Saturday, September 22, 2012

Birth Story

I want to start off by saying I am so lucky that I had the doctor that I had who delivered the baby.  Any other doctor would have gave up and did a c-section and my doctor stayed until 10:30pm (she was off at 7pm) to deliver my baby and help me have him vaginally!  I am so thankful for her and my many blessings.
My husband is a big indy race car fan so we hung it up.  The little yellow cars had all of our names on it.  Baby Evan was the driver of the big car! 

Monday morning my mom showed up at my house at 6:45am.  I think I had been up all night nervous!  Brad (the hubby) and I left at 7:10am for the hospital.  Lizzie (our 8 year old) was awake when we left and excited to see her new brother after school (or so she thought).

Brad and I went to the hospital and checked in.  We had a nice big room and a great nurse, who had been a I think nurse for 13 years, but only 3 months as an ob nurse (so she was in training).  She was really great!  She got my IV on the first try (which is rare), checked me and I was 1.5 centimeters dilated, and the baby was still at -3 station (VERY high).  They decided they could start pitocin and at 10:30am pitocin was finally started (pharmacy was running slow).
Waiting for pitocin!

My mom took the 2 oldest girls to school and Maddie (our 2 year old)to a friend’s house for the day (I was nervous about this because we have never left Maddie anywhere.  But she did great and our wonderful friend Lisa sent pictures to my mom all day on her cell phone of Maddie having fun). Then around 11am my dad and mom came to the hospital.

The doctor came in and I asked her when I can get the epidural, she said whenever I wanted too, she expected with baby number 4 I would go quick and fast with the pitocin.  I wanted to wait until I was in a good amount of pain, but the nurse told me 4 people were lined up for the anesthesiologist and he was next door so I could be next if I wanted.  I was not sure but after some pressure from the hubby and parents and the pitocin kicking in VERY fast I was in some pain I decided to do it.
Me with pitocin before the epidural, last picture before birth because i was in so much pain.  Should have taken more pictures!

They told my hubby and parents the epidural would take 20 minutes and to go to the waiting room and come back in 20 (I hate not having my hubby with me).  The anesthesiologist who did not speak English very well was not so great.  I kept telling him it hurt while he was doing it (my other ones did not hurt with the other 3 kids).  He called me a baby and told me “no pain no gain”!  He clearly did not know the hell I had been through with hyperemesis with this baby!  He left the room.  At about 20 minutes I told the nurse who was the only one in the room I felt really funny.  She said describe it and I said I couldn’t, I just did not feel right.  Then the heart monitor thing stared beeping and my heart rate was 184 bpm…..really high, she called for another nurse and the anesthesiologist to come back.  My hubby walked in and they asked him to go back to the waiting room (he was trying to ask questions and no one would answer him).  The room was now spinning, I started gagging and trying to throw up, I remember them telling me to cough (I have no idea why). They rolled me on to my left side and my heart rate settled, I said something was still wrong and my blood pressure dropped 80/30.  They said I passed out at that point but I just remember the room being foggy.  It was a full hour until everything got calmed down and they let my family back in.  I really felt like I was going to die, it was the weirdest experience I have ever had. My mom said she knew something was wrong in the waiting room when no one was coming out to update them and it was taking so long.  Brad was not a happy camper about not knowing what was going on.  I never really recovered from this point forward.

An hour later (about 1pm) I was a 4 centimeters and stuck there until 6pm…..not dilating at all!   I felt every contraction.  The epidural did not work at all, I was numb from the thighs to my toes.  And not numb from my hips to my chest.   But having my legs and toes numb did not help anything. What a waste!
My dad sleeping since I was not into playing cards like I usually am when I am in labor, I was in so much pain!  My dad got a good 2 hour nap though :)

At 5pm Brad went home and got the girls dinner, played with them and hung out.  My moms friend Kathye now had all 3 girls at our house (she picked up the 2 oldest from school) and was planning on spending the night with them.  Huge thanks to her also!  Her husband brought over ice cream, pop corn and cookies!  YUMMY!

 Then I made it to a 10 centimeters at 8pm.  But the baby was still a -3 station.  This is not a good thing.  You cannot push a baby out who is not against your cervix.  They pushed on my belly (the epidural  is still not working).  I pushed for almost 3 hours.  The baby was sunny side up.  3 of my kids have now been the wrong way.  The doctor said it was due to the shape of my pelvis.  She kept spraying soap up inside of me trying to make the baby slippery to turn him.  Bubbles everywhere……weird place for bubbles to be coming out!  No luck, so the doctor told the nurse to flip me to the side and try to push and left the room (I did not know at the time but she left the room to schedule the operating room for my c-section…..if the baby did not flip he could not make it through my pelvis sunny side up).  The doctor came back and flipped me back onto my back, and he was now sideways, not sunny side up, but not looking down either.  She said she thought he just might make it through!  We pushed another 20 minutes and out came Evan at 10:27pm!

Notice football in the background

He looked so small……everyone guessed he was 8 pounds (yes that is small for my kids)………..everyone was wrong 9 pounds 9 ounces, 21 inches!  I knew he was big!  He was perfect but because of his large size he needed blood sugar levels checked every 4 hours for 24 hours, he did not like this.

My dad went home around 11:30pm and my mom went to my house to stay with the 3 girls at 11:30pm.  She would bring the girls back in the morning at 9am and my dad came back at 7am to be with the baby.  The girls were so excited to see their brother and stayed at the hospital most of the day until dinner to go home and take a break and come back later with their cousins to visit.  Maddie was happy to her mommy!
He is as big as my 5 year old!

3 proud sisters!

2 excited cousins, Livi asked me if it hurt, I thought that was a cute question :)

Maddie cried leaving mommy that night and cried all the way home.  My mom stayed at the hospital all night with me because when they took the baby to the nursery for all the different tests I wanted someone with him (I do not like my baby out of my sight or my parents). 

We were discharged at 11am Wed morning! YA! 

He did not like his ride home!

Nursing has been a breeze, easiest one yet, no sore nipples!  He is a big eater!  I am not sore in the vagina area at all!  I even had stitches from natural tearing, 2nd degree whatever that means. No pain at all.  No hemorrhoids, another first ever!  Going to the bathroom has been so easy too!

But let me tell you the contractions from my uterus has been the worse ever, I am taking Tylenol, motrin, and percocet with no relief.  When I nurse the contractions are so bad I cry.  It hurts!  My stomach is still HUGE, with the girls I could wear none maternity clothes within a day, I am still in maternity clothes and I am devastated!  What if my belly never goes down???

That is the story of Evans birth!

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