Thursday, July 12, 2012

31 weeks!

That technically means 8 weeks left (since the baby WILL be a week early)!  HA HA HA!  The heat has gone down this week so I am happy to report I am not as HOT!  I go to the doctors in one week for my 32 week check up and we have our hospital tour!

Worst part of this week:  My hips are killing me!  I have NEVER had hip pain before!  I can not walk far with out wanting to cry.  I lay in bed a lot and when people call and my daughter answers the phone and people ask for me she tells them I am in bed, people must think I am LAZY!  The baby is still breach!

Best part of the week: I went and had a pregnancy massage done, and it felt so good except I did a deep tissue massage and my poor shoulders hurt for 2 days after.  But it was nice and relaxing. I realized how blessed I was to be sick while the kids were in school in Jan-June because I am loving be able to stay busy with the girls this summer and not have to sit home with a picc line!  A picc line and swimming would not go hand in hand!

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