Sunday, July 29, 2012

Baby Shower

Like the sports theme?  My hubby is a huge sports NUT!  This cake was awesome!  A lady my mom works with made it!

This was awesome, baby in a cradle made by Kathye Schaffer!  My hubby is loving all the left over fruit!  I think my 2 youngest daughters ate all the strawberries at the shower!

Before the shower!  My 3 girls!

Who could make the best baby out of play-dough by Lisa Kay!

My big belly and my oldest daughter not so happy!  Notice the blue neck-less on my youngest daughter that I made for all the girls that say, Its a boy!

Treat bags for everyone by Lisa Kay that say, SARAH IS GOING TO POP!
My mom and 3 of her friends through me a baby shower on Saturday (Lisa, Karen, and Kathye).  It was so great and wonderful.  We had 40 people!  WOW!  You should have seen how long it took to open gifts (not really my 3 girls went to town opening gifts.....ha ha ha)!  Baby Evan has a ton of cool boy clothes and will not have to worry about wearing pink!

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Marcy said...

Super cute decorations, food and game!