Sunday, April 29, 2012

20 weeks and 4 days!

Well this is the big week, the big ultrasound that will determine my fate for the next 15 weeks! Will I be on strict bed rest for the rest of the pregnancy or will everything be normal?  My last ultrasound at 15 weeks showed a complete placenta previa but it could change up to 20 weeks.  Well now it has moved or it has not and we hope and pray that it has moved, it will be a very long summer for my 3 girls if they are stuck at home with a mom in bed all summer.  I know it is in Gods hands and his will, will be done.  I am still very nervous and Thursday can not get her soon enough!  I also keep all you strong woman in my prayers out there who are suffering through hyperemesis, remember you can do it!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Evans First Suit Jacket!

I was so excited on this find today!  We went to the mall (thought that was going to kill me, I literally have NO energy, I am so pathetic, I am like an 80 year old woman.....actually I have seen 80 year old woman with more energy then me!)  I found this little jacket 12-18 months at Childrens Place regularly 39.99 for 4.99!  SCORE!  We go to church every Sunday and I want my little man in a white shirt and tie with his jacket!  He is going to look so cute!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

20 weeks and 1 day!

Well I officially feel pregnant! This is me complaining but I really have nothing to complain about because I do not have a picc line in my arm (though my arm is so sore, worse then when the picc line was in, the tape from the picc line gave me a huge burning rash) and I am not throwing up 20 times a day!

But I have the typical pregnant issues, I have to PEE all the time!  I am so sick of going to the bathroom!  Especially at night when I am warm in my bed.  I tell my tummy to hold it but always ends up with me running to the bathroom. 

Then the back ache, oh me oh my.  I never had back ache with the girls and my back is killing me.  My lower back in the middle.  The baby needs to re-adjust off my spine! I was so excited to take my first shower in 20 weeks last night but my back hurt so bad I was in and out of the shower and in bed by 7:30pm!

Then you know it is a bad sign when you put on maternity pants and they are too tight around your belly so you get a pair of sizzors and cut the waist so your big gelly can hang out!  Cutting maternity pants at 20 weeks means you are way too BIG!

We are back to the name Evan for this week!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Happy 20 weeks...HALF way done!

Picc line out, and my arm is a tiny bit sore but nothing I can not handle!  I am so happy to be 20 weeks done but still have 20 weeks left and until next Thursday when I have my next ultrasound to check to see if my placenta previa has resolved itself I am not ready to relax and enjoy the rest of the pregnancy.  We went to Golden Corral Buffet last night to celebrate the picc line coming out and being able to eat again!  The kids had a great time and I ate a lot of SALAD and chocolate dipped strawberries! 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Picc line out...Will my arm ever be the same?

To be honest I was afraid it was going to hurt and I did not feel a thing.  It is kinda cool watching them pull this super long tube out of you!  The stitches hurt the most but not so bad!  It took a whole 5 minutes for the whole procedure!

Good Bye Picc Line

I love you and I am so glad you saved my life these past 20 weeks but I am ready for you to go!  Off to the hospital today to get you pulled out!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Off the subject of hg

Who is cuter and who can tell me who they are?

So the 2 boys names we have decided on for our baby are the same as these 2 men.  The first one is my husbands childhood hero.  His name is Danny Sullivan.  He won the big indy race in the 80's.  He was supposedly one of the hottest guys of the time.  My hubby is a huge indy race car fan and loves this man!  He really wants to name our son Daniel. 

The second man is Evan Marriott from the TV show Joe Millionair that was on TV 9 years ago.  My husband and I watched it while we were dating and we actually met him at our local mall and I had my picture taken with him.  I loved him and I loved his name!  When I turned the computer on this morning there was a story line of what Evan looks like now 9 years later, well he does not look so good and am please to announce MY HUBBY AGED BETTER (even with his little bald spot and extra pounds)!

So who does the baby get named after?  Indy Car driver or Joe Millionaire?

