Friday, February 27, 2009

Feb 26, 09

Feb 26, 09

It started got rough! I got up at 7:51am, got the kids dressed, then it hit! Like a big thunder storm in Ohio! I kinda made it down the stairs and laid on the floor for 30 minutes, Liz kept asking what was wrong and I told her I was resting. She went and got the phone for me and I called Lisa and she came and finished getting everything together and the kids fed and to preschool. The zofran finally kicked in at 9:30ish, and I felt human again. That's why I need the pump, so I am never off zofran, it is constantly pumped into my body. I am not dehydrated and keeping liquids down (unlike the 2 other pregnancies), so I am hoping this baby will be much easier....I can handle "Morning Sickness!" I can also handle no IV's!

Then I made a few bows with a friend, had soup for lunch, and have taken it easy the rest of the afternoon.

I slept most of the afternoon, and Brad brought pizza home for dinner so I didn't have to cook, I laid in the chair all evening. I have not felt so great. Then at 10pm I think my hormones were off...I am not the crying type, most of my friends can say they have never seen me cry, my hubby even tease me that I am not sensitive enough...(he cries more then me...movies make him cry!) So, I did a good cry last night (it had to be hormones!), I was crying about how much I miss my grandfather. He is still alive but with major brain damage, I miss that I will never have an adult conversation with him, I miss that I can't call and talk to him whenever I want, I miss that I am not his little girl but one of his care takers, I miss that sometimes he can't remember my girls names, I miss when I look in his eyes he is no longer there. It is just so hard to see him in the state he is in, I wish when I was a child I would have taken in every word he said, spent more time with him (though I did see him all the time), I wish I would have realized when I was young it would be gone so quickly. Not sure if any of that make's sense, but thats how I feel.

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