here and there.

---August 13, 06 - (Sun.) - 24 weeks --- Had a hard today, but overall a good week. I started throwing up in the middle of the night really bad. We were unable to go to church because I was so sick. I am hoping it was just something I ate or a virus. Last night at 5:30 we went to the Sacramento Temple open house. It was really neat to see the inside of the Temple and to know Brad, Lizzie, Emmie and I will be sealed there, together forever as a family.

---August 18, 06 - (Fri.) - 25 weeks --- I had a doctor's appointment yesterday. I finally gained 3 pounds! I feel huge, I really don't want stretch marks. My blood pressure and everything else was normal and good. I told the doctor I don't always feel the baby move every day. He said that if I can't feel the baby move every day I need to go to labor and delivery and have the baby checked out. She should be moving every day. She is moving like crazy right now.

---August 27, 06 - (Sun.) - 26 weeks --- We went to the State Fair last night from 2pm to 9pm and I lasted the whole time. I had 2 deep fried Snickers! Today I was trying to think of the definition of love. Any ideas? What does love mean? Here are my thoughts: love means patience, kindness, forgiveness, happiness, commitment, slow to anger, peacefulness, calming, and forever. Just my random thoughts.

---Sept 3, 06 - (Sun.) - 27 weeks --- We had a long week, Monday night I started having contractions. Brad and I went to the hospital Tuesday morning around 10:00am. We came home around noon. My dad came home from work to watch Liz. I was given medication to take to stop the contractions, and I don't like it. It makes me very sleepy for like 10 hours after I take it. I was dilated a finger tip, almost one centimeter. The doctor wants me on bed rest for a week, and no sex (good for me, bad for brad) - LOL! I hate laying around. I think it was all due to stress. I hope I can go back to work on Tuesday but Brad and my dad don't think so!I guess we will wait and see. Today is the temple dedication at 4:30pm and I am not sure we will be able to go. I still haven't figured out the definition of love.....

---Sept 4, 06 - (Mon.) - Labor Day - No pun intended - 27 weeks--- Well I started cramping really bad at 4am and at 10am I was still cramping. So, I decided to go to the hospital and get checked out. I was there for over 3 hours and I have a urinary track infection and maybe another kidney infection that is causing the cramping. I still feel horrible and crampy. I am so done being pregnant! I am ready for Emmie to be here! Brad and Lizzie spent the day together since I was in the hospital and they had a really good time together. We ended up making it to the temple dedication and the spirit was amazing. It was so neat to hear the prophet speak. He's almost 97 years ago! He was very funny, Pres. Hinkley is truly a man of God. Lizzie washes my belly in the bath tub and says she is washing, "Baby Emmie". She loves rubbing and kissing "Baby Emmie". Emmie moves all the time now that I am on bed rest!

---Sept 16, 06 - (Sat.) - 29 weeks --- I am almost at 30 weeks! I am so excited! I can't wait for Emmie to be here! I am officially off work and on disability. I went to the doctors last Friday and I still haven't gained any weight. I have been nauseous a lot more and throw up from time to time. I have started going to the doctors every other week, so I go again this Thursday.

---Sept, 26, 06 - (Thur.) - 30 weeks!!!!!!! --- We are getting closer. I went to the doctors yesterday. My appointment was at 4:30pm and I finally got seen at 6:30pm and I got home at 7pm. I have gained 8 pounds in 2 weeks! Dang! I feel huge but it's all in my belly. Everything looked good. The doctor said no sex until week 35. My dear mother is all of a sudden freaking out about the middle name, she is driving me crazy! Brad played softball last night at 8:30pm. I wasn't going to go because I didn't feel well, but he acted like he really wanted us to go. So we went and he hit the ball and brought 3 people home. The bases were loaded with 2 outs. It was great!

---October 1, 06 - (Sun) - Conference - 31 weeks --- The baby shower for Emmie was yesterday at 11:30am. I was really stressed out because it was a joint baby shower with my friend Kim. We did a whole duck theme and it was super cute. I woke up this morning after being crampy all night and I was bleeding. I called the on-call doctor, Dr. S, who I do not like. She always gives me bad advice when she is on call. She told me to go to Urgent Care. I didn't really want to go. So I called labor and delivery and they said I need to come see them so they could check the baby. So we went in and I have another urinary tract infection. My fourth one this pregnancy. I had so much blood in my urine, the lab results said the blood cells were uncountable because there were so many. I am still very nauseous and have a lot of back pain. They put me back on Macrabid medication. I am so tired of being pregnant and not feeling good. I hope tomorrow brings a better day. I can't sleep at night because I am so uncomfortable and have to pee all the time.

