Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The last Blog

Well this is it for blogging about hyperemesis! Thank Goodness! I have now survived 3 pregnancies with hyperemesis, I am not sure if we will attempt to survive a fourth or not, it will be in the Lord's hands. But I do want women to know that if they have hyperemesis they too can make it through. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment and I will e-mail you back. Thanks to many friends, family, and church family for the help through this pregnancy. I would never have been able to do it with out you!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Birth details..don't read if you don't want DETAILS!

The birth story of Madelyn Francis Stevens:

So, my mother in law came down at 6:30am to watch the girls for the day...Brad would be home by evening to watch them and we would have a new baby..or so we thought!

I drove to the hospital, Brad in the back and my Mom next to me, the trunk full of pillows, hospital bags, and things for the baby...oh and don't forget the cards!

We stopped at Chick Fil A because last time I gave birth...yes only 2 years ago, you couldn't eat during I wanted a full stomach before going to the hospital! So some chicken minis and hash browns were great. I was on about 2 hours of sleep because I was up all night...I had a bad feeling about today...I chalked it up to mom and husband kept telling me it was my 3rd baby and I was going to pop her out easily (never believe people when they tell you what you want to hear)!

We parked and went to registration at the hospital, I registered and got put into my labor and delivery room. A cute little young nurse walked in and said she would be my nurse until 7pm. Brad was not in the room yet but I thought, wait until he sees my nurse he will want to deliver a baby (I know my husband)!

Sure enough he walked in and saw the nurse and said something like, "Wow....that's the cutest nurse I've ever seen!" He preceded to tell my mom (whom was on the phone with my dad) to tell my dad he was really missing out this time! Then he practiced using my mom's camera by taking pictures of the nurse (so my Dad could see what he was missing!). Now some women would be mad and I thought it was have to know my husband he is a dork (in a cute, funny way)!

The doctor came in and checked me, I was 1.5 centimeters dilated, and my cervix was still long and thick, I was only 30% effaced. We will call her Dr.L, I thought I liked Dr. L but my opinion is about to change as the day goes on. She says she can't give me pitocin because she doesn't want me to have contractions until I am thinned out, so every 6 hours she would give my 1/4 of a pill to swallow that would thin my cervix out, and it could take a few days! A few days! I don't have that kind of time! I need to be home in a few days! I was hoping by tomorrow to be home! I was upset but Brad told me it wasn't going to be a few days, well I knew it was not going to be a few hours either!

So....We decided to play cards to pass the time, and of course my husband asked our nurse to play...he is just so funny! Then when we play cards we whistle when you draw a wild card, yes back to being dorks. Well the nurse bent down to pick something up and Brad drew a wild and whistled. It was so funny my mom and I started laughing, it was like he was whistling at the nurse. He totally didn't get it!

We played cards, and played cards, and played cards......They started me on antibiotics since I was group B strep, and I needed the antibiotics every 8 hours. When they did the IV I thought I was going to die, I have really bad veins and it took a few try' arm was all bruised. It was horrible!

At noon my husband and mom were hungry so they left me for 2 hours to go out to lunch! Laboring wife, husband ditches to go have a nice lunch... no I didn't care the quiet was nice, I took a nap.

Finally at 3:00pm the doctor decided I was ready for a small amount of pitocin. I was so excited I could have cried, I tried to convince the nurse to give me a large amount but she wouldn't :) I was eating a turkey sandwich about every 2 hours since the nurse informed me I could eat during labor, it was great!

Then 5pm hit, and the worse was about to come...CONTRACTIONS every 1.5 minute lasting 50 seconds...the longest 50 seconds of my life. Well, when I signed up to have this baby 9 months ago I was under the impression I would feel no pain...I needed an epidural! I was now crying bouncing on a stupid birthing ball that was not helping, my husband was telling me things like, "I love you, You can do this, You are the strongest person I know...!" It was really gross and I wanted to hit him! I think I said some inappropriate things and told him to be quiet, I hate being in pain and people talking to me. Where's the drugs?

So Dr. L came in and checked me I was 2 centimeters dilated (I still had 8 more to go!) and 60% effaced and she would not give me an epidural! She told me to wait until the next doctor came on call. Which was 7pm! It now was only 5:45pm. Was she crazy! I was going to die here! I could not even breathe through the contractions. I had never felt pain like that before! Well I survived until 6:45pm a nurse came in and I told her I needed drugs and I needed them now! 7:30 I got my epidural when the new doctor came on whom I love. Dr. C. My best friend!

That epidural hurt 10 times less then the IV, I had no headache, no backache. Not even a mark in my back. It was great, it was wonderful! I love epidurals.

So we played some more cards, took a nap. While I was napping we got a new nurse, whom happened to be just as cute as our first nurse. Brad decided to ask her, her life story, where she went to school , where she grew up, she worked at a restaurant that Brad and I went to, she had been with her boyfriend for 10 years, just got engaged...!

I started having bad pain at 10pm so they gave me more drugs in my epidurual which now was a mistake. The nurse checked me and I was 9.5 centimeters dilated. I went from a 2 to a 10 in 2.5 hours! Which is really quick! She told Brad to move the cards, we were going to have a baby very quickly (Brad was upset because he was winning the game)...SHE WAS WRONG!!!!!! We pushed until midnight..2 long painful hours!!!!!!! I was so tired. I was throwing up everywhere, and sleeping between contractions, I was very numb from the redose epidural they eventually turned the epidural off. The doctor had to leave the room 3 times to deliver other baby's while I pushed. I was making no progress as I pushed. It was crazy! The baby's heartbeat was under 90 and it was above 160 all day, fetal stress. They put an oxygen mask on me. Finally the doctor said we need to make some decisions. She wanted to use a vacumm to get the baby out. Brad and I weren't sure but finally decided to try it. They put the vacumm on and with in 2 minutes she was out. She was sunny side up and completely stuck! They had no idea, that is why my pushing for 2 hours was going no where. Baby Madelyn was perfect but blue and a huge cone on her head. She layed on me and the doctor stiched me up, she was 8 pounds 11 ounces and tore me pretty good.

The doctor left to do a c-section and the nurse rubbed my stomach and realized I was hemorrhaging. I gave the baby to Brad because I hemorrhaged with my last one and knew how bad it was about to get. She picked up the phone and called the doctor in the operating room and nurses to come help. I hemorrhaged until 3am, it was really bad. There was blood everywhere, some blood clots almost the size of golf balls. Every time she pushed on my stomach it would be like someone was shot, blood was everywhere. When they finally got it under control they had to weigh all the towels they used to clean up the blood and if the towels weighed a certain amount then I had to go to ICU, if they did not weigh a certain amount then I could go to a postpartum room with the baby. The towels were piled up on the baby scale, it was a big mountain of bloody towels and luckily the weight was close but not enough for ICU. My mom left in the middle of all of this, she could not handle the blood.

We got moved to our room at 4am and it was a shared room...gross who wants to share a bathroom with another bleeding woman? Brad crawled into bed with me because there was no where else for him and the 3 of us tried to get a few hours of sleep.

The next day we were moved into a private room. Recovery was great! It was the best out of the 3 kids. When I woke up my bleeding was very small, usually I bleed a ton! Must of been all the medicine to get me to quit bleeding. My stitches didn't hurt, my epidural in my back wasn't sore. I could walk around, sit, dance, shower, I felt great. Usually I want pain pills, but didn't really feel like I needed them. I was tired, very tired, but not in pain.

I was induced Tuesday morning, had the baby Wednesday, went home Thursday at noon, picked Emmie up from preschool Thursday afternoon, and took Lizzie to school Friday morning. That's how great I felt! Postpartum was a breeze, labor was a nightmare!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Madelyn Francis Stevens

Quick update until I have more time for details:

Birthday - October 28th, Wednesday at 12:47am

Weight - 8 pounds 11 smallest baby

Height - 22 inches longest baby

Not sure who she looks like, she has dark blue eyes but i think they will turn brown. She does not have red hair, it is very dark, but not a lot of it. She is very beautiful and perfect!

I was induced at 7:30am on Tuesday and was in labor until 12:47 the next day, I pushed for 2 hours with nothing and they decided to use the vacuum because she was stuck, sure enough she was sunny side up. She has a nice mark on her head from the vacuum.

After birth I hemorrhaged for a few hours and almost had to go to ICU. We didn't leave the delivery room until 4am due to trying to get the bleeding to stop.

Baby had to stay for 36 hours due to the beta strep b, thank goodness she has no signs of it, I did get 3 bags of antibiotics during labor. She is completely healthy.

More info later..........

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

7 hours till we check in!

I am so nervous I could throw up!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

8 days late!

Who would have thought on your 3rd child you would be so late. My mom flew in from Ohio yesterday since my dad had to leave. I am very uncomfortable and hot all the time but hanging in there. Tuesday looks like it will be the day they induce me, hopefully it will be an easy induction, and hopefully Brad will be able to update my blog :) Love you hunny!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

4 days late!

My dad came to see the baby be born and he had to leave today back to Ohio, I am so sad he missed the birth :( Still no signs of baby coming any time soon!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Back from Doctors!

Well Baby passed all the tests with flying colors!!!!!!! They will induce me next Tuesday. We have to wait a whole week!

2 days over due!

