Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Almost 25 weeks!

That means 15 weeks left!  I had a root canal done this morning and I sure am sore!  The baby kicked the whole 1 and a half hour procedure!  It was crazy!

My kids all had the stomach flu last week and I was waiting to get it.......we went to Applebee's for lunch yesterday.....after i ate my hubby said I turned green and did not run to the bathroom fast enough.  I threw up a ton and got it all over my shirt and pants.  I am calling it the flu, my hubby thinks it was hyperemesis related because I felt fine afterwards.  It reminded me how horrible throwing up is in a public place!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

24.5 weeks!

I asked my oldest daughter who is almost 8 years old if we should have another baby so she can have another sister and what the hardest part about mommy being sick is?  She said the hardest part was all the throwing up!  She said throwing towels and barf bowls at me was not fun :)  She said she does not like the sound of throw up!  She then said she wants a sister but she wants to ADOPT!  I thought that was super cute!  I think she is right!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

24 weeks

Abscessed Tooth.......just what I need......but it explains why I have not been feeling so well lately!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Almost 24 weeks

Do you hate when your obgyn calls?  You know if they call something is wrong!  Well after further review of my ultrasound I need to go have another one done of the baby's heart (I think he was not in the right position for heart pictures last time so they missed the blood flow in the left ventricle) and of my placenta again!  But the good news is since I am further along I do not have to drink a ton of water!

Another bad day of nauseousness and I am even thinking about taking zofran.....hmmmmm.....

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Heather: I love you!

I do not know how people go through hard trials in their life without the love and support of friends, family, and STRANGERS!  I owe a ton of thank you's to friends and family who helped during the hardest times, my parents taking the kids all the time, and my friends in Cali calling all the time to check on me and listen to me complain, and many others.  One of my biggest supporters was a STRANGER though, she does not even live in the USA!  She lives in Scotland!  Her name is Heather, she is my support person.  She suffered through hyperemesis about 2 years ago with her first child, Joesph.  It is her mission in life to help women with hyperemesis.  She supports numerous women every day make it through another 24 hours of being sick.  She e-mails me numerous times daily and reminds me continually I can do it and it is worth it.  She sends me songs, pictures, videos, and endless e-mails.....all along while working and being a mom.  She has never given up on me and is always there for me.  She not only helps me but many others, and she becomes so attached and heart broken when woman decide on abortion over fighting hyperemesis.  I am sure due to Heather many woman have kept their baby over aborting it due to her support.  How amazing can it be, and how many of us can say, "We have saved 100's of babies life's!"  Well Heather can say, She has!  What an amazing woman and stranger in my life who has helped me and my unborn baby!  I love you Heather!

Does it ever get 100%?

Well I still have so many ups and downs!  I think how I feel right now is how a normal pregnant woman feels in her first trimester.  I will feel good and fine for hours then on a flip of a dime I feel like the world is ending.  Yesterday we went to lunch and ran errands, our last errand was to Wal Mart and I got out of the car and was sick.  My hubby wanted to take me home but we were all ready there!  I felt horrible the whole time!  I came home and rested for a few hours, felt fine and went to a birthday party at Chuck E,. Cheese, and was fine.  Went to bed fine, woke up at 5am probably the sickest I have felt in a long time, could not make it to church at 9am and finally crawled out of bed at 1pm!  Why can't I feel normal?  I am so sick of feeling great to back down again.  I know I have come a long way and I do not need IV's and tubes, but I want to be better!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

My new Blog

Since this hyperemesis blog will be coming to an end soon (thank goodness) I decided to start a new blog on parenting.  Obviously I love parenting since I put my body through extreme torture 4 times with hyperemesis!  I like attachment parenting but would consider myself as INVOLVEMENT PARENTING, check out the new blog:


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

23 weeks!

I am so sick of headaches!  When are these going to end?  I want to leave this house and not be stuck home in bed with a headache!  Please go away!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Today was not so great

The hard times seem to never truly end and are really bad!  I went to a flea market (a BIG one) today with my husband, kids, and parents.  I walked around for a good 30 minutes and then thought the world was ending  (I can usually walk for hours).  I sat down, put my head between my legs, felt dizzy, tried eating, felt sick, ran to the bathroom twice, and almost too sick to walk to the car.  I have no idea what happened!  Its not fair!  I want to feel normal all the time.  I want to go on a family vacation this summer to an amusement park but don't feel like I will be able to do it! i hate hyperemesis today!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Breast Feeding......

Who has not heard about this?  It is all over the internet, facebook, and the news.  What was TIME magazine thinking?  Seriously?  I am a BIG supporter of breast feeding and breast feeding as long as the child wants to.  I admit my first child was not breast fed at all, she was in nicu when she was born and had a feeding tube and then to bottles, my milk never came in and breast feeding was too stressful with everything going on.  Did I feel bad?  Yes, I felt like a failure as a parent.  I no longer feel that way and feel if you can't and don't want to breast feed you should not feel pressured or look down upon.  It is every womans personal decision.  My second child nursed for maybe 3 months and she did NOT like it!  She was so hungry and  BIG she needed more then I could give her, she loved her bottle and formula, and I was happy not to be nursing every hour all night and day!  Then came baby number 3, she loved nursing!  She was so good at it, well we both were and it was a great bonding experience.  I nursed her until she was over 2 years old.  The only reason I stopped nursing was because I got pregnant with baby #4 and did not feel like all the drugs like zofran were safe for her or I would still be nursing.  I think it is a mothers right to choose.