Both names do have some other importance.  Daniel is the name of one of my cousins who is an admirable man that I look up to.  He serves our country in the military and has an amazing wife and 5 great kids!  He had to leave his family and go serve our country a year ago and made it home safely.  What a great man to have the same name! And of course Daniel is in the bible!

Then there is Evan Stephens (June 28, 1854 – October 27, 1930) who was a Latter-day Saint composer and hymn writer. He was also the director of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir for 26 years (1890–1916).  When my husband and I sing songs at church and we have been thinking about baby names (with all 4 kids) we would often sing one of his songs.  We would often comment that it was a sign!  He wrote "Let Us all Press On".

20 weeks in 2 days!

picc line comes out tomorrow!  my nurse came and changed my dressings for the last time today and she said she is not sure my skin would handle another week of bandage change.  my skin is so red and irritated. the baby heart beat was 146.

 i am very tired, my oldest daughter has been up screaming and crying all night and we took her to the doctors first thing this morning and she has blisters on her ear drums. she is in so much pain, my poor baby. tired mommy and daughter!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Still Saturday

Well i decided to go to swim lessons with a headache (bad idea). 5 minutes into the 45 minute class I was sure the world was ending.  I was dizzy and very nauseous!   I had dry heaves and was literally laying on the floor by my husband (I was starring at his hairy ankle)who was watching our daughter swim along with our 2 youngest girls running around (other parents probably thought I was nuts).  I felt horrible and he did not think I was going to make it to the car.  We got home and the sofa I laid for most of the rest of the day, as I yelled for,"Barf Bowl".....every time I put it away for good I ended up needing it.  I ate homemade nacho's for lunch my hubby made and it helped me feel a better but took me all day to recover.  I am not sure if the headache was the issue or sugar levels being an issue.  Ever since I started felling better from the hyperemesis my body can not regulate sugar levels at all, a lovely side effect! Saturday down the drain!  I want to be ME!

19 Weeks and 3 days!

I woke up with a headache this morning (maybe it is this crazy weather changing every other day), but took some Tylenol and hoping it goes away!  It is my oldest daughters first day of BIG GIRL swim lessons in the BIG POOL and I am going!

Last night I went to dinner with my hubby and kids the first time we all went out to dinner since I have been sick, it felt really good but I am not sure how we are going to do it with 4!  HA HA HA!  We then went grocery shopping and I did great!  I did not even feel like the world was ending!

I forgot to mention that I got the test results back from the Quad Screen.  If you are not familiar with this test it is a blood test done around 18 weeks to see if you are carrying a child with a chromosomal abnormality — specifically, Down syndrome, trisomy 18, or spina bifida.  My hubby and I never know whether to do this test or not because no matter how the test results came back we would not abort the pregnancy or change anything.  We always end up deciding to do the test just so if something is wrong with the baby that we can prepare our children what to expect.  I do have a best friend (I hope you don't mind I am writing this, and I hope this information is correct) who does not do prenatal testing and her first beautiful baby girl came out and had down syndrome she says she is glad she did not know.  That finding out was not traumatic or disappointing, that it is the way she wanted it to be.  She has 2 more beautiful little girls and did not have them tested either while she was pregnant.  My friend is an amazing person and mother and I hope I can be more like her.  She is so strong and I admire her for her choices.  I am not sure I am as strong as her though.  I would be a happier camper if she decided to have a boy with me though (ha ha ha)!  Anyways, the test came back normal, not that anything is 100% guarantee but it sure helps me sleep better.

Friday, April 20, 2012

19 weeks and 2 days

Well i feel good today, I went on a lunch date with a friend and it went really well and the kids played for 2 hours!  Then I went to the first store by myself!  Joanns Fabric and bought ribbon, a flower (to make a bow), and they had maternity shirts for .97 cents!  So excited!  I bought 5!  I made it home and had a lovely time out (even though some lady tried to take my close parking spot and I was there first and she honked and yelled at me, the poor pregnant lady with the picc line and 2 kids......crazy lady!)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

still 19 weeks

can I complain a moment......I AM SO SICK OF BEING TIRED!