So today is test day lets keep our fingers cross they decide to take the baby!

At 9:45 I have to go to the doctors and they are going to see how the baby sounds and if I am dilating any more.

Then I have to eat and have a full stomach, I have to go check into the hospital at 12:15 and have an AFI done which checks the fluid around the baby, then I have to go have a stress test done.

Then I have to drink a bunch of water and go to another place at 3:45 and have an ultrasound done to see if the baby is over 9 pounds!

What a crazy day! Wish me luck! I'll have Brad post if we have this baby!

Happy Birthday today to my mom!

Saturday, October 17, 2009


And no sign of baby coming!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday...39.5 weeks..or close enough

Well woke up this morning and I was bleeding, and the electricity was out. I called Brad at work and said I thought we should go to the hospital. We took the kids to Angee's.....Thank you so much Angee!!!!!!!!! Went to the hospital, took forever to get there with the flooding on the freeways. They kept me forever it felt like. We found out:

1. My fluid is a little low it is a 9 it should be between a 10 and 20. I get retested Monday. It was like a 15 I think a few weeks ago.

2. The baby's heart rate was very jumpy...I think she was just moving around a lot.

3. It is a girl....Brad asked when they did the ultrasound.

4. I am bleeding but it is normal it means I could be starting labor. The nurse said within 48 hours, the doctor said with in the week. I still think HAlloween!

Monday, October 12, 2009

39 weeks and 2 days...and no baby!

Yes, no baby, no nothing...they said come back next Monday, and they said they will induce on the 27th! I am never going to survive!

Monday, October 5, 2009

12 days left!!!!!!!!!!

Well had a hard time last night. I was having contractions all night long! I don't think I ever went to sleep. To top it off I kept feeling wet like my water broke, I hate that feeling. I thought by morning I was going to die! I made Brad stay home from work! I had a doctors appointment this morning and my water did not break and I am about 1.5 centimeters dilated. The doctor didn't think I would make it another week, but I have felt fine the rest of the day, my prediction is Halloween! So, no news.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

29th of September, so close...37.5 weeks.....2.5 weeks left!

Went to the doctors, and I have high blood pressure...shock there. I am suppose to lay on my left side for an hour in the morning, and hour in the afternoon, and an hour at night. Like that is going to happen! I didn't gain any weight..thank had only been a week. Baby measured normal and everything looked good. Back in a week.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I went to the doctors today and I gained 2 pounds in a week! My blood pressure was elevated but not high. The baby moved and is sticking her butt against my stomach, which is making me look large, so indeed I measured 37 weeks (compared to 33 weeks last week). Which looks good, the doctor felt the baby and said the baby was under 5 pounds, I said we will have to wait and see I bet it will be a 9 pound-er! They did the beta strep B tests last week and I was not worried because I did not have it with the other 2, and the tests came back positive...can't anything go right here? The doctor said it is not an STD (I already knew that), I said, "Good thing or my husband would have some explaining to do!"...HA HA HA! She went over how women and men are carriers of the bacteria, and it doesn't affect them but it can infect the baby so during labor I have to have 2 doses of IV antibiotics 4 hours apart to help protect the baby. So, as soon as I am in labor I have to go to the hospital so there is enough time to get both doses. Everything else looked good!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

36.5 weeks!

Spent the day in the hospital or at least a little over 3 hours! Brad wanted me to go in last night but I wouldn't. My hands, and feet are very swollen (flip flops don't even fit) and I have had a headache since Saturday evening. My blood pressure is high again, so I went in to make sure everything was all right with the baby. I am suppose to be "Resting" but everyone knows I am no good at that. My car needs washed so when I came home I was going to wash my car, but Brad said No Way, that is how bad I am at listening to doctors! I got a lot of scripture study time in at the hospital, I am trying to read part of Isiah and he is a really hard prophet to follow, I am going to re-read it again tonight!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

36 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I went to the hospital today for testing, I checked in at 3pm and was home by 4:15pm! It was great. They checked the fluid level and it is suppose to be between a 10 and 20, mine was perfect. Then they made me put on this super tight tube top thing. I asked for a larger size because if I couldn't fit into it, I knew some other women wouldn't be able to. They laughed at me and said I was small so I got a small size. I walk out in it, and I told them I could not breathe, they were all laughing at me, I think they thought it was funny, I did not so much! Then I had to lay on my right side and push a button every time the baby moved. They made sure the baby's heart rate reacted to the movement. The baby moved like 20 plus times in 10 minutes (like usual). My blood pressure was like 101 over 40. Very low! So they said we will see you Tuesday. I said the doctor said I didn't have to come in anymore if all the tests looked good. The nurse said that is not what the doctor wrote down. So doctor A wrote one thing down, doctor B (a different doctor) told me something else, and doctor C (yet another doctor was on call to make the decision). So, after some persuading that I would take it easy and come to the hospital as soon as I don't feel well, I don't have to go back next week. YA!!!!!! I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!! My hubby and Kevin think I am a con when it comes to doctors...maybe so?????? No, I don't think so!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Went to the doctors today and the good news is I looked good. My blood pressure was elevated but not as high as Monday, and my heart was beating normal today not high. The baby's heart rate was good and her movement was good.

The bad news which really isn't bad news was I haven't gained any weight in 4 weeks now, which I think is just not so much. When they measured me I should measure 36 inch's and I only measure 33 inch's. When they felt the baby she felt very small, 4 pounds or so. This would seem alarming but to me it's not. I carry very funny and my 2 other daughters they said the same thing and they were almost 9 pounds. So, Friday I have to get an ultrasound done to see if baby is growing (I am sure she is). If baby and my blood pressure is still good on Friday I am off bed rest, and do not have to go to the hospital twice a week for tests! YA!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

35.5 weeks! In the hospital!

Well, I thought we might have had a baby yesterday (didn't want to though). It has been a long 3 days. Friday I woke up not feeling good but did not know why. I took Lizzie to school and came home and laid down, I felt like I couldn't move. I was suppose to go visit my grandmother after I picked Lizzie up. So, before I left I called Grandma and told her I would be there and if she wanted me to pick her up something to eat on my way over.

As I drove to Lizzie's school I got really hot, and was seeing spots. I thought this was due to my blood sugar which I have problems with. I parked the car and prayed I could walk a few feet to Lizzie's classroom door without passing out. I made it to the classroom and had to sit down against a brick wall (I probably looked ridiculous) but I really thought I was going to pass out.

The night before I went to an Institute class where we are reading the Book Of Mormon, and we were talking about tender mercies. How God sends us tender mercies (in many different ways) (we might not realize it but they are always there) and sometimes we think we are alone but we are not. And when we need something God makes sure we are taken care of. Well, as I looked around with the world spinning there was 2 good friends close by and it made me feel comforted that if something happened or I need something they were right there to help (later they both informed me to call them and they can take care of Liz and not to come to the school....I should have done that). I thank God for tender mercies and friends that are always wiling to help and care.

I made it back to the car, I called Grandma and said I had to go home. I went home and went straight to bed. I started having about 10 contractions an hour until Saturday morning. Saturday I felt better, but not 100%, Brad and I went on a hospital tour and we left the kids for the first time with a babysitter (I didn't even cry). During the tour I was having contractions, Brad said I should get checked out, but I didn't. Brad and I went on a date for lunch and had a great time. Later that evening Brad did yard work and I started feeling dizzy again, so I laid down and slept the rest of the day.

Sunday was not so bad, during Sacrament meeting at church I got hot (Which isn't unusual) and had to go out and get fresh air and that cleared the dizziness I was having. Sunday evening I was able to go visit my grandmother finally.

Then Monday I woke up with contractions, Brad convinced me to call the doctors. So, I did. They told me since I wasn't 36 weeks and having contractions I had to go to the hospital. I didn't mention the dizzy spells because I thought that was related to my blood sugar. I was more concerned about the contractions, and I thought the contractions were making me feel sick. I went tot he hospital I was still only dilated 1 centimeter and the doctor said if I was to go into full labor they would not stop it, and to go home and see what happens. A useless drive to the hospital.

So, I was getting ready to leave and the doctor wanted my vitals. Well my blood pressure was high, I think 145 over 85 (I run like 90 over 40), which is very high for me and my pulse was like 130, I guess it is suppose to be like 80 (I don't know). So the doctor told me to get back into bed they needed to run tests, so there I laid for a few hours. She asked about dizzy spells and seeing spots which I admitted to and she was not happy. They finally let me go home!!!!!!!!! she said I am on strict bed rest (ya right...she doesn't know me too well...clearly!), I have to go to the hospital twice a week for monitoring and to the doctors once a week, so I have to be gone 3 times a week for tests....she said it wouldn't last long because they will probably take the baby soon. If my blood pressure keeps going up that will be the only option. I really wanted an October baby, I have a lot going on the rest of this month, but as long as the baby is born after 36 weeks which will be this Saturday I will be happy. We will know more this Friday because they are going to check my fluid the baby is floating in to see if I have enough, and run some more tests. If those come back bad they can take the baby Saturday. If they come back good then I think I will have the baby in 6-8 weeks (that is my guess). Watch it will be a November baby!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tuesday...34 weeks and 4 about 5 weeks left!

