Friday, February 27, 2009

Feb 23, 09

Feb 23, 09

Well we have had a crazy month. My last period was Jan 6th but I have yet to start my period. We went to the doctors last Wednesday the 18th and had an ultrasound, the doctor could not see anything in the I had to do blood work every 48 hours to watch my hormone levels. This was the e-mail I sent out to my friends last night:

Well, I think you are the only people that know what has been going on so I wanted
to give an update. The phone rang tonight and I didn't recognize the number so I let it go to voice mail..the message said it was my doctor and she had the results of the tests and I could call the office tomorrow and get them. I didn't think so! I had to wait another 12+ hours! I have waited all weekend..stressed out of my mind! So I called her back (the number was on caller ID). She said the blood work Wednesday was normal the hgc level (I think that's what it is called) then doubled on friday therefore I was definitely pregnant and everything looked good. She said the reason we couldn't see anything on the ultra sound was probably due to being very early, and that I was "Off" in January. I have an ultrasound on the 4th to see how far I am and my due date. I am not yet sick therefore another sign I am very early. I am very worried about being sick..fingers crossed! I am very nervous and won't be excited until the 4th when I see the ultrasound. Thank you for everyone's thoughts and prayers..I have not told the girls and anyone else who isn't in this e-mail...if on the 4th is good news I will share the news with everyone! Thanks again :) - Sarah

So, I am pregnant..YA! Something weird must have happened in January, like a late ovulation or maybe I ovulated twice? I don't really know. Brad and I were excited last night and we stayed up until 11pm reading our scriptures and talking about baby names. We will never be able to agree! He wants Daniel and I want Evan! I went to bed feeling great and then...It hit me somewhere between 1am & 3am until 9am! I thought I was going to die, I laid in the shower for hours, cried on the bathroom floor, I told Brad this was a bad idea! We should have thought harder about this. He replies, "We prayed about this, and this is what the Lord wanted us to do...therefore it will be fine!" Well I told him he was wrong as now I was crying so hard I was making myself even more nauseated! I really can't do this, I really don't want to do this. He was going to stay home today but then realized he had to pick a DVD player up for a friend (now this is a good friend and she would have totally understood if she didn't get the DVD player today), but he thought it was important and I was so tired I was ready for him to leave so I could get some air (he was hovering!). He left for work and I got a few hours of sleep. Then my life saver called, we will call her Lisa and came over and got the kids, they have not eaten, hair combed, or even clothes changed, and she came in grabbed diapers and a change for Emmie (Lizzie is just going to stay in the same outfit for 9 is her favorite don't laugh when you see my kids and they are always in the same clothes). Thank goodness for Lisa, but not only Lisa I have had so many offers from friends to help it has been so wonderful, I didn't have much help when Lizzie was at home and I was sick with Emmie. I will for sure take everyone up for help! Thank you for thoughts and prayers also. So I called the doctor and they put me to an advice nurse, she suggested I be admitted as soon as possible to the hospital before it gets out of control...I have to admit I was not very nice and I told her I am NOT going to the hospital I have 2 small children...I want to see my doctor, and I want home health care! She wasn't sure that was an option, and I told her I see my doctor or I find a new one (which will be an issue because I have called every OBGYN in the phone book and NONE will do home health care they want hospitalization!), so I see the doctor at 3:30pm but I have a call into my doctor I had with Emmie and if I have to I guess I will drive an hour each way to see him, he does home health care! So now I am laying in bed sick, and there is nothing on TV, and I am afraid to walk down stairs because I am weak, but I have the phone and computer! Brad will be home at 3pm (with the DVD...LOL)and to the doctors we go, if I get put in the hospital I will be so MAD! Luckily I am not throwing up though, I too will make it through this!

All right it is now 1:49pm and i am feeling human again! I took a shower (I no longer smell like throw-up!) and I am going to make it down stairs! I was able to talk to my girls on the phone..which was great and they are coming home to hang out with me (until I am sick again)...with the other 2 kids I was sick all day without a break...this break is kind of nice...even if it doesn't last long :) Off to Doctors at 3:30pm!

It is now 5:30pm and I went to the doctors. She is prescribing home health care which should take place by Wednesday. Until then she prescribed zofran dissolves. Brad is going to pick them up. They did another ultrasound and the baby has doubled in size since last Wednesday but is still "un-measurable" meaning they do not know how far along I am. I go in for another ultrasound next Tuesday and hopefully they will be able to measure the baby. I am still a little nervous about the baby's size but she said there is no need to worry. I hope it all goes well. I am starting to feel nauseous again but hopefully the medicine will help. Thanks a ton to Lisa for having the kids basically all day and letting them jump on the trampoline while it was wet, the kids are still talking about how fun it was! And the hair is adorable! Thanks for everyone's e-mails thoughts and prayers!

Guess how much money 20 zofran pills cost?


The answer tomorrow!

Also I lost 3 pounds since Wednesday!

I took my zofran pills tonight and I feel even better then I did this afternoon! Tomorrow night Brad and I are going on a date, and I really want to go, so these pills need to last until tomorrow night!

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