Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Close enough to 32 weeks.....8 weeks left!

Today was my doctors appointment, and I gained 1 pound...YA (I was afraid I gained 5)! My blood pressure was under 100 again, CRAZY! I felt really sick at the doctors because they were running a little bit late and I didn't have anything to eat and I thought I was going to pass out, that is the worse thing about being hypoglycemic, is remembering to always have a piece of fruit with you! I was not impressed with the doctor (I have never seen her before), she came in sat down and said, "I looked over your chart and would like to know how you are going to prevent another pregnancy". Like it is any of her business! I am how old? Happily Married with 3 kids! If I want another one in 6 months whose choice is that? (not that I do). I was not feeling good so I told her I was not worried about it, and she wanted to give me some pamphlets! I told her "No Thank-You!" She told me to take them and look them over I didn't have to decide today. I told her to keep the pamphlets, I was not interested. Drove me crazy! It didn't help I was not feeling well, but come on, I still have 8 weeks! I am not making any decisions with her today! And NO Pamphlets! But, besides that the baby sounded good and everything else was fine!

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