I got a really bad cold last Thursday. Saturday it was the worse and I really thought the world was ending. Sunday I woke up and seemed to be doing a lot better. Now it is only really bad at night. I got the cold from Lizzie and I hope Emmie and Brad will not catch it. I have been feeling good overall. Yesterday me and the girls made homemade cookies...bug mistake. I think I ate a pound of cookie dough, then went and bar-b-q at a friends house and swam...I ate 2 hot dogs with now I am way over my carb limit, then went to Chick Filet for the free chicken sandwich give away and had fries and a chicken sandwich with a soda. Well all the carbs hit last night and I was so sick! I HATE carbs and I am ready to have this baby. Luckily today I a feeling a lot better.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Close enough...34 weeks! 6 to go!

My doctors appointment was today. Everything looked I saw my favorite doctor. I didn't gain any weight, which I thought was odd because I ate a huge lunch 5 minutes before my doctors appointment. No weight gain is good though. I feel bigger...weird! My blood pressure was high for me 138 over 90, usually I run like 90 over 40. I chalked it up to the heat, my car was over 100 today! I had high blood pressure with my first and they took her 2 weeks early, so if I have high blood pressure then the sooner we get to see the baby :) Everything looked good though!

Monday, August 24, 2009

In my 33rd week!

Family picture...AND YES I am in my 33rd week in this picture!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!

Well, I can't believe the time is coming closer and closer. I have been having contractions off and on especially in my lower back. This baby needs to stay in a few more weeks! But, I have faith it will stay in (probably past my due date).

I have been so blessed with this pregnancy with all the help I have had from family and friends. Thank you so much to everyone. Hyperemesis luckily in my case seemed to go away around the half way point and though I have had small ups and downs since the half way point I feel so very blessed that I did not have to struggle with hyperemesis the whole 40 weeks. There are many women out there that struggle for 40 weeks and even after they deliver. There are also many woman whose hyperemesis is so much more extreme that what I experienced. I want those woman to know that they can do it and God is with them. God does not give us anything that we can not handle. My prayers are with you woman, stay strong!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Close enough to 32 weeks.....8 weeks left!

Today was my doctors appointment, and I gained 1 pound...YA (I was afraid I gained 5)! My blood pressure was under 100 again, CRAZY! I felt really sick at the doctors because they were running a little bit late and I didn't have anything to eat and I thought I was going to pass out, that is the worse thing about being hypoglycemic, is remembering to always have a piece of fruit with you! I was not impressed with the doctor (I have never seen her before), she came in sat down and said, "I looked over your chart and would like to know how you are going to prevent another pregnancy". Like it is any of her business! I am how old? Happily Married with 3 kids! If I want another one in 6 months whose choice is that? (not that I do). I was not feeling good so I told her I was not worried about it, and she wanted to give me some pamphlets! I told her "No Thank-You!" She told me to take them and look them over I didn't have to decide today. I told her to keep the pamphlets, I was not interested. Drove me crazy! It didn't help I was not feeling well, but come on, I still have 8 weeks! I am not making any decisions with her today! And NO Pamphlets! But, besides that the baby sounded good and everything else was fine!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Well yesterday and today I have not felt so good. Nothing particular just yucky feeling. I think it is part of the 3rd trimester "joys". I can't sleep, I have heart burn at night. I have RLS for 3 hours before I go to sleep, pregnancy = not so fun! I am nauseous in the morning from not eating all night. The low carbs is still helping though :) I feel huge and when the baby starts kicking it hurts so bad, but still so cool to feel the baby moving inside of me.

I went through all of the baby clothes, 4 big boxes! I washed 8 loads of baby clothes (I think 6 of them were all pink)! The baby has 75 (not joking) outfits from ages 0-6 months...she will never wear all of them! 25 pairs of Pj's, and tons of blankets and burp rags. I kept everything from the last 2 girls. I just don't have enough closet space! I was hoping the 3 girls could share 2 dressers, but I am not so sure that is going to work out. But, everything is washed, cleaned, and folded and ready to go for baby. All I need is diapers and a lot of them! I feel very prepared which keeps me not stressed out! Bassinet is up and ready to go also! PREPARED!

Monday, August 10, 2009

30 weeks and 3 days! So, about 9 weeks left!

Overall I have felt well. The low-carb diet is working great but still has a few ups and downs. I had a caramel apple Saturday and I throw up a whole bunch. I guess too many carbs? I don't know. It is hard when I am out running around to grab something to eat, the only thing I can get at fast food is a salad, and you can't eat that in the car while driving. Taco Bell you can get a hard shell taco, and it only has 12 grams of carbs. The car broke down this week-end and luckily Kevin was able to fix it, thank you Kevin. Went back to school shopping and got Lizzie 2 new pairs of jeans (15.00 for both), and socks. Now, all she needs is shoes but I can't find any that I like for the right price. I have been doing a little shopping for baby #3. So far I have bottles, nipples, bag for bottles, pacifiers, and wipes. This week-end we are going through baby clothes and blankets. I think the only thing we really need now is a car seat (oh and a baby name!).

***So, I am going through a funny baby stage wanting to make sure everything is ready. So...Brad got out the 3 boxes of baby clothes out we have in the garage, I have so many clothes! I am trying to wash them all but it might take me all week! We got the swing, and high chair out and cleaned. It feels so weird! I don't know why? Well, we seem to have everything pretty set :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Doctors day!

Well I had to go to the doctors today, and guess what I lost 4 pounds! I was so excited I could have hugged the doctor. 4 pounds in 9 days! The doctor was not thrilled, but I told her that what do you expect? I go from eating whatever I want, to only eating fruits, vegies, and meat...that was going to happen. Everything else looked and sounded good!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

In my 30th week!

Well I have been feeling great with this low carb diet. We went to the store last night and I shopped for low carb items, it was very hard. This is what I came up with:

Fruit...(that I like)
Can Peaches
Apple Sauce
(nutella and peanut butter to dip in them)

Vegies..(that I like)
Sweet Potatoes
Carrots (A little high in carbs)
Romaine Lettuce
Snow Peas
(I miss potatoes and corn)

Meat...Well I like all meat!

Then I got things to make fluff (jello, pineapple, cool whip, and cottage cheese)...VERY LOW CARB!

Low Carb Pizza (for dinner tonight I am making)

So, I am very excited after my shopping trip to have food I will be able to eat!

I looked at my BMI and even being 30 weeks pregnant (they don't take pregnancy into account), so if I was NOT pregnant and at my current weight, I am not considered obese. That made me feel a little bit better. And still no stretch marks (those things scare me)!

I have the hardest time falling asleep at night, I have bad leg cramps and RLS, and it takes me hours to fall asleep, I toss and turn, I hate it!

I am starting to buy things for the baby like pacifiers (This baby better take one!), thermometer (can you believe we don't have a working one), etc. Soon enough we will be holding our baby with no name :)

Monday, August 3, 2009

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Still feeling good!

Well i am not sure if it is the low carb diet that is making me feel better, or that I have it in my mind that it is suppose to make me feel better. I felt great again today, even made it to church park day by 9:15am! I was never able to function that early before! I hate the diet with a passion but worth it if I feel better. I eat 1 cup (measured) of cheerios for breakfast as soon as I get up, 2 hours later a piece of fruit (Banana), for lunch I eat meat (pulled chicken) and a vegie, then a fruit smoothie for afternoon snack, and a small sensible dinner with no carbs. I have not had any throwing up, dizzy spells, or feeling like the world is ending. It has only been 2 days but I am hopeful. We even went out for ice cream last night and I got a fruit smoothie instead of a reese's sundae (my fav). Hopefully tonight will go well with french toast for dinner (I am having ham).

The kids are still doing great and wonderful, I am so blessed to have such wonderful kids. I asked Brad the other day why are kids were so great, he says it is because they are loved so much and they know it. I just love them so much and love spending all my time with them and being a stay at home mom. Lizzie is dying to start school and loves to be in the water swimming. Emmie doesn't like bugs or flies and loves her underwear! Children are just so great!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I feel good!

Well I was a grump last night, not thrilled about this lower carb diet, actually lately I feel like I am grumpy all the time, i just hate that feeling, because that is not who I am (grumpy). For dinner we had chicken parmigiana with pasta. Well, everybody but me, I had chicken parmigiana on lettuce instead of pasta. I know that doesn't sound good but it was. I had a small amount and felt good. I cheated and had 1 reese's peanut butter cup for dessert. I had a hard time falling asleep with RLS, then I fell asleep and awoke at 7am to the little ones ready to get up and play. As soon as I woke up I ate 1 cup (I even measured it) of Cheerios.....of all the cereal out there, they are one of the lower ones when it comes to carbs. Then I waited 2 hours and made a banana, strawberry, apple, yogurt smoothie....I do not like smoothies and I hate Jumba Juice...but it was not so bad and I ate all of it. It is now 10:15am and I have not been nauseous since yesterday at lunch! I am not sure what I will have for lunch, but dinner will be ham, carrots, and salad. If it makes me feel better it will be worth it. Tomorrow will be hard we are having the missionary over for dinner for french toast, and hash browns. I will have a smoothie?

