Sunday, July 29, 2012

Baby Shower

Like the sports theme?  My hubby is a huge sports NUT!  This cake was awesome!  A lady my mom works with made it!

This was awesome, baby in a cradle made by Kathye Schaffer!  My hubby is loving all the left over fruit!  I think my 2 youngest daughters ate all the strawberries at the shower!

Before the shower!  My 3 girls!

Who could make the best baby out of play-dough by Lisa Kay!

My big belly and my oldest daughter not so happy!  Notice the blue neck-less on my youngest daughter that I made for all the girls that say, Its a boy!

Treat bags for everyone by Lisa Kay that say, SARAH IS GOING TO POP!
My mom and 3 of her friends through me a baby shower on Saturday (Lisa, Karen, and Kathye).  It was so great and wonderful.  We had 40 people!  WOW!  You should have seen how long it took to open gifts (not really my 3 girls went to town opening gifts.....ha ha ha)!  Baby Evan has a ton of cool boy clothes and will not have to worry about wearing pink!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Happy BIG 33 weeks!

I have gained 14 pounds and look like I have gained 100! I am so BIG! This shirt fit me the day I delivered Lizzie my 8 year old! I can not believe how differently I am carrying this boy!

I still have no stretch marks but worry about them and worried about having extra skin after the baby is born! Why is pregnancy so hard on a woman's body?

My husband and I went and saw the movie, "What to expect when your expecting", it was not all that great but the funniest part was the debate Cameron Diaz and her boyfriend were having on circumcision!  It was great!  She asked him if she got the video she sent him and his response hilarious!  He is for circumcision and she is against it, it is great!  Then she says she is going to name the baby Jackson (the name I love), and he says no way!  Then they end up having the baby and it is a girl!  I have dreams all the time the baby is a girl!  CRAZY!  

Friday, July 20, 2012

Kids Birthing Class!

Took the kids to a hospital tour and birthing class, they had a great time and now are prepared for their new baby brother to come!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

32 Weeks!

Today was the 32 week check up and it could not have gone better!  Here are the stats:

  • Blood Pressure 120/65........Perfect!
  • I gained 2 pounds in 3 weeks.......happy mommy (though I am suppose to gain a pound a week)
  • I have gained 14 pounds this pregnancy (ya, hopefully I will not hit that 30 pounds you gain when you are prego)
  • Not dehydrated (no keytones or sugar in the urine)
  • Baby is measuring 2 weeks ahead...............YA!  Come out early (fat chance of that happening) (mine are all 2 weeks late)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

32 weeks tomorrow!

I had someone tell me today I look so tiny for being 32 weeks pregnant!  It made me feel good but I thought maybe she was blind since I am so BIG!

I am so tired, lately too!  Baby is still very active and tomorrow is my 32 weeks appointment!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The girls shirts!

Well the girls really wanted shirts for the hospital tour next week, the baby shower, and when the baby is born (I did not want to spend a ton of money buying them).  The first shirt was my first attempt to do an iron on that said, "I'm the BIG sister"......but it did not work!  I was so bummed!  I have no clue what I did wrong!  So it became my practice shirt!

Then I free hand......yes that is free hand......the letters. I used fabric I had around the house and used bonding to put it on the shirt!  It turned out so cute, the girls loved it and had fun helping me do it!

31 weeks!

That technically means 8 weeks left (since the baby WILL be a week early)!  HA HA HA!  The heat has gone down this week so I am happy to report I am not as HOT!  I go to the doctors in one week for my 32 week check up and we have our hospital tour!

Worst part of this week:  My hips are killing me!  I have NEVER had hip pain before!  I can not walk far with out wanting to cry.  I lay in bed a lot and when people call and my daughter answers the phone and people ask for me she tells them I am in bed, people must think I am LAZY!  The baby is still breach!

Best part of the week: I went and had a pregnancy massage done, and it felt so good except I did a deep tissue massage and my poor shoulders hurt for 2 days after.  But it was nice and relaxing. I realized how blessed I was to be sick while the kids were in school in Jan-June because I am loving be able to stay busy with the girls this summer and not have to sit home with a picc line!  A picc line and swimming would not go hand in hand!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

I can NOT do this for 10 more weeks!

Happy 30 weeks, and I am DONE!  I can NOT stand it anymore!  I hate being pregnant!  I have 4 huge issues:

1. - I am so big and uncomfortable I can NOT sleep!  No matter how many pillows I do or do not use, or body pillows, and which side I lay on it is so uncomfortable!  Last night I laid in bed, on the coach, in my chair, on the floor!  No relief anywhere!  I just want to sleep!  If I can not sleep I want to be up holding my new born baby boy!

2. I am so HOT! HOT is an understatement!  I am NOT a hot person, I never sweat and I am so sweaty all the time!  Like ring out clothes sweaty!  Nothing cools me down!  I have 3 fans on me, the air on 72, and sitting over the vent for the air conditioner and I am still HOT!  This has never happened to me before!  I am so HOT it is painful!

3.  Sugar Spells!  I am getting huge, and I hate it!  Just not my belly but everywhere.  I want to eat less and healthier but my body freaks out on me when I am not eating 6 full course meals a day!  I had a bad spell today because I only ate a bowl of cheerios and pb sandwich before 11am.  I see stars, get dizzy, and throw up, then I am too sick to eat!  It is such a horrible cycle!  I am so tire of eating!  Tired of getting FAT!  Tired of the spells!

4.  Due to the baby being breach his head is in my rib cage and lungs and half the time I feel like I can not breathe!

I can NOT last 10 more weeks!  I am so cranky!

Monday, July 2, 2012

30 weeks in 2 days!

Oh how I hope I only have 8 weeks left!  So this weekend marks the first time of not being able to get comfortable while I sleep at night, even with a body pillow and extra pillows I am so uncomfortable!

Yesterday I had a hormone rush and just about anything could burst me into tears!  As I did at dinner! So, unlike me!  I hate it!  Much better today!

Then late last night I started having really bad chest pains I am not sure what it was, I have never had heartburn before so I am not sure if that is what it was but it did not feel like it.  My chest felt like an elephant was sitting on it and it was hard to catch my breathe.  I tried a shower with no relief.  I was in tears it hurt so bad.  I think the baby's head is pushing into my rib cage and lungs and it was making it hard to breathe.  I was much better today though!