Monday, October 20, 2008

Beyond Morning Sickness by Ashli McCall

I have read the best book on Hyperemesis and wanted all of the people who read my blog to go out and get this book and read it. You can find the book on or go to her web page at it is a wonderful book on hyperemesis. Here is my review I posted on

I read this book with much anticipation. I was dying to find out what it said. Finally a book that understood me. I had high hope for the book! I had visited the web-site for the book and the message board, and thought the web-site was great. How could the book not be just as wonderful. I started reading and felt like this book was written about me but written for me. I could not believe what women went through to have a baby.....and what I went through and what I am thinking about going through again. The book was great just as I had expected! It had wonderful story's about women who have gone through what I went through. It had great information for women with hyperemesis. I would highly recommend this book to woman who have suffered through hyperemesis, women who are currently suffering through hyperemesis, and friends & family who are supporting their loved one through this tough time. Women need to remember there are other women who have survived hyperemesis and to use this book as one of your tools to help you survive. If you are thinking about abortion to end your pain and misery, PLEASE read this book first, there is hope out there! I also have a blog about hyperemesis: and you can e-mail me for thoughts, questions, and support! Please go to the web-site listed above for more wonderful information about the book and to talk to the author. Remember you can do it!