Monday, July 27, 2009

A bunch of thoughts...................28 weeks and 2 days

Well I am so done with being pregnant! I am nauseous now from the time I get up until about noon then again all evening! It is just not fair!!!!! I feel like I never feel good. Went to church yesterday and the first hour I thought the world was ending. Then grandma decided she needed to go to Urgent care because of chest pains, I then sat in urgent care for 2 hours, I think the doctor there thought I was sicker then grandma. Grandma is fine, then I came home and slept for a while, ate some dinner and laid back down all evening. How much longer can I do this? Brad says this is pay back for complaining about weight gain. I wore regular clothes to church yesterday instead of maternity. I go to the doctors today, not that they will be able to change how I feel.

I am back from the doctors, and what a bad appointment (it could be worse). They got my glucose test results back, thank goodness I don't have to do the 3 hour glucose test, I do not have gestational diabetes. I do however have the opposite, I have hyperglycemia. This is most likely what has been making me sick and not feel good. The doctor wants me to cut out carbs as much as possible and eat more small snacks a day. Which means meat, eggs, and vegies. I am so a pasta, bread, grain person! It would make sense why I haven't felt good because I have been eating a lot of carbs lately which has been making me sick. I gained another 8 pounds in 4 weeks! WOW! I sure didn't feel like I have, she said the hyperglycemia has played a role in that because my body is not processing food correctly, whatever the cause, It is still more weight I am going to have to lose after I have this baby! This also is making the baby big, the baby is measuring 2 weeks before it should, I am measuring almost 30 weeks instead of 28 weeks. She said they will not induce even if the baby is big....OH NO! So, a new diet...carb free for Sarah! I just hope it makes me feel better, it will be worth it if I can start feeling more normal!

This past week-end we took the girls to the Lake for the first time and had a great time. They are so much fun. Emmie is 100% potty trained still and never has accidents. Go Emmie. I have the craziest hot flashes ever, last night I slept with the air on high, and 2 fans pointed on me and I was still hot, I was never that way with the other 2 kids.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Third Trimester!

Well I am now in my 28th week, the final trimester and it has hit hard. I have extreme morning sickness once again. It started Sunday morning for about 3 hours. It happened again Monday morning. Luckily it is usually gone by 10am but I feel horrible for a good 3 hours. My hormone levels are obviously going up.

I had to do the glucose test today and i felt good this morning so I thought I would be all right. Brad met me at the lab at 10am (I could not do it without him), I brought cards so we could play games while we waited an hour. Well the cards were not needed I was so sick. I drank the sugar drink that was lemon lime, like a sugary 7-up. Drinking it was not hard at all, it is 10oz in 5 minutes. Easier then I remembered. I thought it was all down hill from there. 15 minutes after I drank it I thought the world was ending, I ran to the bathroom, tried not to get sick, and I didn't, I hate holding throw up. Came back to the waiting room, moved chairs so I could lay on the wall. Ran to the bathroom again, luckily did not throw up. I kept telling Brad I was going to die. At 11am I told the nurse they better draw my blood, it had been an hour and it is now or never. She told me I was next! 5 minutes later, I reminded her that they need to hurry (She thought I was a nut). They called my name I went to the back sat down in the blood drawing chair, the nurse asked if I was OK, I said No, I am going to throw up so you better hurry. She asked if I wanted the trash can closer and I told her it was not big enough and to hurry. As she drew the blood I throw up and held it. The needle came out and I went running. I barley made it to the toliet and it was coming out of my nose, and mouth so fast it was crazy. I think I threw up 10 minutes straight. I opened the bathroom door and Brad says, "Wow, that was a lot...I think the whole building heard you!" I drank 10 ounces and threw up what felt like 50 ounces how is that possible? We made it to the car, a block down the street to pull over to throw up again, and then again. Now we are home and I don't feel so great. What a bad day! I hope I do not have to do the 3 hour test, I will never make it!

Thank you Angee for watching the girls while I did the test, and thank you Lisa for taking the girls in the evening while I took a nap.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

27 weeks!

Well it has been an exciting week! My 2 and a half year old decided it was time to be potty trained whether I was ready or not. She is pretty much potty trained and it was nice and easy.

No news on the pregnancy front, Tuesday I go in for the glucose test.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tuesday 26.5 weeks!

Well I haven't wrote in about a week, not because I have been sick though. I have been feeling well, I am typically always nauseous in the morning but goes away by 11am. I am assuming this is how a typical pregnant women feels in her first trimester.

I currently weigh the same amount today as the day I delivered Emmie. I am a little nervous about all this weight gain all though everyone including my husband reminds me that I am pregnant and should be gaining weight. I still don't like it, none of my maternity clothes are fitting from the last 2 pregnancies, I hate spending money on clothes just for the next 3 months but I guess I will have to, goodwill here I come!

Saturday Brad, the girls and I went to the mall.....for some reason in the middle of the trip I was not feeling good and made it trash can to trash can until we made it to the bathroom. Brad was saying, "There is not a lot of people around, if your going to do it do it now." I did not think I would ever make it to the car, I would be hot and sweaty and then freezing cold with goose bumps. We made it home and I was fine the rest of the day. I wish I knew what brought these nauseous attacks on, they are the worst! But thank goodness overall I feel well.

It was 103 F today and I am so thankful to have friends with pools, the girls and I have been spending a lot of time swimming lately.

Still no news on the name front, brad calls it Baby #3. HE was asking the baby what name she likes best and she started kicking like crazy when he said the name Mandie. We will see.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Had a great day yesterday Lizzie went to her 5 year Doctor appointment and weights 42 pounds and 44inches tall. She is getting so big! I have felt good the last 2 days. At night I have started getting RLS (restless leg syndrome). I had it with the other 2 kids but in my first trimester only. I hate it, it keeps me up all night. My legs will not rest, I feel like I have to move them all night long. So I am going to see if watching what I eat helps or not along with exercise. Hopefully it will get better.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

To the person from Michigan who left a comment

To the person from Michigan e-mail me, my e-mail is

Let me know how the procedure went, it is worth it, I promise!

Tuesday..25 weeks still :)

Went to the doctors yesterday and had a great appointment. I have not gained any weight since last Tuesday (good thing those 6 helping of nachos didn't stay down on 4th of July.....LOL!). I have not dilated any more. So, the only time I have to rest is when I don't feel good. The doctor said just to listen to my body. Hopefully contractions and cramping will stay away. I have to do the blood glucose test in 2 weeks at 27 weeks, I go to the doctors in 3 weeks at 28 weeks and then to the doctors every other week. Let the fun begin. I was given the baby's birth certificate to feel out and the baby needs a name, now I am really freaked out, the baby might never have a name!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday, 25 weeks and 2 days!

Today I go to the doctors again, hopefully it will all go well. We had a so-so week-end. I had a great fourth of July but I might have over done it. I woke up at 2am Sunday morning and felt really sick. I threw up nachos and zucchini bread for about 3 hours! Never will I eat nachos again! I wasn't going to go to church but I was feeling better by 10am so I decided to go. During Sacramento Meeting I started having contractions, i thought they would go away...but by the 2nd hour they hadn't so my husband convinced me to go home. So, I went home and slept until 4:30ish, I then had more contractions until about 7pm then they subsided after lots of resting. Hopefully the doctor will have some ideas on what to do today. I am tired of just not feeling well. 15 more weeks! My brother left for boot camp today :(

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thursday...Close enough to 25 weeks!

Had a very bad morning with nauseous and hugging the toilet. It subsided by 10am ish which was good. Ate some hot dogs for lunch with watermelon and felt even better. I am just so done being pregnant, I want to see and hold the baby and feel well. I have been really tired, I slept all night, most of yesterday (my mother in law watched the kids), and all of the night before. I just want to sleep all the time! No more cramping since Tuesday which is good. I am hungry all the time and I am getting super big, Brad says soon I will weigh more then him, I DON'T THINK SO!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tuesday...24.5 weeks

Well I woke up at 4am with cramping. I didn't think anything of it. They continued until 9am so I called the doctor. They felt like PMS Cramps. I went in at 10am thinking they would check me and send me home. At 11:30 they decided to put me in the hospital for contractions. I am dilated 1 centimeter, 50% effaced, and baby is low and head down. They did a test to see if the baby would come in the next 2 weeks and it came back negative....YA!!!!!!!! So they sent me home and I am suppose to rest, but I am NOT on bed rest. I hate Resting!!!!!!! Being pregnant is no fun, oh and I gained 5 pounds in 3 weeks...holy cow!~

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lizzies funny thought!

So this morning I was asleep and sleeping on my tummy...I know you are not suppose to...but I do. Lizzie woke me up yelling...."Mommy, Mommy....Your Milk Makers are getting Squished!" Where did she get that from? Crazy Kid!

Sunday June 28th............ 24 weeks!!!!!!!! yA!!!!!!!!!!

So I have about 15 weeks left, I am so excited. I go to the doctors in a week (hopefully not 10 pounds worth of weight gain). I am starting to think about all the things I need for when the baby comes home, a carseat (should I go pink or go something for boy or girl so if the next baby is a boy?......Brad had no opinion on this), bottles (I think I am going to use the ones with a bag in them like I did for the last 2), bags for the bottles, pacifiers (I sure hope the baby uses them), diapers, thermometer (can you believe I don't own one), pads, pads, and more pads (the joys of child birth). That is what comes to mind, I need to go through baby clothes and see what I have and don't have, I am thinking I should be good though. I know I have the bassinet, and blankets. I don't use a swing with my baby's, and I have a high chair. They give you a like 3 diaper bags in the hospital so that should be good. I never know when to start buying stuff, I am kind of superstitious and don't like to buy anything until 2 weeks before, but I really want to be prepared. We will see. I also need to get a gift from the baby to the girls and from the girls to the baby (we did this when Emmie was born and it was great).