---October 3, 06 - (Tue.) --- I was in the hospital yesterday until 7pm with Brad for bleeding and pre-term labor. I had to get a shot and take 2 pills to stop the contractions. It was really scary. Today I am very sore like I got run over and punched in my stomach. It hurts just to sit up. I lost 1 pound. The doctor said Emmie can come at any time after Halloween now and he's not going to stop it. Brother Taylor and my Dad gave me a blessing last night and it said to have faith and everything is in the Lord's hands. I really think I'm going to carry this baby full term.

---Oct 13, 06 - Friday the 13th - 33 weeks or close enough --- As for life being pregnant it is still horrible. We went to the hospital this past Sunday at 4am! I believe it was Sunday the 8th. We had no idea what to do with Liz, my dad was in Ohio. We had no one to call to watch her. I called my friend Laura from high school to come over and help with Liz. First time I have ever left Liz with someone that wasn't family (even Laura is close enough to be family). The hospital thought I had a placenta abruption and might need a blood transfusion. I was bleeding really bad. They did all kinds of test and a huge ultrasound. They gave me an IV with medication in it (antibiotics) and a shot for the contractions I was having. They never could figure out what was going on. They couldn't decide whether to keep me in the hospital or not. I was able to go home but now I have to pee in a screen and screen for kidney stones, they think that might be the problem. I felt very yucky and went home at noon finally. I then went to the doctors this last Wednesday (Oct. 11) and he did some more tests. He thinks the bleeding is coming from my cervix because the baby is trying to come out and my cervix won't open so I am bleeding. I always bleed after contraction so that does make some sense.Then I have a yeast infection from that is causing this intense itching and burning that I got from the strong antibiotics in the IV. Then I woke up Thursday morning (Oct. 12) having to pee every 5 minutes but couldn't get anything out. It got so bad I was crying like crazy, it was so painful. I called the doctor and they think I have another Urinary Track infection and the only medicine left they can give me is a penicillin medication and I am allergic to penicillin. I have to take 40 pills, 4 pills for 10 days and they make me very nauseous. I am not allowed to leave the house or my bed except to go to the doctors (which now I go every Wednesday at 4:30pm) until Halloween when it will be safe enough for the baby to come. I am very stressed and tired. I just want everything to be all right and for Emmie to be safe. I have faith it will all work out, time will tell.

---Oct 20, 06 - (Fri.) - 34 weeks! --- We are almost there! I went to the doctors Wednesday and I weigh what I weighed when I got pregnant 34 weeks ago! The baby is doing good but my urine is still really bad with blood and other things. The doctor is not sure what to do. I go in November 1st, if I can make it that long, and he will decide then if he is going to take the baby out or not. My milk came in yesterday, which I think is really early to come in, my chest hurts really bad.

---Nov. 2, 06, (Thur.) - 35 weeks and 4 days --- Yesterday was my 35 week check up. I gained 2 pounds in a week! The appointment went good, my urine looked good, my blood pressure was good, the baby sounded good, and measured good! I got a gift at the doctors for making it 35 weeks! I am 50% effaced. I think I am going to make it to December! I sure hope not though! I have been cleaning a lot lately, nesting? I am not bleeding anymore, and only 4 weeks left at most!

---Nov. 9, 06 - (Thur.)- 36 weeks and 4 days! --- My weekly doctors appointment was yesterday, I gained another 3 pounds in a week! My blood pressure and urine looked great. the baby's heart beat was good and I measured right where I should be. I am a little over a centimeter dilated, and I think the baby will be here by Thanks-giving but maybe I am just hoping more then anything. My next appointment is next Thursday at 11:45am. hopefully I will have had the baby by then. I have been having really bad heart burn within the last week, hopefully it will go away, the doctor said no water past 7pm and that will help. I really like my obgyn so much better then my last one with Liz. The nurse saw me in the waiting room and she said, "I missed your call last week!" Thats because I actually went a week without one single complication! We are ready for you to come Emmie!

---Nov. 19, 06 - (Sun.) - 38 weeks! --- Still pregnant! I thought for sure I would have little Emmie by now! I gained another 2pounds (huge!). At the doctors last Thursday everything looked good, still only 1 cm and 50% effaced, even though I feel like I have contractions all the time. I am so crampy. My doctor is out of town for Thanks giving week so Emmie needs to wait a week now! If she is 2 weeks late she won't be born until December 17th!

