Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Well last night I decided I needed to start exercising so I walked with Brad and the girls 1.5 miles and felt good, we did it again today and it felt good. Hopefully we will keep it up. Brad's goal is to weigh less then me, I will hurt him if that ever happens..HA HA HA! He wants to run in a marathon the week before the baby is due! He has been running like crazy, his weight loss goes straight to my weight gain! I know I am pregnant and suppose to gain weight, but the more weight you gain the more you have to lose after you have the baby. I gained 15 pounds before I got pregnant expecting to lose at least 25 pounds like I did with the other kids. I have only lost 17 pounds so I am right where I should have been, then I gained the 8 pounds so now I think I am 8 pounds over. I know pregnant woman should gain about 25 pounds, but that is way too much for me! Am I the only pregnant woman that worries about this or am I nuts?

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