No news on the name front, I am about 80% sure it will be Madelyn.

As far as throwing up goes I still do it once a week. This last week was really bad, I didn't have time to get anywhere and I didn't have a bowl, so I empty the trash can out (all over the floor) and throw up in it. It was a small 4 QT trash and I hadn't eaten a lot that day because I wasn't feeling great, and I easily filled up over 3 Qt, it was so gross, the worse yet...I swear! 3 QT's thats a lot.

I get tired easily from walking a lot, we went to the mall yesterday and I had to keep sitting down to take a break. I am so not use to that.

But overall I am doing great and hanging in there!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Baby Names

So I researched girl names that ended in "ie" These are the ones I like

Kenadie (I am not if this is short for anything)

Anybody have any thoughts?

Wednesday the 24th...23 weeks and 4 days!

I am currently at the point where I am ready to have the baby. I want to see and hold the baby so bad. I am done with being pregnant. Even though I am not currently sick I still hate being pregnant. My feet hurt, my back hurt, I am always hungry or tired, but can't slept. I am done with this pregnant I wish I was a woman who enjoyed being pregnant. I am getting big in the tummy area and trying not to let it drive me crazy. I wore a shirt the other day that no longer fits, and it was the same shirt I wore the day I went to the hospital to have my first daughter, and it was loose then (and I was 9 months pregnant). To show how big I am compared to the last 2 little ones.

Thinking of little ones my oldest is now starting to read. I can't believe it, she is sounding out words, she read a book last night (all the words were no larger then 3 letters) and she could read it. She is getting so big. Also she swam for the first time across a pool without help or water wings. I am not sure I would call it swimming but she can doggie paddle, now I don't have to worry as much about her around water (she still loves her water wings though).

We still have no name for the baby but we are concentrating on 3 names:

Amanda....Mandie (this was a new one)

I still like McKenzie...Kenzie
or Rebekka.....Bekkie

Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday...I think 23 weeks!

My feet are swollen it hurts to walk!!!!!! How am I ever going to get grandma moved this weekend?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Well last night I decided I needed to start exercising so I walked with Brad and the girls 1.5 miles and felt good, we did it again today and it felt good. Hopefully we will keep it up. Brad's goal is to weigh less then me, I will hurt him if that ever happens..HA HA HA! He wants to run in a marathon the week before the baby is due! He has been running like crazy, his weight loss goes straight to my weight gain! I know I am pregnant and suppose to gain weight, but the more weight you gain the more you have to lose after you have the baby. I gained 15 pounds before I got pregnant expecting to lose at least 25 pounds like I did with the other kids. I have only lost 17 pounds so I am right where I should have been, then I gained the 8 pounds so now I think I am 8 pounds over. I know pregnant woman should gain about 25 pounds, but that is way too much for me! Am I the only pregnant woman that worries about this or am I nuts?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday June 9th...I am 22 weeks and 3 days..I think

Well a busy week last week my dad and his mom (my grandma and the girls great grandma) came to visit for a week. It was very nice and we were very busy, I think I walked 5 miles a day....and still managed to gain weight..HA HA HA. My oldest baby girl turned 5 and we had lots of fun with 2 birthday party's. I am feeling well, mornings are still hard, I am nauseous until about noon, then fine the rest of the day. I am nauseous if I eat and I am nauseous if I don't eat, so confused! I can't wait to see the baby and hold her. She still needs a name, i am thinking it is going to be Madelyn. We will see!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Doctors today!

Went to the doctors today...I gained 8 pounds...holy cow! I called Brad after they weighed me, I can't believe it, I am going to be huge! The doctor says it is good, but I don't think so, out come maternity clothes! 8 pounds...still in shock!

They changed my due date...AGAIN! Now to October 17th, which means I am 21 weeks and 2 days. The sooner the better! I can't wait to see our new little girl!

And I think that sums up the doctors!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

20 weeks and 1 day...hugging the toliet

Yesterday was brad's and mine 6 year Anniversary! We hung out with the kids and I made a yummy rib dinner (first time I made ribs, they were great). I love being married to the love of my life, I am glad we have eternity together. I told him I have been pregnant for 3 of our 6 Anniversary’s! I also said we are half way to our half a dozen kids...HA HA HA!

Yesterday was a great day but today not so great. I woke up at 7am with a really bad headache. I knew hugging the toilet was coming next, around 9am it hit and the toilet and i were old friends again, out came the stomach lining. WHY???? I just don't get it, what cause these ups and downs? I went to church and felt great, lasted all 3 hours and never really felt sick. Then I came home, brad made dinner and I threw up dinner. I don't get it!!!! So, i have been down all night, hopefully this week will be better my baby turns 5!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Finally June!!!!!!! 19 weeks & 4 days!!!!!!!

Well I am doing pretty good these days. I still take it slow but overall I feel really good. I am starting to venture out on my own with the kids and I have done very well. I am tired a lot but not as nauseous as I use to be. So I am a happy camper!

Side thought:

I watched a show last night called, "I didn't know I was pregnant!" It was about women who didn't know they were pregnant until they were in labor. Why can't that happen to me??????? That would be great!!!!!! No throwing up!!!!!!!! Wake pain...go to the hospital....your having a baby!

I went to a Maternity store today to buy a nursing/maternity bra (since nothing is least I am gaining weight somewhere...ha ha ha). I asked the store employee if I could be measured, she went and got the tape measure and when she came back she said, "Are you pregnant?" Can you believe that?????? Why would you ask someone that????? Why else would I need a maternity/nursing bra....For Fun??????? What if the answer was No? I am almost 20 weeks!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ultrasound Pictures

Picture 1 is what Lizzie wrote about the baby!

Picture 2 is what Emmie, Brad, and I wrote about the baby!

Picture 3 is an Ultrasound from when I was 9 weeks pregnant!

Picture 4 is an ultrasound from when I was 6 weeks pregnant!

Picture 5 is the baby's leg

Picture 6 is the cover of Lizzie's baby book for the baby

Picture 7 is the baby's foot

Picture 8 is the baby's hand

Picture 9 is the baby's profile

Picture 10 is my belly at 19 weeks! (not too big)

19 weeks today!

I can't believe only 19 weeks, it is going by so slow. Still nauseous, I feel like I have had a small set back with throwing up, but nothing I can't handle (or so my husband says). I keep telling him this is it for us having babies, he is not so sure, I am still sure he is crazy! HA HA HA! I had another spell last night, I think that is what I will start calling them. It happened 3 times this week, last night was the worse, it was like 11pm. I will be sitting and then I start feeling dizzy, then I see spots everywhere and I feel like I am going to pass out. I have not passed out yet, thank goodness. Brad thinks I do it when I am hungry, but I don't think I was hungry (though I am always hungry). I think I do it it when my blood pressure goes down when I am dehydrated, which would make sense since I threw up so much yesterday. Either way it makes me nervous about being far from home, or out with the kids by myself. I need to ask the doctor. Hopefully the spells and throwing up will get better this week end. ITS A GIRL!!!!!!!! YA!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, May 29, 2009


3 for 3! We are so very excited. We went to lunch and there were 4 boys sitting behind us, they were so loud! They were driving me crazy (kids usually don't drive me crazy), I turned to Brad and said it better be a girl, I can't do a boy! He said not to worry that it was a girl. Then I threw up my lunch, yes the first time in like 2 or 3 weeks! I was devastated! It was in a public bathroom and it was everywhere! I was crying, I wanted to go home and not do the ultrasound. I have had a hard 2 days with being nauseous. Made it to the ultrasound place, got sick again. I informed them my bladder was empty (your suppose to have a full bladder), they said it would be all right. The baby looked perfect it is measuring for a due date of October 24th, which was my original due date. So I am only 19 weeks not 20 :( The heart, brain, and everything looked great. I have a cyst on my right side that they will monitor after birth, this was no surprise to me since I have had to have cysts on my right side removed before. It should not complicate the pregnancy.

Today is the day!

Boy or girl?????? Brad is girl 70% sure, Emmie is girl. Lizzie has now switched to either boy or boy and girl! Twins..wouldn't that be funny! I am thinking boy. I really don't care what it is, I would be happy either way. I just can't wait to find out!

Still having waves of nauseousness and headaches, I still sit a lot and get tired easily. I am ready to be back to myself again!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

3 more days!!!!!!!!!!

We did the ring on a string test and it came back as boy, and the Chinese Calendar said it is a boy. What is it????????????

I have been feeling well, not 100% but my hubby says no one is 100% when they are pregnant!

Thanks Angee for a yummy potato and ham dinner last week!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

20th of MAy...9 more days until we find out boy or girl!

9 more days.........I want a boy, Brad and the girls want a girl. I think it is a girl. If it is a girl then I am afraid I will be convinced to do this again! We have the boy name picked out, Evan. (it goes with Elizabeth and Emmie). A girl would be nice because we have everything for a girl. With a boy we would be starting over! But no girl name!!!!!!!! A few options are: Maddie (Brads choice), Cassie (Lizzies choice), Abbie, Dannie, Sammie (my choice), Evie, & Ellie (my mothers choice). We want the girls name to end in "ie" to go with Lizzie and Emmie. Hope its a boy....HA HA HA!

