Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tuesday 26.5 weeks!

Well I haven't wrote in about a week, not because I have been sick though. I have been feeling well, I am typically always nauseous in the morning but goes away by 11am. I am assuming this is how a typical pregnant women feels in her first trimester.

I currently weigh the same amount today as the day I delivered Emmie. I am a little nervous about all this weight gain all though everyone including my husband reminds me that I am pregnant and should be gaining weight. I still don't like it, none of my maternity clothes are fitting from the last 2 pregnancies, I hate spending money on clothes just for the next 3 months but I guess I will have to, goodwill here I come!

Saturday Brad, the girls and I went to the mall.....for some reason in the middle of the trip I was not feeling good and made it trash can to trash can until we made it to the bathroom. Brad was saying, "There is not a lot of people around, if your going to do it do it now." I did not think I would ever make it to the car, I would be hot and sweaty and then freezing cold with goose bumps. We made it home and I was fine the rest of the day. I wish I knew what brought these nauseous attacks on, they are the worst! But thank goodness overall I feel well.

It was 103 F today and I am so thankful to have friends with pools, the girls and I have been spending a lot of time swimming lately.

Still no news on the name front, brad calls it Baby #3. HE was asking the baby what name she likes best and she started kicking like crazy when he said the name Mandie. We will see.

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