This picture is GROSS!  Who breast feeds a child like that?  No one I know puts their child on a chair then on their boob!  Really?  Breast feeding is a private thing and anyone who believes in breast feeding a toddler does not do it that way!  And of course lets be stereotypical ( I know this was TIME magazine trying to sale magazines, and I am sure this lady is a great mom, and I know nothing about her and am not trying to judge her...I have no right) and get a 100 pound, white woman, with blond hair, and blue eyes!  Barbie was available for the photo shoot!   Does she really seem that attached to her son in this photo?  Can they do a better cover photo of the truth and love behind breast feeding!  Breast feeding is not a job it is a loving experience between mother and child, I do not see that in this picture!

I have not read the article but it is on Attachment parent, something I try to raise my child by, they believe in co-sleeping (another thing I am a huge fan of), and other attachment parenting practices. I love attachment parenting!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

22 weeks

Well it feels weird not blogging all the time about how I am dying!  Life has finally seemed to come back together, and I am busy!  I even walked around Target with the kids by myself yesterday!  And I am happy to announce that after 22 weeks after constipation it has finally gotten better without needing meds!  What a nightmare that was.  I still suffer from headaches more often then I would like, and still have to eat a ton every 2 hours or my blood sugar goes crazy and and I get dizzy and throw up!

I am happy hyperemesis is behind me and hope for an easy, fast, cool, summer! I can not belive I surived 22 weeks of hyperenesis!!!!  I know the 22 weeks that I was so sick I swore I would never do it agin.  But time is a funny thing and I have to admit I did tell my hubby 22 weeks was not so long for the reward you get, I think I could do it again!  Yes, something is wrong with me and I might need to see a therapist :)   Will this be the last hyperemesis baby for us?

I will keep the blog updated weekly!  And post baby pictures when out little boy arrives!  Thanks again for all the the love, support, and prayers!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Friday, May 4, 2012

21 weeks and 2 days!

First of all don't ask me what my 2 year old is wearing, she is going through a horrible stage of like 5 outfits a day and picking things out herself (she did not go out in public in that outfit)!  My 5 year old took the picture :)  I was trying to show how BIG my belly is!  I wore this outfit the day I delivered  my first baby and I do not think it is going to fit more then 2 more weeks!  I am huge, look at that belly!  I am totally freaked out about gaining too much weight and having to lose it after the baby is born.  But I talked to a good friend today, Marcy and she assured me to stop stressing and enjoy the pregnancy and not to worry about what I ate and the weight will come off in a few years.  She made me feel better and I needed that talk!  Because I feel FAT!

I went to a brunch at my daughters school today for PTO and I was talking to one of the teachers about it being a boy and a couple of the parents said, "You are pregnant?"  That kinda made me feel good but did they think I was just FAT? HMMMMMMMMMMM....................

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ultra Sound #3

So tonight was the big ultrasound to see if I still have placenta previa or not and if I had to go on bedrest.  Good news is I do NOT have placenta previa (no restrictions, no bed rest), I do have a low lining placenta, it is 1.50 centimeters from my cervix.  This really is good news, the placents is not where it is suppose to be but it is not over my cervix.  I will have to have 1 or 2 more ultrasounds to make sure it does not go back over my cervix.  As of right now I will be able to deliver naturally!  YA!

The baby is still a BOY and proud :)  He was moving all of the place and at one point he did a summer sault and I jumped and the ultrasound lady and my husband both jumped.  Everything looked great on the baby!  She could not get the left side of the heart because the baby was laying on that side and Brad thought it meant something was wrong, but it jsut meant they could not see it, so we might have to go in and do an ultrasound for the heart.

Then we saw the doctor and she was happy to see me with no tubes.  I gained a ton of weight!  Like 15 pounds in 4 weeks!  I am at the weight I was when I got pregnant.  So at 21 weeks I am where I started.  I told her I have to eat every 2 hours or I get really sick  and I am going to weigh 500 pounds!  She said I starved my body for 20 weeks and it is afraid it will happen again and my sugar levels are all over the place and I need to eat when my body tells me to and never-mind the weight gain.....that is easier said then done!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

21 weeks tomorrow!

I wish I could report hyperemesis has left me completely but I have to admit Sunday night I was yelling for the barf bowl and laid in fetal position before I fell asleep for a good 4 hours with the room spinning.  Today has been a bad day all day and have literally been in my chair 95% of the day.  My hubby called to check in with me and I was whining and complaining that my day was so bad and he said to stop, at least I do not have a picc line or on zofran.  He is right but I do NOT feel good!  I want to be better, I know I am better then weeks ago but I am still not myself.  Will the effects of hyperemesis ever leave me?