I feel human again. I did laundry and cooked dinner tonight! I still don't have my energy level back. Brad is taking me on walks at night to help, I currently can not make it very far. I am happy to feel well just need some energy!

Thank you to Marcy for lunch and visiting yesterday, it was great!
Thank you to Flo for a yummy chicken dinner!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

17 weeks or maybe 18 weeks!

They moved my due date up by a week, so I guess I am now 18 weeks. Weird! Well I have not thrown up at all today and even ate 1/4 of a in-n-out cheese burger, and 1/2 an order of fries for lunch. Not a huge amount but it stayed down. I had a small bowl of white rice for dinner and it to stayed down. I decided I am over the husband laughed at me! Whenever I go a few hours without throwing up I consider myself over the hump :)

I decided not to take the Reglan still or the zofran. I feel like I know my body and everyone has to be an advocate for themselves. I could get doctors advice, do research and then ultimately the decision is up to me. No body knows their body better then themselves. It not only works this way with hyperemesis but any illness that happens to your body. I do this when my children are sick, and I am lucky enough to have a pediatrician that understands how I feel. When my kids for example have ear infections I research what options I have and then I tell the doctor what medication I would prefer and listen to his advice and make an educated decision. (you know some doctors get a kick back from drug company's if they prescribe a certain medication an X amount of times a month). I do the same with vaccines for the children. If you pray and are in tune with the spirit you will be in tune with your body and know what is best for you and your family. Be your own advocate, you are the best advocate you have!

Friday, May 15, 2009

17 weeks tomorrow...still sick!!!!!!!

i decided not to take the reglan, after doing some research I decided it was not the best fit for me. i am still going med free, because i feel it is the best personal option for me. i throw up all the time still, i am so hungry!!!! i wanted ice cream for dinner last night so brad went to cold stones. Vanilla with reeses and peanut butter....yummy. i had about 10 good. And realized i was going to get sick, my bowl next to me was full of trash since i have not been using bowls. i got up, jumped over a baby doll stroller, kicked the kids shopping cart, toys were in my way, lizzie yelled, "SHE IS GOING TO BLOW!!!!!!!!!" made it to the hall and the entrance of the bathroom and Liz was right, I screamed to brad, i didn't make it. The toilet was so close, yet so far away. Well first time this pregnancy. My mother in law came down yesterday and i slept most of the day. my clothes keep getting baggier and baggier....crazy! i feel the baby move a lot which is exciting.

Showers are a huge blessing though i usually throw up in them they still give me some relief for a while. While lying in the shower last night i realized i need a huge pillow, the tile floor in the shower is not very comfy. Then it made me remember when i was pregnant with liz. My parents had a double shower. Two showers in one. This never made sense to me before i got married, why you would take a shower at the same time as another person. Then once i got married it made even less sense….who has time to take a shower with their spouse when you have kids. We are like a tag team when it comes to showers, all right honey your 5 minutes are up! Random thoughts i with liz my parents had a pool and i use to take a blow up raft and lay it in the shower and lay on it. it was great. so i need a blow up raft to lay in the shower on so i am not on the hard tile. Odd things you think about when you spend hours a night in a shower.

Guess how much my picc line procedure cost? $14,000.......for a whole 10 minute procedure!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to Polly for yummy pizza dinner last night

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

doctor day

went to the doctors today....lost 2 more keytones though! the doctor wants me to start taking reglan but i am not so sure. i have to call monday and let them know if my throwing up is under control or not if not i have to go to the hospital for hydration. before i left for the doctors i threw up for 5 minutes straight. brad said he didn't know it was possible to throw up 5 minutes straight without a break! good news is i am measuring big (even though I am no longer showing), hopefully the baby will be out in september :) we find out boy or girl may 29th..i am so excited!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

tuesday..may 12th...i think...16.5 weeks

i feel like i just can not do it. i am so tired of throwing up. i just want it to end, i wish i knew when it would end. brad has moved our bed to the living room so i can lay in bed all day, even sitting in our lazyboy chair makes me feel sick. i no longer can throw up in bowls because bowls are just not big enough. i throw up my stomach lining about 4 times every morning. i am so hungry! I am eating though it all comes up. Cheerios help keeps the throw up taste out of my mouth through out the day. With emmie life was getting easier by now, i can't help but think what if this doesn't end until i deliver...i will never make it. i am off all meds and though i am very sick i will not go back on them for the side effects are still worse. The migraines were literally killing me. When i shower or bath i throw up, every time i move i throw up, i throw up all the time. i go to the doctors tomorrow and i am afraid they will put me in the hospital...if i have lost more weight or have keytones i will have to either be put in the hospital or have a picc line put back in. i hope the doctor has some other options for me. i am wearing heavy clothes to the doctors tomorrow and some boots, hopefully that will help my weight.


One piece of advice i have for women who have hyperemesis: keep a soft stool in the bathroom it is easier to throw up from the stool then the floor, keep a pillow in the bathroom so when you are done throwing up you can rest comfortably until you have enough energy to crawl back down the hall, and finally Kleenex so when throw up is coming out your nose you can blow your nose and get the rest out (I had a noodle from my soup stuck in my nose!) One more thing towels lots of them especially when you need to wipe throw up off your face when it splatters back on you from the toilet!

thank you to the Miles family for a yummy dinner from Panera tonight
thank you heather and St. John for yummy stromboli (SP) last week for dinner

Monday, May 11, 2009

throw up...throw up...throw up

i am back to throwing up 10 to 15 times a day! all i do is lay in bed and throw up. will this ever end?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thursday...close enough to 16 weeks!

Well I have gone almost 9 days without really throwing up. I quit taking my zofran pill Monday because it was giving me headaches and constipation. Plus I wasn't throwing up so I didn't need it. I had a great Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Yesterday me and the girls went to McDonalds for lunch together. It was great. Yesterday afternoon I felt yucky, and wanted to rest. I wasn't hungry which isn't like me lately. I woke up all night long in pain, I was so nauseous. I start throwing up, I throw up my stomach lining 3 times this morning. Brad went to work, I was on my own getting Lizzie ready for preschool...I am a bad mom and I sent her to school without breakfast. She said she wasn't hungry, and I wasn't going to force her to eat. Thank goodness the wonderful preschool moms have been helping get Lizzie to preschool...thank you to all. My mother in law is coming down in an hour and I told Brad I am going to bed and don't wake me until tomorrow morning! He then reminded me he has church basketball tonight, and I not so very nicely told him it was his fault I am sick and pregnant and he would just have to miss church ball! I really thought I was over the hump..I think that is why I am being a big baby today. I thought I wasn't going to throw up any more! Boy was I wrong! I am just whinny (SP?)! After some sleep my tune might change!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday...15 weeks and 2 days!

I had a good weekend some ups and downs. Friday I fell in the parking lot of target, I am not sure what happened. My knee is bruised and swollen along with a few sore ribs on my right side. I have to remember I am still weak. Saturday went good, I ate a 1/4 pound cheese burger and kept it down! Sunday went well until church. The heat was on and after about 40 minute's I thought I was going to pass out, Brad had to take me home. Today Monday has been good, I was able to go visit my grandmother.

New Pictures

This picture is of my big belly...MAN I AM FAT! I don't know how I lost 15 pounds and still have a big belly!

This is my a picture of my arm after the picc was taken out. My skin is irritated from the dressings. It is still irritated and it has now been a week. It itches really bad. You can't really tell in this picture.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thursday the last day of April, almost 15 weeks!

Well the last few days have not been so bad. I can take a shower. I am so happy! I love the shower! Just imagine if you could not take a shower for 14 weeks! What would you do? Love the shower! I have not thrown up since Monday, but I am very nauseous every 7 hours (I can only take zofran every 8 hours). I do not have my energy back, and I get short of breath walking down the hall. I have been trying to go out and do things. I am not driving yet because I am too weak. I don't think I will need to put my picc line back in, thank goodness. I went to the doctors yesterday and my mom was able to go and hear the heart beat. She swears its a boy. We will see. I gained a pound, but feel like I have gained 20 pounds! My tummy is getting big, I feel fat so I asked the doctor if I was fat or if it was baby. She said baby but I am still not so sure! While my mom was here we went to Goodwill (D.I.) and got maternity clothes, I look fat and feel fat now. I do not want a stretch mark, my friend Lisa told me if I get a stretch mark then my bikini modeling days are over...oh no what will I do if I can't model bikinis anymore.....HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!! My mom has been here for a week and has been a big help.

Thank you to Wanda for a great KFC dinner last was yummy!