19 weeks

Well last night I was so sick, I wanted it to end!  I do not know what happened.  At 7:20pm I decided I was taking my first shower in 19 weeks and took saran wrap and wrapped my arm with the picc line from wrist to shoulder, and did not care if it worked or not!  I could not bend my arm which made washing my hair with one hand hard!  The shower did not help so at 7:40pm I decided the best option was going to bed to end the day.  I laid in bed and felt horrible and had a small headache up top of everything and wanted it to all go away.  I almost took zofran but was so deathly afraid of the side affects I decided to suffer to sleep.  I woke up at 8:00am and felt a whole lot better.  Lets hope for a better day!

When I asked my 5 year old what she wanted for breakfast she told me, "I will give you a clue.....It looks like your throw-up!"  What a lovely thought!  Crazy girl, at least I knew what she wanted.....Oatmeal!

Picc line is scheduled to come out next Tuesday I made the appointment  yesterday!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

19 weeks!

Well today started out good, had a good friend come down and visit and chat.  Then around 1pm it went down hill, just really nauseous and still am at 6:30pm at night, hope for a better day tomorrow ready for bed!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

For you bff Marcy! - 19 weeks tomorrow!

This is my LARGE tummy! Holy Cow! This better be a big baby!

This is goodbye to the zofran pump, I mail it back to the home healthcare in the morning!  Good bye pump!  Love you but happy to see you go!

So the biggest 2 complaints I currently have, is:

1. I still can not wear my contacts!  My vision is so blurry in them and not in my glasses!  I hate my glasses I look horrible because I am so blind that my lenses are so thick they hang out of the frame, total bottle caps!  I want my contacts back! Please eyes return to normal!

2. I have no energy what so ever!  I am not sure if this is a typical complaint of a 19 week pregnant woman, 30 years old, with 3 small children or if it is due to hyperemesis.  My husband says it is due to the hyperemesis and being sick for so long.  I literally can not switch the laundry around without needing an hour break.  I sit a lot!  I do not like that, i like to be busy and not out of breath!

Monday, April 16, 2012

19 weeks in 2 days!

Well I have recovered from the flu, which I am pretty sure I had from the kiddos.  I have not had zofran pump or oral zofran since Saturday morning.  Last night I went to bed and had a blood clot in my left lumen picc.  It would not flush at all even with the blood thinner heprin.  I am not ready to get my picc out but not today!  My nurse came and changed my dressings and the clot was in my blue connector, so we changed that out and all flushed well! YA! 

I am so afraid of getting my picc line taking out then go down hill in a few weeks and need it again.  This never happened before with my 3 other girls but this is my first boy and he seems to be so un-predictable.  If I do not need my pump at all this week I will be brave and have my picc taken out next Monday.  The baby's heart beat was 148 today and my home healthcare nurse #1 had her baby Saturday!  It was a little girl and she was 6 pounds 3 oz, I saw pictures and she is super cute.  I can't wait to hold my baby!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

18 weeks and 4 long days

Well I am slowly recovering from yesterday, I really think it was the stomach flu not a zofran issue.  I talked with my nurse today and told her how weak I was.  She said it might be hard for me to bounce back from this and I might need to do a few bags of IV fluids to get me over the hump.  I have not had any zofran orally or through my pump since yesterday morning.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

I am so sick!

If I throw up one more many times have I said that?  But no seriously, I am so sick of throwing up!  My husband said now that I have been eating for the past few weeks my throw up is like a thousand times worse.  I can over flow bowls now.  But is it the flu or is it because I am off my pump?  2 kids and my husband had the flu this week, so could it be that?  My kidneys hurt in my lower back from being dehydrated and throwing up!  Please let tomorrow be better, please!  I do not want to throw up anymore!


going to die, so i put the pump back on?

18 weeks and 3 days

took my zofran pump off for good this morning, so sick and tired of it, I took an oral 8mg dissolve tablet of zofran................I do NOT feel good!

