Sunday, June 7, 2009

20 weeks and 1 day...hugging the toliet

Yesterday was brad's and mine 6 year Anniversary! We hung out with the kids and I made a yummy rib dinner (first time I made ribs, they were great). I love being married to the love of my life, I am glad we have eternity together. I told him I have been pregnant for 3 of our 6 Anniversary’s! I also said we are half way to our half a dozen kids...HA HA HA!

Yesterday was a great day but today not so great. I woke up at 7am with a really bad headache. I knew hugging the toilet was coming next, around 9am it hit and the toilet and i were old friends again, out came the stomach lining. WHY???? I just don't get it, what cause these ups and downs? I went to church and felt great, lasted all 3 hours and never really felt sick. Then I came home, brad made dinner and I threw up dinner. I don't get it!!!! So, i have been down all night, hopefully this week will be better my baby turns 5!

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