Monday, July 27, 2009

A bunch of thoughts...................28 weeks and 2 days

Well I am so done with being pregnant! I am nauseous now from the time I get up until about noon then again all evening! It is just not fair!!!!! I feel like I never feel good. Went to church yesterday and the first hour I thought the world was ending. Then grandma decided she needed to go to Urgent care because of chest pains, I then sat in urgent care for 2 hours, I think the doctor there thought I was sicker then grandma. Grandma is fine, then I came home and slept for a while, ate some dinner and laid back down all evening. How much longer can I do this? Brad says this is pay back for complaining about weight gain. I wore regular clothes to church yesterday instead of maternity. I go to the doctors today, not that they will be able to change how I feel.

I am back from the doctors, and what a bad appointment (it could be worse). They got my glucose test results back, thank goodness I don't have to do the 3 hour glucose test, I do not have gestational diabetes. I do however have the opposite, I have hyperglycemia. This is most likely what has been making me sick and not feel good. The doctor wants me to cut out carbs as much as possible and eat more small snacks a day. Which means meat, eggs, and vegies. I am so a pasta, bread, grain person! It would make sense why I haven't felt good because I have been eating a lot of carbs lately which has been making me sick. I gained another 8 pounds in 4 weeks! WOW! I sure didn't feel like I have, she said the hyperglycemia has played a role in that because my body is not processing food correctly, whatever the cause, It is still more weight I am going to have to lose after I have this baby! This also is making the baby big, the baby is measuring 2 weeks before it should, I am measuring almost 30 weeks instead of 28 weeks. She said they will not induce even if the baby is big....OH NO! So, a new diet...carb free for Sarah! I just hope it makes me feel better, it will be worth it if I can start feeling more normal!

This past week-end we took the girls to the Lake for the first time and had a great time. They are so much fun. Emmie is 100% potty trained still and never has accidents. Go Emmie. I have the craziest hot flashes ever, last night I slept with the air on high, and 2 fans pointed on me and I was still hot, I was never that way with the other 2 kids.

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