Friday, April 13, 2012

18 weeks and 2 days

I did it I lowered my zofran to .420, with this dose I can include 4mg of oral zofran.  If I do well this week end then the pump goes off on Sunday and I can start orals on Sunday!  My picc dressing will be changed Monday morning and my picc can come out Friday or Monday at the hospital!  NERVOUS!

I bought my first boy shirt today!

 This is from gymboree and each shirt was only a dollar!  I could not pass, but have to admit boy clothes are not all that cute and it felt weird!

18 weeks and 2 days

i over did it! went to a baby store to look for shoes for my daughter, then the post office, bank, and another baby store.  by the time i was ready to check out I was leaning on the counter at the check out, the lady was moving as slow as possible, i wanted to yell, "You better hurry up or you are going to have puke all over you!"  she wanted to put me in the computer: name, number, address, e-mail and I just want to fall to the ground.  then she needed to put hangers away, a mile away, and I was ready to ring her neck!  didn't she see I was GREEN!  made it to the car and had dry heaves all the way home, could barley get my 2 year old out of the car.  in the house hugging the trash (never got sick) opened the fridge and ate a head of lettuce (did I mention I am going through a huge lettuce crave), and now I feel better.  i do not know if it was an empty stomach issue or hyperemesis, but i am worried about lowering my pump today!  i do not like the sick feeling!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

18 weeks and 1 day

The lowering zofran has not made me sick and look what I did today!
Good bye IV bags!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lowered the zofran

I just lowered the zofran to .500, I think my nurse said it would be the same as 3 oral zofran pills.  I am so nervous!  I hope it goes well!  If it does I can lower it again on Friday to what would be 2 oral zofran pills then Monday I would be on oral pills (you can only take 1 pill, twice a day)!  Then Picc line out next Friday!  Wouldn't  that be nice!

18 weeks

had horrible heart burn last night for the first time.  i took all 3 girls to the dentist this morning for teeth cleaning which were due weeks ago but i was to sick to take them.  it wore me out and i am beat now! i want my energy back!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

17 weeks and 6 days

Well I think I am adjusting a little better to the lower zofran dosing and hoping for a better day (I am even going on a lunch date with a great friend).  I went to WalMart to go grocery shopping for the first time last night in 18 weeks, and ended up sitting/laying in the shoe section (the only place with benches).  It wiped me out!

Then I woke up at 3am thinking someone was breaking in and I got out of bed and opened my door and found my husband on the ground dying.  Really!  The stomach flu, 3 times in 3 months!  He was throwing up everywhere!  I blame it on the handful of ants he ate in his cheeze it box he blames it on a bad Mexican dinner. 

I got up and took my oldest to school and to the lab to blood work to do the quad screen test to check for tubal deformities.  When I sat down the blood lady said, "Your not green today!"  Sad they know me that well!

Monday, April 9, 2012

not feeling so great.......

not sure i can handle the lower zofran dose...........................

17 weeks and 5 days

Sorry this picture is side ways, I have no idea how to fix it!  This is my big belly, no not really!  I am still not wearing maternity clothes. I had my dressing change today and they lowered my pump from .660 to .600.  If I do good then I can lower it again in 2 days, and then 1 more time on Friday and guess what!  Thats it!  I would be done with my pump!  I thought I had like 6 more weeks left!  But I don't!  I do not think I will be done on Friday but still a possibility!

My 2 biggest complaints are zofran headaches and constipation these two things seem to be a problem all the time!  I still do not have my energy level up and I am ready not to have to sit down all the time!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

today is not going so well i have a horrible zofran headache and could not even make it to church.  brad took the girls though.  i hope this afternoon is better we are suppose to go over to my parents house and have an Easter egg hunt and dinner with some aunts, uncles, and 6 cousins.  yesterday i had a great day though and went to an Easter party with the kids and egg hunt, looked at houses to buy, and dyed eggs.  i think i might have over done it yesterday though.