Monday, April 27, 2009

picc line out :(

well the picc line is out. i woke up this morning and my dumb cat chewed through my line. i could kill it. they had to take the picc line out because the bacteria from the cat could travel up my picc line and go to my chest. i could get a really bad infection so they took my line out. i am so scared. they want to put a new line in but i refused. i want to try to take zofran pills that dissolve. my doctor told me as soon as i get dehydrated i have to get iv's. i am so worried i will get dehydrated, i am trying to drink. i have only thrown up once today so far. getting the picc line taken out did not hurt, but i have a localized skin infection from the picc line that is making my arm hurt.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

saturday 14 weeks.....I am never going to live!!!!!

i am not going to make it, i do not know what happened. i quit my zofran thursday night for good then last night (friday night) i thought the world was ending, i have not been that sick since i got pregnant. i was laying on the floor, throwing up like crazy. i hate this. i am back on zofran and iv's! This feels like it will never end. i did so good last week, what the heck happened? now i am stuck in bed again, luckily my mom is here to help.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wednesday 22...almost 14 weeks.....I AM A NEW PERSON!

Wow, how life has changed. Monday I snuck out of the house and drove for the first time! I went to Togo's I was craving chili! I drove!!!!! Liz was really worried, she said, YOU CAN DO IT MOM! My IV's got tangled up in the seat belt and inside my car was over 90 degrees, and I don't have air. But I survived!

Tuesday I went to Target with Brad and the girls and to lunch with Brad (though I did not eat). It feels so good to get out. I still have my 4 hours of IV hydration, because I am not drinking yet. And my zofran I take out for 4-6 hours a day depending on how I am feeling.

Today I vacuumed and started cleaning the house for my mother coming. I am so excited to feel alive. I hope it stays this way! Fingers crossed!

Thank you to Lisa for having the girls yesterday...slip and slide...YA!
Thank you Amy for having the kids today
Thank you Susan C. for yummy pizza for dinner last night

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday the 19th...13 weeks

I am behind in thank you’s:

Thank you Dubray family for burrito dinner on Wednesday night
Thank you Heather and Saint John for yummy chicken dinner Thursday night
Thank you Brother Crockett for giving my grandfather a blessing Friday before he passed

I had a good Saturday, made it to Lizzies best friends birthday party at the park for about 3 hours. It was fun to get out. Then i decided i wanted to go to red robin, the first restaurant i have been to in months. i didn't order anything to eat but did munch on a few fries. Then we came home i got grandpas clothes washed and ready to go. Went to grandmas and dropped off grandpas clothes. So i had an exciting day of not laying in bed. Because i felt so well i decided not to do my iv's. Though i have been told not to, i don't listen very well.

i woke up this morning and was so sick. Should have done those IV’s yesterday! i wanted to eat so i could throw up, i didn't want to throw up my stomach lining. So Trix's sounded good to throw up, i ate them and within 5 seconds they all came up. i was sick all morning. i really wanted to go to church, so i did. I lasted 2 hours! YA!!!!!!!!!!! It was great they even sang 2 of my grandpa's favorite songs, Because i have been given much, and Count your many blessings. i am so glad i could go to church and feel the holy spirit.

My nurse came out Friday and changed my dressings on my picc, i have a slight fever, so i am suppose to keep an eye on it. i have some kidney pain but hopefully it will all resolve its self.

My mom is coming this week so i need to get the spare room clean which has been a storage room, wish me luck!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday 13 weeks...grandpas passing

I wish this post was going to be more about hyperemesis, since that is what this blog is about but since i had an event in my life yesterday i thought i would share.

My day started off with my nurse coming and checking my picc and changing my dressings. I have a slight fever i have to keep my eye on but beside that it all looks good. my kidneys hurt so i wonder if i am getting a kidney infection. i am staying on my IV's and zofran though I don't want to because i am tired of it.

I was going to go see my grandfather who was dying today (Saturday) but decided to go yesterday. Brad and Brother Crockett gave him a blessing at 3pm, it was beautiful. Lizzie sang, You are my Sunshine and I am A Child of God. Lizzie was great, Emmie was scared to death. Brad and the girls left and I stayed until about 7:30pm. The home hospice nurse was going to be there all night and my aunt was staying all night as well. The nurse seemed very confident he would make it 48 hours to a week. So I was going to go back today. We got the call somewhere in the 10pm hour that he had passed and that I could go see his body if I wanted to. I chose not to. When my uncle told me he passed the first thing I said was, That was Fast! That was the only thing that came to mind. If I would have known last night he would pass I would have stayed all night, but hindsight is 20/20. I have no regrets. As I sat by his bed I did not know what to say to him that he didn't already know. He knew I loved him, he knew he was the best grandpa, he knew I thought the world of him, he knew he was my best friend, so what do you say? No regrets that is the way to go. I have not cried, I am not sure that I am sad; he is where he should be. I think of him in heaven and i get this overwhelming happy feeling. He is now happy! Everyone thinks I should be upset, and if another person asks if I am really alright and not faking, I might him them. LOL!!!!1 I am fine, a little tired just from everything but at peace grandpa is where he should be.

Sorry this post is not about hyperemesis, but life happens while you have hyperemesis!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

More pictures of the picc line

Picture 1 - My picc line right after the dressings were changed. The dressings must be changed once a week by a home health care nurse. It still stings when they clean the area around the tube.

Picture 2 - A week since my dressings have been changed. I always have a small amount of blood that leaks through during the week. One week the whole dressing filled up with blood. As long as it is less then the size of a quarter it is no big deal.

Picture 3 - This is the needle I use to inject folic acid and prenatal vitamins into the IV bag. The needle does not go into me, so it doesn't hurt. Then the needle goes into our sharps contain.

Picture 4 - This is my pump for my IV, and my IV bag, notice it is yellow from the vitamins.

Picture 5 - This is a Saline Flush, I use it to flush my line to make sure I do not get any clots in my line. If I get clots in my line then my IV's do not work and we would have to take the picc line out and put another one in. That would be horrible, lets keep our fingers cross that I never get a clot in my line!

Picture 6 - This is a picture of me flushing my line, it does not hurt but gives me a funny taste in my throat, sometimes it makes me throw up!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday, no clue the date.....

Well we had a good Easter evening, we were all able to make it to the crocketts with the dubrays, seegmillers, cotes, and masiovechio (i know i did not spell that right), and had a great time. i decided to disconnect from my zofran pump and my hydration because i didn't want to carry it all over there. i lasted 3 hours, even ate a little and had a real good time. i felt human! The kids had a blast and had fun with the Easter egg hunt. Thank you to everyone!

So Monday i woke up and decided i was done with this iv stuff.... though brad and kevin told me not too. i went without an iv, first time in many, many weeks. All day! I was so proud; i decided i am tired of being attached to machines, and laying around all the time. i am done, done, done! It is my body, i should have a say!!!!!!

Well that bit me in the butt today! i threw up a ton this morning, brad said worse to date...i think he always says that though. i didn't think i would make it to the doctors. i did go to the doctor’s saw Kathy, i liked her a lot. i lost 3 more pounds. She said that i have to have my iv, and zofran until 20 weeks and i am only 12 weeks. She said if i quit now i will be sorry. She said you already have the picc line, the iv's don't hurt, i said i am tired of sitting around, she said i could do it, I already have done it for 12 weeks. Brad gave me the told you so look. 20 weeks!!!!!!!!! i am never going to make it!!!!!!!!! Kathy made me feel better and i guess i will keep doing it. She said home healthcare really decides when i can go a few hours without ivs. So i decided i am barking up the wrong tree. So when my nurse comes out Friday i am going to tell her i am not throwing up and i am eating all the time....brad told me he would throw me under the bus so quickly my head would spin....and that i better not lie because he will be here. No one is on my side. We heard the baby's heart beat and it was really fast, brad still swears it is a girl, my fingers are still crossed for a boy!

Then after the doctors we saw grandpa frank, we looked worse the Friday. lizzie sang you are my sunshine to him and he sang it back to her, that is the only interaction he gave us. i hope the Lord takes him soon.

Thank you Shaw family for yummy brownies Sunday evening

Thank Baer family for a yummy chicken dinner tonight

Sunday, April 12, 2009

happy easter

Well it started off as a hard day. i got up very early because lizzie woke us all up and wanted to go look for her Easter basket. i didn't want to miss it so i went downstairs. i was able to see her and emmie open up the baskets and they were so excited. Polly pocket was the big hit! Then i felt sick, went back up stairs and throw up, while throwing up i decided throwing up my stomach lining is the best thing to throw up because it has no taste, or after taste. i laid up stairs felt horrible. Decided i could not go to church though i really wanted too. Came downstairs at noon, hooked up to iv's. Decided to eat an orange. Then threw up, a whole bunch, and now i must say throwing up your stomach lining with iv fluid and orange taste the best. A citrus flavor, like an orange starburst. Well brad and the kids are off to church, i will sit and play solitaire and hopefully make it to the crocketts house for Easter.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

