Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Well yesterday and today I have not felt so good. Nothing particular just yucky feeling. I think it is part of the 3rd trimester "joys". I can't sleep, I have heart burn at night. I have RLS for 3 hours before I go to sleep, pregnancy = not so fun! I am nauseous in the morning from not eating all night. The low carbs is still helping though :) I feel huge and when the baby starts kicking it hurts so bad, but still so cool to feel the baby moving inside of me.

I went through all of the baby clothes, 4 big boxes! I washed 8 loads of baby clothes (I think 6 of them were all pink)! The baby has 75 (not joking) outfits from ages 0-6 months...she will never wear all of them! 25 pairs of Pj's, and tons of blankets and burp rags. I kept everything from the last 2 girls. I just don't have enough closet space! I was hoping the 3 girls could share 2 dressers, but I am not so sure that is going to work out. But, everything is washed, cleaned, and folded and ready to go for baby. All I need is diapers and a lot of them! I feel very prepared which keeps me not stressed out! Bassinet is up and ready to go also! PREPARED!

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