Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ultrasound Pictures

Picture 1 is what Lizzie wrote about the baby!

Picture 2 is what Emmie, Brad, and I wrote about the baby!

Picture 3 is an Ultrasound from when I was 9 weeks pregnant!

Picture 4 is an ultrasound from when I was 6 weeks pregnant!

Picture 5 is the baby's leg

Picture 6 is the cover of Lizzie's baby book for the baby

Picture 7 is the baby's foot

Picture 8 is the baby's hand

Picture 9 is the baby's profile

Picture 10 is my belly at 19 weeks! (not too big)

19 weeks today!

I can't believe only 19 weeks, it is going by so slow. Still nauseous, I feel like I have had a small set back with throwing up, but nothing I can't handle (or so my husband says). I keep telling him this is it for us having babies, he is not so sure, I am still sure he is crazy! HA HA HA! I had another spell last night, I think that is what I will start calling them. It happened 3 times this week, last night was the worse, it was like 11pm. I will be sitting and then I start feeling dizzy, then I see spots everywhere and I feel like I am going to pass out. I have not passed out yet, thank goodness. Brad thinks I do it when I am hungry, but I don't think I was hungry (though I am always hungry). I think I do it it when my blood pressure goes down when I am dehydrated, which would make sense since I threw up so much yesterday. Either way it makes me nervous about being far from home, or out with the kids by myself. I need to ask the doctor. Hopefully the spells and throwing up will get better this week end. ITS A GIRL!!!!!!!! YA!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, May 29, 2009


3 for 3! We are so very excited. We went to lunch and there were 4 boys sitting behind us, they were so loud! They were driving me crazy (kids usually don't drive me crazy), I turned to Brad and said it better be a girl, I can't do a boy! He said not to worry that it was a girl. Then I threw up my lunch, yes the first time in like 2 or 3 weeks! I was devastated! It was in a public bathroom and it was everywhere! I was crying, I wanted to go home and not do the ultrasound. I have had a hard 2 days with being nauseous. Made it to the ultrasound place, got sick again. I informed them my bladder was empty (your suppose to have a full bladder), they said it would be all right. The baby looked perfect it is measuring for a due date of October 24th, which was my original due date. So I am only 19 weeks not 20 :( The heart, brain, and everything looked great. I have a cyst on my right side that they will monitor after birth, this was no surprise to me since I have had to have cysts on my right side removed before. It should not complicate the pregnancy.

Today is the day!

Boy or girl?????? Brad is girl 70% sure, Emmie is girl. Lizzie has now switched to either boy or boy and girl! Twins..wouldn't that be funny! I am thinking boy. I really don't care what it is, I would be happy either way. I just can't wait to find out!

Still having waves of nauseousness and headaches, I still sit a lot and get tired easily. I am ready to be back to myself again!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

3 more days!!!!!!!!!!

We did the ring on a string test and it came back as boy, and the Chinese Calendar said it is a boy. What is it????????????

I have been feeling well, not 100% but my hubby says no one is 100% when they are pregnant!

Thanks Angee for a yummy potato and ham dinner last week!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

20th of MAy...9 more days until we find out boy or girl!

9 more days.........I want a boy, Brad and the girls want a girl. I think it is a girl. If it is a girl then I am afraid I will be convinced to do this again! We have the boy name picked out, Evan. (it goes with Elizabeth and Emmie). A girl would be nice because we have everything for a girl. With a boy we would be starting over! But no girl name!!!!!!!! A few options are: Maddie (Brads choice), Cassie (Lizzies choice), Abbie, Dannie, Sammie (my choice), Evie, & Ellie (my mothers choice). We want the girls name to end in "ie" to go with Lizzie and Emmie. Hope its a boy....HA HA HA!

I feel human again. I did laundry and cooked dinner tonight! I still don't have my energy level back. Brad is taking me on walks at night to help, I currently can not make it very far. I am happy to feel well just need some energy!

Thank you to Marcy for lunch and visiting yesterday, it was great!
Thank you to Flo for a yummy chicken dinner!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

17 weeks or maybe 18 weeks!

They moved my due date up by a week, so I guess I am now 18 weeks. Weird! Well I have not thrown up at all today and even ate 1/4 of a in-n-out cheese burger, and 1/2 an order of fries for lunch. Not a huge amount but it stayed down. I had a small bowl of white rice for dinner and it to stayed down. I decided I am over the husband laughed at me! Whenever I go a few hours without throwing up I consider myself over the hump :)

I decided not to take the Reglan still or the zofran. I feel like I know my body and everyone has to be an advocate for themselves. I could get doctors advice, do research and then ultimately the decision is up to me. No body knows their body better then themselves. It not only works this way with hyperemesis but any illness that happens to your body. I do this when my children are sick, and I am lucky enough to have a pediatrician that understands how I feel. When my kids for example have ear infections I research what options I have and then I tell the doctor what medication I would prefer and listen to his advice and make an educated decision. (you know some doctors get a kick back from drug company's if they prescribe a certain medication an X amount of times a month). I do the same with vaccines for the children. If you pray and are in tune with the spirit you will be in tune with your body and know what is best for you and your family. Be your own advocate, you are the best advocate you have!

