Tuesday, September 29, 2009

29th of September, so close...37.5 weeks.....2.5 weeks left!

Went to the doctors, and I have high blood pressure...shock there. I am suppose to lay on my left side for an hour in the morning, and hour in the afternoon, and an hour at night. Like that is going to happen! I didn't gain any weight..thank goodness...it had only been a week. Baby measured normal and everything looked good. Back in a week.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I went to the doctors today and I gained 2 pounds in a week! My blood pressure was elevated but not high. The baby moved and is sticking her butt against my stomach, which is making me look large, so indeed I measured 37 weeks (compared to 33 weeks last week). Which looks good, the doctor felt the baby and said the baby was under 5 pounds, I said we will have to wait and see I bet it will be a 9 pound-er! They did the beta strep B tests last week and I was not worried because I did not have it with the other 2, and the tests came back positive...can't anything go right here? The doctor said it is not an STD (I already knew that), I said, "Good thing or my husband would have some explaining to do!"...HA HA HA! She went over how women and men are carriers of the bacteria, and it doesn't affect them but it can infect the baby so during labor I have to have 2 doses of IV antibiotics 4 hours apart to help protect the baby. So, as soon as I am in labor I have to go to the hospital so there is enough time to get both doses. Everything else looked good!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

36.5 weeks!

Spent the day in the hospital or at least a little over 3 hours! Brad wanted me to go in last night but I wouldn't. My hands, and feet are very swollen (flip flops don't even fit) and I have had a headache since Saturday evening. My blood pressure is high again, so I went in to make sure everything was all right with the baby. I am suppose to be "Resting" but everyone knows I am no good at that. My car needs washed so when I came home I was going to wash my car, but Brad said No Way, that is how bad I am at listening to doctors! I got a lot of scripture study time in at the hospital, I am trying to read part of Isiah and he is a really hard prophet to follow, I am going to re-read it again tonight!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

36 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I went to the hospital today for testing, I checked in at 3pm and was home by 4:15pm! It was great. They checked the fluid level and it is suppose to be between a 10 and 20, mine was 14...so perfect. Then they made me put on this super tight tube top thing. I asked for a larger size because if I couldn't fit into it, I knew some other women wouldn't be able to. They laughed at me and said I was small so I got a small size. I walk out in it, and I told them I could not breathe, they were all laughing at me, I think they thought it was funny, I did not so much! Then I had to lay on my right side and push a button every time the baby moved. They made sure the baby's heart rate reacted to the movement. The baby moved like 20 plus times in 10 minutes (like usual). My blood pressure was like 101 over 40. Very low! So they said we will see you Tuesday. I said the doctor said I didn't have to come in anymore if all the tests looked good. The nurse said that is not what the doctor wrote down. So doctor A wrote one thing down, doctor B (a different doctor) told me something else, and doctor C (yet another doctor was on call to make the decision). So, after some persuading that I would take it easy and come to the hospital as soon as I don't feel well, I don't have to go back next week. YA!!!!!! I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!! My hubby and Kevin think I am a con when it comes to doctors...maybe so?????? No, I don't think so!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Went to the doctors today and the good news is I looked good. My blood pressure was elevated but not as high as Monday, and my heart was beating normal today not high. The baby's heart rate was good and her movement was good.

The bad news which really isn't bad news was I haven't gained any weight in 4 weeks now, which I think is just fine...doctor not so much. When they measured me I should measure 36 inch's and I only measure 33 inch's. When they felt the baby she felt very small, 4 pounds or so. This would seem alarming but to me it's not. I carry very funny and my 2 other daughters they said the same thing and they were almost 9 pounds. So, Friday I have to get an ultrasound done to see if baby is growing (I am sure she is). If baby and my blood pressure is still good on Friday I am off bed rest, and do not have to go to the hospital twice a week for tests! YA!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

35.5 weeks! In the hospital!

Well, I thought we might have had a baby yesterday (didn't want to though). It has been a long 3 days. Friday I woke up not feeling good but did not know why. I took Lizzie to school and came home and laid down, I felt like I couldn't move. I was suppose to go visit my grandmother after I picked Lizzie up. So, before I left I called Grandma and told her I would be there and if she wanted me to pick her up something to eat on my way over.

