Thursday, July 5, 2012

I can NOT do this for 10 more weeks!

Happy 30 weeks, and I am DONE!  I can NOT stand it anymore!  I hate being pregnant!  I have 4 huge issues:

1. - I am so big and uncomfortable I can NOT sleep!  No matter how many pillows I do or do not use, or body pillows, and which side I lay on it is so uncomfortable!  Last night I laid in bed, on the coach, in my chair, on the floor!  No relief anywhere!  I just want to sleep!  If I can not sleep I want to be up holding my new born baby boy!

2. I am so HOT! HOT is an understatement!  I am NOT a hot person, I never sweat and I am so sweaty all the time!  Like ring out clothes sweaty!  Nothing cools me down!  I have 3 fans on me, the air on 72, and sitting over the vent for the air conditioner and I am still HOT!  This has never happened to me before!  I am so HOT it is painful!

3.  Sugar Spells!  I am getting huge, and I hate it!  Just not my belly but everywhere.  I want to eat less and healthier but my body freaks out on me when I am not eating 6 full course meals a day!  I had a bad spell today because I only ate a bowl of cheerios and pb sandwich before 11am.  I see stars, get dizzy, and throw up, then I am too sick to eat!  It is such a horrible cycle!  I am so tire of eating!  Tired of getting FAT!  Tired of the spells!

4.  Due to the baby being breach his head is in my rib cage and lungs and half the time I feel like I can not breathe!

I can NOT last 10 more weeks!  I am so cranky!

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Marcy said...

Hang in there, girl. You can do it, and then you will be able to hold that sweet little boy and it will all be worth it.