Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday...39.5 weeks..or close enough

Well woke up this morning and I was bleeding, and the electricity was out. I called Brad at work and said I thought we should go to the hospital. We took the kids to Angee's.....Thank you so much Angee!!!!!!!!! Went to the hospital, took forever to get there with the flooding on the freeways. They kept me forever it felt like. We found out:

1. My fluid is a little low it is a 9 it should be between a 10 and 20. I get retested Monday. It was like a 15 I think a few weeks ago.

2. The baby's heart rate was very jumpy...I think she was just moving around a lot.

3. It is a girl....Brad asked when they did the ultrasound.

4. I am bleeding but it is normal it means I could be starting labor. The nurse said within 48 hours, the doctor said with in the week. I still think HAlloween!

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