Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday the 24th...23 weeks and 4 days!

I am currently at the point where I am ready to have the baby. I want to see and hold the baby so bad. I am done with being pregnant. Even though I am not currently sick I still hate being pregnant. My feet hurt, my back hurt, I am always hungry or tired, but can't slept. I am done with this pregnant I wish I was a woman who enjoyed being pregnant. I am getting big in the tummy area and trying not to let it drive me crazy. I wore a shirt the other day that no longer fits, and it was the same shirt I wore the day I went to the hospital to have my first daughter, and it was loose then (and I was 9 months pregnant). To show how big I am compared to the last 2 little ones.

Thinking of little ones my oldest is now starting to read. I can't believe it, she is sounding out words, she read a book last night (all the words were no larger then 3 letters) and she could read it. She is getting so big. Also she swam for the first time across a pool without help or water wings. I am not sure I would call it swimming but she can doggie paddle, now I don't have to worry as much about her around water (she still loves her water wings though).

We still have no name for the baby but we are concentrating on 3 names:

Amanda....Mandie (this was a new one)

I still like McKenzie...Kenzie
or Rebekka.....Bekkie

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