Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday June 28th............ 24 weeks!!!!!!!! yA!!!!!!!!!!

So I have about 15 weeks left, I am so excited. I go to the doctors in a week (hopefully not 10 pounds worth of weight gain). I am starting to think about all the things I need for when the baby comes home, a carseat (should I go pink or go something for boy or girl so if the next baby is a boy?......Brad had no opinion on this), bottles (I think I am going to use the ones with a bag in them like I did for the last 2), bags for the bottles, pacifiers (I sure hope the baby uses them), diapers, thermometer (can you believe I don't own one), pads, pads, and more pads (the joys of child birth). That is what comes to mind, I need to go through baby clothes and see what I have and don't have, I am thinking I should be good though. I know I have the bassinet, and blankets. I don't use a swing with my baby's, and I have a high chair. They give you a like 3 diaper bags in the hospital so that should be good. I never know when to start buying stuff, I am kind of superstitious and don't like to buy anything until 2 weeks before, but I really want to be prepared. We will see. I also need to get a gift from the baby to the girls and from the girls to the baby (we did this when Emmie was born and it was great).

No news on the name front, I am about 80% sure it will be Madelyn.

As far as throwing up goes I still do it once a week. This last week was really bad, I didn't have time to get anywhere and I didn't have a bowl, so I empty the trash can out (all over the floor) and throw up in it. It was a small 4 QT trash and I hadn't eaten a lot that day because I wasn't feeling great, and I easily filled up over 3 Qt, it was so gross, the worse yet...I swear! 3 QT's thats a lot.

I get tired easily from walking a lot, we went to the mall yesterday and I had to keep sitting down to take a break. I am so not use to that.

But overall I am doing great and hanging in there!

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