Friday, May 15, 2009

17 weeks tomorrow...still sick!!!!!!!

i decided not to take the reglan, after doing some research I decided it was not the best fit for me. i am still going med free, because i feel it is the best personal option for me. i throw up all the time still, i am so hungry!!!! i wanted ice cream for dinner last night so brad went to cold stones. Vanilla with reeses and peanut butter....yummy. i had about 10 good. And realized i was going to get sick, my bowl next to me was full of trash since i have not been using bowls. i got up, jumped over a baby doll stroller, kicked the kids shopping cart, toys were in my way, lizzie yelled, "SHE IS GOING TO BLOW!!!!!!!!!" made it to the hall and the entrance of the bathroom and Liz was right, I screamed to brad, i didn't make it. The toilet was so close, yet so far away. Well first time this pregnancy. My mother in law came down yesterday and i slept most of the day. my clothes keep getting baggier and baggier....crazy! i feel the baby move a lot which is exciting.

Showers are a huge blessing though i usually throw up in them they still give me some relief for a while. While lying in the shower last night i realized i need a huge pillow, the tile floor in the shower is not very comfy. Then it made me remember when i was pregnant with liz. My parents had a double shower. Two showers in one. This never made sense to me before i got married, why you would take a shower at the same time as another person. Then once i got married it made even less sense….who has time to take a shower with their spouse when you have kids. We are like a tag team when it comes to showers, all right honey your 5 minutes are up! Random thoughts i with liz my parents had a pool and i use to take a blow up raft and lay it in the shower and lay on it. it was great. so i need a blow up raft to lay in the shower on so i am not on the hard tile. Odd things you think about when you spend hours a night in a shower.

Guess how much my picc line procedure cost? $14,000.......for a whole 10 minute procedure!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to Polly for yummy pizza dinner last night

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

doctor day

went to the doctors today....lost 2 more keytones though! the doctor wants me to start taking reglan but i am not so sure. i have to call monday and let them know if my throwing up is under control or not if not i have to go to the hospital for hydration. before i left for the doctors i threw up for 5 minutes straight. brad said he didn't know it was possible to throw up 5 minutes straight without a break! good news is i am measuring big (even though I am no longer showing), hopefully the baby will be out in september :) we find out boy or girl may 29th..i am so excited!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

tuesday..may 12th...i think...16.5 weeks

i feel like i just can not do it. i am so tired of throwing up. i just want it to end, i wish i knew when it would end. brad has moved our bed to the living room so i can lay in bed all day, even sitting in our lazyboy chair makes me feel sick. i no longer can throw up in bowls because bowls are just not big enough. i throw up my stomach lining about 4 times every morning. i am so hungry! I am eating though it all comes up. Cheerios help keeps the throw up taste out of my mouth through out the day. With emmie life was getting easier by now, i can't help but think what if this doesn't end until i deliver...i will never make it. i am off all meds and though i am very sick i will not go back on them for the side effects are still worse. The migraines were literally killing me. When i shower or bath i throw up, every time i move i throw up, i throw up all the time. i go to the doctors tomorrow and i am afraid they will put me in the hospital...if i have lost more weight or have keytones i will have to either be put in the hospital or have a picc line put back in. i hope the doctor has some other options for me. i am wearing heavy clothes to the doctors tomorrow and some boots, hopefully that will help my weight.


One piece of advice i have for women who have hyperemesis: keep a soft stool in the bathroom it is easier to throw up from the stool then the floor, keep a pillow in the bathroom so when you are done throwing up you can rest comfortably until you have enough energy to crawl back down the hall, and finally Kleenex so when throw up is coming out your nose you can blow your nose and get the rest out (I had a noodle from my soup stuck in my nose!) One more thing towels lots of them especially when you need to wipe throw up off your face when it splatters back on you from the toilet!

thank you to the Miles family for a yummy dinner from Panera tonight
thank you heather and St. John for yummy stromboli (SP) last week for dinner

Monday, May 11, 2009

throw up...throw up...throw up

i am back to throwing up 10 to 15 times a day! all i do is lay in bed and throw up. will this ever end?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thursday...close enough to 16 weeks!

Well I have gone almost 9 days without really throwing up. I quit taking my zofran pill Monday because it was giving me headaches and constipation. Plus I wasn't throwing up so I didn't need it. I had a great Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Yesterday me and the girls went to McDonalds for lunch together. It was great. Yesterday afternoon I felt yucky, and wanted to rest. I wasn't hungry which isn't like me lately. I woke up all night long in pain, I was so nauseous. I start throwing up, I throw up my stomach lining 3 times this morning. Brad went to work, I was on my own getting Lizzie ready for preschool...I am a bad mom and I sent her to school without breakfast. She said she wasn't hungry, and I wasn't going to force her to eat. Thank goodness the wonderful preschool moms have been helping get Lizzie to preschool...thank you to all. My mother in law is coming down in an hour and I told Brad I am going to bed and don't wake me until tomorrow morning! He then reminded me he has church basketball tonight, and I not so very nicely told him it was his fault I am sick and pregnant and he would just have to miss church ball! I really thought I was over the hump..I think that is why I am being a big baby today. I thought I wasn't going to throw up any more! Boy was I wrong! I am just whinny (SP?)! After some sleep my tune might change!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday...15 weeks and 2 days!

I had a good weekend some ups and downs. Friday I fell in the parking lot of target, I am not sure what happened. My knee is bruised and swollen along with a few sore ribs on my right side. I have to remember I am still weak. Saturday went good, I ate a 1/4 pound cheese burger and kept it down! Sunday went well until church. The heat was on and after about 40 minute's I thought I was going to pass out, Brad had to take me home. Today Monday has been good, I was able to go visit my grandmother.

New Pictures

This picture is of my big belly...MAN I AM FAT! I don't know how I lost 15 pounds and still have a big belly!

This is my a picture of my arm after the picc was taken out. My skin is irritated from the dressings. It is still irritated and it has now been a week. It itches really bad. You can't really tell in this picture.