12 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well the last few days have been ups and downs. i have thrown up more then usual. i am very use to my picc line and can now sleep at night and not even notice it. i got a horrible call from my mother yesterday. My grandfather whom i am very close to is dying....he has been dying since June 2008 when he had a massive heart attack, but now his time has come. Hospice has been called in to his assisted living, and a hospital bed, it is just a matter of time. He no longer talks but seems to know who i was. i went and saw him yesterday and said goodbye, it was my first time out of the house except for the doctors in probably 8 to 6 weeks. i did well, but threw up as soon as i got home. i don't know if i sit all day because i am tired and have no energy or because i am afraid to throw up more then i already do. i pray grandpa passes soon and peacefully so he is not in anymore pain. My grandmother made the comment ever since i started getting sick and not visiting every other day grandpa started going down hill. i feel bad though it is not my fault. i will miss the grandpa he use to be, he is already gone, and has been for a while. We dyed eggs today and lizzie loved it, emmie was very bored and not impressed. We did an egg hunt, lizzie loved it and emmie just wanted to swing. Kids are funny. i sat at the table while they dyed eggs, and outside for a tiny bit, then felt sick. 2 more weeks then i will be 14 weeks, and i think that is when hormone levels start to lower. i hope the baby has the same blue eyes as my grandfather. I spent Easter with him last year L

thanks to amy for taking the kids while i said goodbye to grandpa

thanks lisa for taking the kids while i rested after saying goodbye to grandpa

thanks kevin for a yummy ham dinner tonight with potatoes, and dying eggs

thanks to the Crockett family for inviting us over for Easter

Thursday, April 9, 2009


it has been down hill since that bath 48 hours ago. today i have been in bed almost all day. i hate this, i feel so sick. thats all i feel like writing, sorry.

thanks dubrays for yummy dinner last night

thanks Sis. Massey for yummy dinner tonight

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tuesday, the 7th of April

Well i really wanted to go to target tonight to go Easter shopping for the girls. I wanted to ride in one of those motorized shopping carts since i cannot walk. My hubby told me no way was i strong enough, Lisa my friend laughed (yes you did!) at first but thought it would be an alright idea she wanted to know how i would even make it there since the car makes me sick, and Kevin told me no way what happens if you get germs from the cart. I have to be careful with germs and my picc line, if i get a staph infection it could be dangerous. So, brad went with out me. i am sad! he is trying to buy clothes for the girls which he has never done, he just called and did not know what colors to get. He is so funny.

My old doctors office called again today, i swear they like to drive me crazy. the doctor wants to see me tomorrow to go over my test results since there are some problems. I asked for the test results and they said it takes 10 days to process. What happens if it is serious and i won't make it 10 days! So i called my new doctor and the office manager answered the phone, she was awesome! She said she would handle it. So she called my doctor they would not give her the results, so she called the lab where i did the tests and after some convincing she got the results! Thank goodness!!!!!!! So my new doctor called and my old doctor is crazy! My blood platelet count was 435 a healthy persons is between 150 and 400. But, i am sick so mine should not be normal. All of my blood work should not be normal due to me being sick. She said not to worry about anything, and everything looked good enough considering my condition. I love my new doctors office!!!!!

I had a good day until I decided to take a bath, i can only take a bath when my zofran runs out every 48 hours, so when the zofran runs out i have to go take a bath then or wait another 48 hours. And my hair needed washed! I hate being told when i can and can not take a bath. Well i got in the bath got dizzy, and tired, asked Brad to wash my hair, by the time he got my hair wet I thought I was going to pass out, and started yelling at him to hurry and get me out of the bath tub before I passed out. So, I did not get my hair washed but I did not pass out either! I hate being weak and sick!

Thank you Gordon Family for bringing dinner in tonight!

Thank Angee for the Easter Party for Lizzie to go to today, and thank you for the book, Simplify a Guide to Caring for the Soul, I can't wait to start reading it!

Monday, April 6, 2009

MOnday April 6th...11 weeks 2 days!!!!

I am having a good day though I have been sitting doing nothing all day I have had the taste of blood in my throat off and on all day. Weird. My old doctor called and they read the test results back wrong and my blood platelet count is high, not low. But, they couldn't tell me what that meant or how it affects my picc line. I go to my new doctors next Wednesday, they are going to re-do all the tests. Doctors they drive me crazy! I only threw up once this week-end (bagels!), but still am very tired and very weak, I get dizzy walking down the hall and have no energy. If I have a good week I want to lower my zofran again, I think the zofran is making me so tired. We will see. Thanks Lisa for having the kids all day while Brad was at work!

Picture of my Picc line in my arm

This is a double lumen picc line. Meaning I have two tubes that stick out. One tube is for IV hydration with vitamins. The other tube is for the drug zofran so it is pumped into me 24 hours a day. I use saline syringes to flush the line to keep them clot free. I am a nurse and didn't even know it! My dressing gets changed once a week by my home health care nurse. The blue tube you see in the picture that goes into my arm is very long and goes from my arm up to my shoulder into my chest and sits right above my heart.. Sounds bad I know, but I can not feel it in my arm or my chest!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday...tomorrow 11 weeks!

9 more weeks and i will be half way through! i got a call from the doctor yesterday and my blood platelet count is low, which means my blood is not clotting. then a nurse came out today and my blood pressure was low, 98 over 70. then she said i looked very pale, my life story! why can't this go smooth? well i am a tough cookie and will continue hanging in!

thanks stockles for another yummy dinner
thanks to sandie for going on lizzies field trip, to lunch and watching the girls yesterday
thanks to lisa for watching the girls, again, and again, and again
thanks Nancy N for hanging out with the kids this afternoon and bringing me reading material

It is so great to have so much help!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Well they lowered my zofran pump from 32 to 28. i could not handle the headaches. Now i am a little more nauseous. i started throwing up my stomach lining at 3am this morning. Oh the joys! i took a bath today and washed my hair, ya! So exciting! i am almost 11 weeks, every second is a second closer! Brad teases me about how cheerful i always seem and say people probably thinking i am faking it since i always seem happy. i guess i am just no good at sounding miserable though i might feel that way! oh well!

Thanks dubrays for dinner tonight, you are great!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Headache, throwing up, headache, throwing up! Want this week to end!

Thank you's to:

Stacey Baer for cleaning my bathrooms
Kevin for El Pollo Loco, oranges, and kitty food
Seegmiller's for paper towls, and wipes
Lisa for potatoes, hot chocolate, and watching the kids all the time
Amy for helping Brad with the kids durring the baptism

Holmes family for great sloppy joe's tonight for dinner. The kids especially loved the pudding.

Friday, March 27, 2009

10 weeks tomorrow...heard baby's heart beat

Well i went to a new doctor today. i really like her but brad wants me to stay with the doctor i have. i am not sure what i am going to do. We heard the baby's heart beat today, it was so fast, it was so cool. i even have a little lump that the doctor showed me that is the baby. No wonder my pants are getting snug. The nurses came and changed my dressings on my picc line, it always stings so bad. The nurse said she thought my hubby was so funny last time. i asked why and she said, "you are throwing up, have a picc line, look like you are dying....and he is sitting next to you talking about how maybe the next baby will be easier!!!!" She said the funny part was he was so serious. i informed her that brad will have a different wife for the next child he has! i have felt alright today, the doctor told me to drink pepsi for my headaches, but the bubbles made me feel sick.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday...almost 10 weeks!

well after the bad experience at my doctors yesterday i decided to shop around for a new doctor, i go see a new one at 2pm tomorrow, hopefully i will like her better.

Thank you Stockles for dinner tonight!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wednesday...Dr Day

well i started off with a good morning. i then realized the zofran was suppose to run in my pump every 48 hours but was running every 40 hours for the last 4 days, so i was getting over dosed, maybe that’s why i have felt half way decent! why can't anything go right?

then i go to the doctors and saw the nurse practitioner and excuse my language but she is the DUMBEST PERSON i have ever meet, i mean ever! i was so mad, i rolled my eyes and really made her upset. she could not answer any of my questions and would not get my doctor! she had no clue what was going on with me, i told her i didn't want things done and she still did them. i told her i didn't want blood work unless it was through my picc line and she told me no. she told me i needed all these prenatal testing done but didn't give me any info on it. i was so made! she told me to drink water for constipation and if I took laxatives i would miscarry! so what am i suppose to do die every 4 days from cramps? she was so dumb! i might switch doctors, i know i will never see that lady again!

good news is the baby looked good, kicking and strong heart beat! lizzie was so excited!

i have only thrown up 1 time today! I lost 2 more pounds since last MOnday so for a total of minus 12 pounds in 5 weeks.

Thanks Dubray family for a yummy pasta dinner tonight. And to Lisa for watching Emmie while we went to the doctors.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

tues...9 weeks 3 days!

Well it has been slow going. i still throw up a handful of times during the day, but not as much as before the picc. Today i managed to throw up my iv fluid, i have no clue how that is possible since it goes into my veins not my stomach. Sometimes i feel good other times i feel like the world is ending. i still bleed from my picc line but not as bad as Sunday and i can usually get it to stop. i took a bath today and washed my hair, ya! i have an ultrasound tomorrow like my 5th or 6th one. lizzie is going for the first time, she is so excited. She wants to be the first one to hold the baby. i owe a ton of thank-yous to people, thank you Miles family for subway dinner tonight brad and the kids loved it, i even ate some cookie. Thank you Marcy for bringing me reading material today, it was great, reading really helps the time pass when you are stuck in a bed or chair all day. Readers Digest had puzzles in the back i loved doing! Thank you Marcy! Thank you to Lisa, i swear if it wasn't for her i would be dead or in the hospital, she literally does everything for me! She even bought me shirts (one says mom) and cut them from sleeve to bottom on the left side and sewed buttons on it so i can dress my self now. It feels so good to be able to do something for myself since brad has to help me with everything! Thank you Lisa. Thank-you Kevin for being my check in man who calls twice a day loyally to make sure i am alive and offer words of advice (even if i don't always And thank you everyone for all the calls, e-mails, thoughts, prayers, and cards.