Friday, April 6, 2012

17 weeks and 2 days.......doctors

Yesterday was my doctors appointment.  Before the appointment we went to the mall so the girls could see the Easter bunny.  Our 2 year old did better then she did with Santa and actually stood in line then when it was her turn to go up she cried and wanted her daddy.  We were so close!  Next year!  The other 2 girls were happy to see the Easter bunny though y 7 year old told me some kids at school told her it was not real and wanted to know if I thought it was real.  I am not ready for her to grow up!  I ate a salad at the mall and I am in a huge salad kick, I can not get enough! More salad please!

Then to the doctors where I gained 3 pounds in 2 weeks!  So I lost 25 pounds and gained 4 pounds.  I feel like I am going to be huge because I am hungry all the time and I eat all the time.  It is 9am and I am eating popcorn all ready!  The baby’s heart rate was 148.  I get to go 4 weeks until my next appointment the longest I have ever gone!  YA!  I also get another ultra sound and see if I still have placenta previa which this doctor seemed to think was still an issue.  I pray in the next 4 weeks this issue will resolve.  Still on the disabled list.....wink wink!

The doctor asked me these questions I thought they were a little early but here we go:

Doctor: Pediatrician?
Me: Yes
Doctor: Infant car seat?
Me: Yes
Doctor: Natural or epidural?
Me: Epidural as soon as I walk in!
Doctor: Breast feeding or bottle?
Me: Breast feeding
Doctor: Circumcision or not?
Me: Not, why, what do you think?
Doctor: I just perform them I do not see the pros in cons in them but if we got in another war like Vietnam where the boy would be in dirty water then it needs to be done.
Me: That is a thin chance
Doctor: Yes you are right
Me: How do I get away with not doing the Hep B vax in the hospital?
Doctor: Why would you not do it?
Me:  The baby is too young and there is no chance he will get an STD at 8 hours old.
Doctor: I would call and ask your pediatrician.

Now the doctor thinks I am nuts :)  Ha Ha Ha, no I really liked the doctor it is the first time I saw him and out of all the doctors I have seen in the practice there is not one i do not like!  Unlike when I had my last baby and the one doctor I did not like was on call when I went in to have the baby and she did not believe in drugs and I had to wait 12 hours until the next doctor came on to give me drugs!  Will not do that again!

Well i am getting my hair done today, YA!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

17 weeks and 1 day

today has been better then yesterday, i took both of the kids to school today the first time in 17 weeks and it did not kill me. i even went to mcdonalds to celebrate afterwards with a hash-brown and oj!  i cleaned the girls art room (and sliced my foot), and made mac and cheese for lunch!  now i am resting.  the hardest part of the day is my 2 year old has been home with me all day by myself she is usually with grandma or my 4 year old is home to play with her.  we keep looking at each other thinking what are we suppose to do with all this time together.  i love that we get our time back together (maybe potty training is in our future since she is ready and I am not) i just wish i had my energy back to go to the park, or play outside, or do something fun together.  soon enough though! i love being a mom and i love the fun age of a 2 year old and their curiosity!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Happy 17 weeks!

Have not felt so well today, hopefully tomorrow will be better!  Got our first bill from our home health care.  For 1 month of service (we have been on for 14 weeks) from home healthcare this is how much it cost:

Hydration Therapy - $1, 015.00
Weekly nurse visits - $340.00
Zofran - $4,406.84

Even though we have insurance we still have to pay our percentage, thank goodness for insurance!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Not fast enough

Slowly but surely I am getting better, but not fast enough.  Today i took a bath and washed my hair!  All by myself!  Then I picked up one daughter from preschool, went into the post office to mail a package, went through a drive threw for a hot dog, got gas, and got my other daughter from school!  Wow check me out, and yes I am very tired and will not get out of bed the rest of the day!  I am dehydrated my keytones were a plus 2 (shhhh....I did not tell my nurses that) and I am still fighting not starting IV's again!

Monday, April 2, 2012

For sure a boy!

The heart rate was 130 today, that is not a girl heartbeat :)  I went out to lunch with my mom today for Japanese, and I survived, it just makes me so tired!  Still not IV's!  YA!  Still connected to the zofran pump ready to be done with that and the nasty side effects!  I am eating really well and just about everything (I am going to be huge) drinking I could do better but well enough for now!