Tuesday, August 21, 2012

37 Weeks!

Doctors appointment today:

The doctor I saw I have never seen before but he prescribed all my picc line and home healthcare.  He managed all my hyperemesis issues though I have never met him.  My home healthcare nurse use to work with him and would tell me how good looking he was!  WELL SHE WAS RIGHT!  Nothing better then a HOT doctor!


C-Section was cancelled, I could not believe it when they did another ultrasound today (how many is that now 10?). Sunday night I thought I was having contractions really bad I described it to my hubby as really bad cramps, at one point we thought we should go to the hospital but I decided to wait it out.  I think that was the baby turning.

Everything else looked great blood pressure 110/70.....gained 2 pounds (I had just eaten though).

So now what will this baby be 2 weeks late like that last 3? Excited I do not have to have a c-section, not excited about not knowing when the baby will come!

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Marcy said...

You look fantastic!