Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Happy BIG 33 weeks!

I have gained 14 pounds and look like I have gained 100! I am so BIG! This shirt fit me the day I delivered Lizzie my 8 year old! I can not believe how differently I am carrying this boy!

I still have no stretch marks but worry about them and worried about having extra skin after the baby is born! Why is pregnancy so hard on a woman's body?

My husband and I went and saw the movie, "What to expect when your expecting", it was not all that great but the funniest part was the debate Cameron Diaz and her boyfriend were having on circumcision!  It was great!  She asked him if she got the video she sent him and his response hilarious!  He is for circumcision and she is against it, it is great!  Then she says she is going to name the baby Jackson (the name I love), and he says no way!  Then they end up having the baby and it is a girl!  I have dreams all the time the baby is a girl!  CRAZY!  

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