Thursday, October 29, 2009

Madelyn Francis Stevens

Quick update until I have more time for details:

Birthday - October 28th, Wednesday at 12:47am

Weight - 8 pounds 11 smallest baby

Height - 22 inches longest baby

Not sure who she looks like, she has dark blue eyes but i think they will turn brown. She does not have red hair, it is very dark, but not a lot of it. She is very beautiful and perfect!

I was induced at 7:30am on Tuesday and was in labor until 12:47 the next day, I pushed for 2 hours with nothing and they decided to use the vacuum because she was stuck, sure enough she was sunny side up. She has a nice mark on her head from the vacuum.

After birth I hemorrhaged for a few hours and almost had to go to ICU. We didn't leave the delivery room until 4am due to trying to get the bleeding to stop.

Baby had to stay for 36 hours due to the beta strep b, thank goodness she has no signs of it, I did get 3 bags of antibiotics during labor. She is completely healthy.

More info later..........

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Roumbaniseses said...

Thanks for the update. Glad you both are ok. You sure make some nice sized babies :)

Much love,