Monday, August 10, 2009

30 weeks and 3 days! So, about 9 weeks left!

Overall I have felt well. The low-carb diet is working great but still has a few ups and downs. I had a caramel apple Saturday and I throw up a whole bunch. I guess too many carbs? I don't know. It is hard when I am out running around to grab something to eat, the only thing I can get at fast food is a salad, and you can't eat that in the car while driving. Taco Bell you can get a hard shell taco, and it only has 12 grams of carbs. The car broke down this week-end and luckily Kevin was able to fix it, thank you Kevin. Went back to school shopping and got Lizzie 2 new pairs of jeans (15.00 for both), and socks. Now, all she needs is shoes but I can't find any that I like for the right price. I have been doing a little shopping for baby #3. So far I have bottles, nipples, bag for bottles, pacifiers, and wipes. This week-end we are going through baby clothes and blankets. I think the only thing we really need now is a car seat (oh and a baby name!).

***So, I am going through a funny baby stage wanting to make sure everything is ready. So...Brad got out the 3 boxes of baby clothes out we have in the garage, I have so many clothes! I am trying to wash them all but it might take me all week! We got the swing, and high chair out and cleaned. It feels so weird! I don't know why? Well, we seem to have everything pretty set :)

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