Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday June 9th...I am 22 weeks and 3 days..I think

Well a busy week last week my dad and his mom (my grandma and the girls great grandma) came to visit for a week. It was very nice and we were very busy, I think I walked 5 miles a day....and still managed to gain weight..HA HA HA. My oldest baby girl turned 5 and we had lots of fun with 2 birthday party's. I am feeling well, mornings are still hard, I am nauseous until about noon, then fine the rest of the day. I am nauseous if I eat and I am nauseous if I don't eat, so confused! I can't wait to see the baby and hold her. She still needs a name, i am thinking it is going to be Madelyn. We will see!

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