Friday, February 27, 2009

Feb 24, 09 & Feb 25, 2009

Feb 25, 2009

Not feeling so great today, waiting for zofran to kick in! Home Healthcare did call and they are just waiting for a call back from the insurance company. So, hopefully when or if the point comes when I need IV's it will be all ready to go.

I am having an OK day, constant headache but I can handle that. We saw Brads parents for lunch today (his dad's birthday), we told them the exciting news. His dad said, "Oh No!", and nothing else! No congrats...nothing! It hurt me feelings! Luckily I am already over it :) Did you know you can listen to the scriptures being read to you on-line? I am so excited, we listen to 1 Nephi Chapter 13 in bed last night. It was great!

We had tacos for dinner tonight, and they tasted good, I am waiting for my next dose of zofran (I sound like an addict!). I am now going to take a nice bath while Brad watches the kids and get a good night sleep! There was no HOT water, the doctor said I could only take 15 minute baths, and it took 15 minutes to get hot water....NOT FAIR!!!!!!!

Feb 24th, 09....Well I love Zofran! I took it last night and this morning and it helps from the room spinning in circles really fast to the room spinning in circles really slowly! The warning on the pill's say: This can make you dizzy! What is the difference between nauseous and dizzy? Anyways hopefully I will get a good week out of slowly spinning until it gets worse (since the hormone levels double every 48 hours, every 48 hours is different for me). But today will be a good day..I have decided! I would like to go see my grandparents and do a few errands and go out with Brad tonight. Lets keep our fingers crossed! The answer to the question yesterday was "D" can you believe that!Thanks for all the uplifting e-mails and offers for help :)

I made it to Sallys Beauty Supply and felt great, then went to Target and did not feel so great. Then went to visit Grandma and Grandpa and go to music time, which wasn't so bad. Then Brad and I went to dinner at Outback, walked around Walgreens (to find a birthday card for his dad), got gas, and went and picked up the girls. Thank you so much Wangsgard Family for watching the girls (even if Emmie was afraid of Bishop Wangsgard), it was great to get out just Brad and me! I went to sleep by 8pm and woke up at 3am not feeling good, I went back to bed at 5:22am until 8am!

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