Monday, August 24, 2009

In my 33rd week!

Family picture...AND YES I am in my 33rd week in this picture!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!

Well, I can't believe the time is coming closer and closer. I have been having contractions off and on especially in my lower back. This baby needs to stay in a few more weeks! But, I have faith it will stay in (probably past my due date).

I have been so blessed with this pregnancy with all the help I have had from family and friends. Thank you so much to everyone. Hyperemesis luckily in my case seemed to go away around the half way point and though I have had small ups and downs since the half way point I feel so very blessed that I did not have to struggle with hyperemesis the whole 40 weeks. There are many women out there that struggle for 40 weeks and even after they deliver. There are also many woman whose hyperemesis is so much more extreme that what I experienced. I want those woman to know that they can do it and God is with them. God does not give us anything that we can not handle. My prayers are with you woman, stay strong!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Close enough to 32 weeks.....8 weeks left!

Today was my doctors appointment, and I gained 1 pound...YA (I was afraid I gained 5)! My blood pressure was under 100 again, CRAZY! I felt really sick at the doctors because they were running a little bit late and I didn't have anything to eat and I thought I was going to pass out, that is the worse thing about being hypoglycemic, is remembering to always have a piece of fruit with you! I was not impressed with the doctor (I have never seen her before), she came in sat down and said, "I looked over your chart and would like to know how you are going to prevent another pregnancy". Like it is any of her business! I am how old? Happily Married with 3 kids! If I want another one in 6 months whose choice is that? (not that I do). I was not feeling good so I told her I was not worried about it, and she wanted to give me some pamphlets! I told her "No Thank-You!" She told me to take them and look them over I didn't have to decide today. I told her to keep the pamphlets, I was not interested. Drove me crazy! It didn't help I was not feeling well, but come on, I still have 8 weeks! I am not making any decisions with her today! And NO Pamphlets! But, besides that the baby sounded good and everything else was fine!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Well yesterday and today I have not felt so good. Nothing particular just yucky feeling. I think it is part of the 3rd trimester "joys". I can't sleep, I have heart burn at night. I have RLS for 3 hours before I go to sleep, pregnancy = not so fun! I am nauseous in the morning from not eating all night. The low carbs is still helping though :) I feel huge and when the baby starts kicking it hurts so bad, but still so cool to feel the baby moving inside of me.

I went through all of the baby clothes, 4 big boxes! I washed 8 loads of baby clothes (I think 6 of them were all pink)! The baby has 75 (not joking) outfits from ages 0-6 months...she will never wear all of them! 25 pairs of Pj's, and tons of blankets and burp rags. I kept everything from the last 2 girls. I just don't have enough closet space! I was hoping the 3 girls could share 2 dressers, but I am not so sure that is going to work out. But, everything is washed, cleaned, and folded and ready to go for baby. All I need is diapers and a lot of them! I feel very prepared which keeps me not stressed out! Bassinet is up and ready to go also! PREPARED!

Monday, August 10, 2009

30 weeks and 3 days! So, about 9 weeks left!

Overall I have felt well. The low-carb diet is working great but still has a few ups and downs. I had a caramel apple Saturday and I throw up a whole bunch. I guess too many carbs? I don't know. It is hard when I am out running around to grab something to eat, the only thing I can get at fast food is a salad, and you can't eat that in the car while driving. Taco Bell you can get a hard shell taco, and it only has 12 grams of carbs. The car broke down this week-end and luckily Kevin was able to fix it, thank you Kevin. Went back to school shopping and got Lizzie 2 new pairs of jeans (15.00 for both), and socks. Now, all she needs is shoes but I can't find any that I like for the right price. I have been doing a little shopping for baby #3. So far I have bottles, nipples, bag for bottles, pacifiers, and wipes. This week-end we are going through baby clothes and blankets. I think the only thing we really need now is a car seat (oh and a baby name!).

***So, I am going through a funny baby stage wanting to make sure everything is ready. So...Brad got out the 3 boxes of baby clothes out we have in the garage, I have so many clothes! I am trying to wash them all but it might take me all week! We got the swing, and high chair out and cleaned. It feels so weird! I don't know why? Well, we seem to have everything pretty set :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Doctors day!

Well I had to go to the doctors today, and guess what I lost 4 pounds! I was so excited I could have hugged the doctor. 4 pounds in 9 days! The doctor was not thrilled, but I told her that what do you expect? I go from eating whatever I want, to only eating fruits, vegies, and meat...that was going to happen. Everything else looked and sounded good!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

In my 30th week!

Well I have been feeling great with this low carb diet. We went to the store last night and I shopped for low carb items, it was very hard. This is what I came up with:

Fruit...(that I like)
Can Peaches
Apple Sauce
(nutella and peanut butter to dip in them)

Vegies..(that I like)
Sweet Potatoes
Carrots (A little high in carbs)
Romaine Lettuce
Snow Peas
(I miss potatoes and corn)

Meat...Well I like all meat!

Then I got things to make fluff (jello, pineapple, cool whip, and cottage cheese)...VERY LOW CARB!

Low Carb Pizza (for dinner tonight I am making)

So, I am very excited after my shopping trip to have food I will be able to eat!

I looked at my BMI and even being 30 weeks pregnant (they don't take pregnancy into account), so if I was NOT pregnant and at my current weight, I am not considered obese. That made me feel a little bit better. And still no stretch marks (those things scare me)!

I have the hardest time falling asleep at night, I have bad leg cramps and RLS, and it takes me hours to fall asleep, I toss and turn, I hate it!

I am starting to buy things for the baby like pacifiers (This baby better take one!), thermometer (can you believe we don't have a working one), etc. Soon enough we will be holding our baby with no name :)

Monday, August 3, 2009