As I drove to Lizzie's school I got really hot, and was seeing spots. I thought this was due to my blood sugar which I have problems with. I parked the car and prayed I could walk a few feet to Lizzie's classroom door without passing out. I made it to the classroom and had to sit down against a brick wall (I probably looked ridiculous) but I really thought I was going to pass out.

The night before I went to an Institute class where we are reading the Book Of Mormon, and we were talking about tender mercies. How God sends us tender mercies (in many different ways) (we might not realize it but they are always there) and sometimes we think we are alone but we are not. And when we need something God makes sure we are taken care of. Well, as I looked around with the world spinning there was 2 good friends close by and it made me feel comforted that if something happened or I need something they were right there to help (later they both informed me to call them and they can take care of Liz and not to come to the school....I should have done that). I thank God for tender mercies and friends that are always wiling to help and care.

I made it back to the car, I called Grandma and said I had to go home. I went home and went straight to bed. I started having about 10 contractions an hour until Saturday morning. Saturday I felt better, but not 100%, Brad and I went on a hospital tour and we left the kids for the first time with a babysitter (I didn't even cry). During the tour I was having contractions, Brad said I should get checked out, but I didn't. Brad and I went on a date for lunch and had a great time. Later that evening Brad did yard work and I started feeling dizzy again, so I laid down and slept the rest of the day.

Sunday was not so bad, during Sacrament meeting at church I got hot (Which isn't unusual) and had to go out and get fresh air and that cleared the dizziness I was having. Sunday evening I was able to go visit my grandmother finally.

Then Monday I woke up with contractions, Brad convinced me to call the doctors. So, I did. They told me since I wasn't 36 weeks and having contractions I had to go to the hospital. I didn't mention the dizzy spells because I thought that was related to my blood sugar. I was more concerned about the contractions, and I thought the contractions were making me feel sick. I went tot he hospital I was still only dilated 1 centimeter and the doctor said if I was to go into full labor they would not stop it, and to go home and see what happens. A useless drive to the hospital.

So, I was getting ready to leave and the doctor wanted my vitals. Well my blood pressure was high, I think 145 over 85 (I run like 90 over 40), which is very high for me and my pulse was like 130, I guess it is suppose to be like 80 (I don't know). So the doctor told me to get back into bed they needed to run tests, so there I laid for a few hours. She asked about dizzy spells and seeing spots which I admitted to and she was not happy. They finally let me go home!!!!!!!!!

So....now she said I am on strict bed rest (ya right...she doesn't know me too well...clearly!), I have to go to the hospital twice a week for monitoring and to the doctors once a week, so I have to be gone 3 times a week for tests....she said it wouldn't last long because they will probably take the baby soon. If my blood pressure keeps going up that will be the only option. I really wanted an October baby, I have a lot going on the rest of this month, but as long as the baby is born after 36 weeks which will be this Saturday I will be happy. We will know more this Friday because they are going to check my fluid the baby is floating in to see if I have enough, and run some more tests. If those come back bad they can take the baby Saturday. If they come back good then I think I will have the baby in 6-8 weeks (that is my guess). Watch it will be a November baby!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tuesday...34 weeks and 4 days...so about 5 weeks left!

I got a really bad cold last Thursday. Saturday it was the worse and I really thought the world was ending. Sunday I woke up and seemed to be doing a lot better. Now it is only really bad at night. I got the cold from Lizzie and I hope Emmie and Brad will not catch it. I have been feeling good overall. Yesterday me and the girls made homemade cookies...bug mistake. I think I ate a pound of cookie dough, then went and bar-b-q at a friends house and swam...I ate 2 hot dogs with buns....so now I am way over my carb limit, then went to Chick Filet for the free chicken sandwich give away and had fries and a chicken sandwich with a soda. Well all the carbs hit last night and I was so sick! I HATE carbs and I am ready to have this baby. Luckily today I a feeling a lot better.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Close enough...34 weeks! 6 to go!

My doctors appointment was today. Everything looked good..plus I saw my favorite doctor. I didn't gain any weight, which I thought was odd because I ate a huge lunch 5 minutes before my doctors appointment. No weight gain is good though. I feel bigger...weird! My blood pressure was high for me 138 over 90, usually I run like 90 over 40. I chalked it up to the heat, my car was over 100 today! I had high blood pressure with my first and they took her 2 weeks early, so if I have high blood pressure then the sooner we get to see the baby :) Everything looked good though!