Monday, August 24, 2009

In my 33rd week!

Family picture...AND YES I am in my 33rd week in this picture!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!

Well, I can't believe the time is coming closer and closer. I have been having contractions off and on especially in my lower back. This baby needs to stay in a few more weeks! But, I have faith it will stay in (probably past my due date).

I have been so blessed with this pregnancy with all the help I have had from family and friends. Thank you so much to everyone. Hyperemesis luckily in my case seemed to go away around the half way point and though I have had small ups and downs since the half way point I feel so very blessed that I did not have to struggle with hyperemesis the whole 40 weeks. There are many women out there that struggle for 40 weeks and even after they deliver. There are also many woman whose hyperemesis is so much more extreme that what I experienced. I want those woman to know that they can do it and God is with them. God does not give us anything that we can not handle. My prayers are with you woman, stay strong!

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