---Nov. 25, 06-(Sat.) - 39 weeks --- Christmas parade - Well, little Emmie is still not here! We thought for sure she would be here by now! We are dying for her to come.I went to the doctors on Wednesday and saw a doctor filling in since my doctor is gone. It was a female and I really liked her. She said the baby is weighing 8pounds 5 ounces right now! She said if she was my doctor she would induce me today but she can't. I see my doctor this Wednesday and we will see what he says. I really want to go into natural labor and not be induced but at his point I just want Emmie out and healthy! We went to the Christmas parade today and we had a lot of fun, tomorrow we are putting up our Christmas tree because if I don't do it tomorrow it might never get done if I have Emmie soon!

---Dec. 3, 06 - (Sun.) - 40 weeks! --- Still no baby! Can you believe that! I never thought I would go over full term! I have been getting nervous about the baby coming. I have been nervous about labor and delivery, and not being able to handle it and now all of a sudden I am worried about taking care of a new baby and all of the difficulties that come with a new baby like lack of sleep and feeding. I am nervous about breastfeeding and how Liz is going to handle a new baby. I am worried about staying in the hospital while Liz is at home. I am worried about Emmie being healthy and being able to take her home with me. My friend Kim, who is due when I am, had her baby last Tuesday. I went to visit her in the hospital and the baby was crying and it totally freaked me out. I'm not sure I can do it. I went to the doctor's last Wednesday and he said he would induce me anytime. I said I wasn't ready so he is going to see me at 8:45 am tomorrow and induce me if there is room in the hospital. I really want to go naturally instead of with pitocin, but Emmie just doesn't seem to want to come. The doctor "stripped my membranes." Brad hates when I say that. I keep thinking that means that she can come now, but she cannot. Brad and my Dad went to church today. Liz and I stayed home because I was very tired and wasn't sure I could sit that long. Today was Fast Sunday and Brad fasted for everything to go well with Emmie. Well wish me luck tomorrow and hopefully we'll have a new baby in our family.

---December 4, 06 ---Going to bed at 10pm, my water broke!

---Dec 15, 06 - (Fri.) - Emmie 10 days old --- Well she was finally born! She was born Tuesday December 5th, my parents anniversary, at 7:08 am.

Baby Announcement:

It's a Girl!

(and a mom!)

Born: Emily Alice – "Emmie"

Gave Birth: Sarah

Date: December 5th, 2006 ---- 7:08am

Weight: Baby's: 8 pounds 14 ounces Mom's: Let's see: She's eating 500 extra calories a day for breastfeeding, plus half a pound of chocolate to stay awake, plus all the lasagna her friends can cook. You do the math!

Eyes: Baby's: Blue (who she gets that from we don't know!) Mom's: Bloodshot

Hair: Baby's: Dark Brown, some spots look black; it is not red like Lizzies. Brad thinks she is the mail mans child!!!!! Mom's: Unwashed since the baby was born and falling out by the handful.

Length: Practically forever! Mom's water broke at 10:00pm on Monday night (the night before she was suppose to be induced). Mom woke dad up and he started screaming, "What do I do"! The car was all ready packed because we were leaving in the morning, all he had to do was get dressed but that stressed him out! We got to the car and he thought he was going to pass out and asked me to drive while he laid in the passenger seat. So, yes I drove myself to the hospital and yes this is his second child! My dad showed up a half hour later and him and Brad went to sleep on the hospital couch, snored all night while I was in labor. I got an epidural at 4am, thank-goodness for epidurals! At 6am I woke my dad up and told him something felt wrong, we paged the nurse and she said I was laying on my side too long, flipped me over and told me the baby would be born around 1:00pm and it was only 6:00am! My dad decided to go get breakfast at the cafeteria, Brad was still snoring on the couch. Five minutes later I still felt funny so I paged the nurse again (yes she probably wanted to ring my neck by now) and another nurse came in. I told her something was wrong, she lifted up my blanket and Emmies head was right there! I yelled for Brad he went running down the hall looking for my dad, the cafeteria was not open yet so my dad was on a pay phone, Brad finally found him and told him Emmie was coming. They had to hold the baby in until the doctor showed up at 7:00am, and I pushed a few times (8 whole minutes) and she came out. The baby was healthy and perfect! Oh, and the baby was 20 inches.

Brad's funny comment: I ran out of ice chips while waiting for the doctor to arrive, and my dad handed Brad the cup to get me some more and Brad told my dad, "No, thanks I am good!" He thought my dad was offering him ice chips!

Sex: Never again.