Thursday, January 8, 2009

Jan 8 2009 - Baby 3

JAN 8, 09
As my husband and I decided whether or not to have a third child natural, we prayed about it and received the answer it was up to us. We then decided on our own to try for another one and prayed about it, and he received the answer to try. We started trying December 2008, when December came I ended up getting sick on the Monday before Christmas and was sick for about 9 hours, I was a little excited that I could be pregnant, but nervous that I was already sick at like 2 weeks! Then I got sick a week after Christmas and thought I was going to die I was sick for about a week. I thought for sure I was pregnant and thought the whole time there was no way I could do this! What was I thinking? I had to be crazy! I could not last another day! We found out I was not pregnant and I have to admit I was sad yet in another way I was relieved. My husband seems to think this is God's way of testing us, to see if we are really sure if this is what we want or not. We are now more confused then ever. I have gone to an adoption class last summer and felt it was the right thing to do, my husband is going to go next week to the class and see how he feels about adoption. I wish my pregnancy's were normal but some of us women aren't that lucky, I hope this blog helps women who have hyperemesis, or are in the shoes I am in, Can you do it again?