Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Third Trimester!

Well I am now in my 28th week, the final trimester and it has hit hard. I have extreme morning sickness once again. It started Sunday morning for about 3 hours. It happened again Monday morning. Luckily it is usually gone by 10am but I feel horrible for a good 3 hours. My hormone levels are obviously going up.

I had to do the glucose test today and i felt good this morning so I thought I would be all right. Brad met me at the lab at 10am (I could not do it without him), I brought cards so we could play games while we waited an hour. Well the cards were not needed I was so sick. I drank the sugar drink that was lemon lime, like a sugary 7-up. Drinking it was not hard at all, it is 10oz in 5 minutes. Easier then I remembered. I thought it was all down hill from there. 15 minutes after I drank it I thought the world was ending, I ran to the bathroom, tried not to get sick, and I didn't, I hate holding throw up. Came back to the waiting room, moved chairs so I could lay on the wall. Ran to the bathroom again, luckily did not throw up. I kept telling Brad I was going to die. At 11am I told the nurse they better draw my blood, it had been an hour and it is now or never. She told me I was next! 5 minutes later, I reminded her that they need to hurry (She thought I was a nut). They called my name I went to the back sat down in the blood drawing chair, the nurse asked if I was OK, I said No, I am going to throw up so you better hurry. She asked if I wanted the trash can closer and I told her it was not big enough and to hurry. As she drew the blood I throw up and held it. The needle came out and I went running. I barley made it to the toliet and it was coming out of my nose, and mouth so fast it was crazy. I think I threw up 10 minutes straight. I opened the bathroom door and Brad says, "Wow, that was a lot...I think the whole building heard you!" I drank 10 ounces and threw up what felt like 50 ounces how is that possible? We made it to the car, a block down the street to pull over to throw up again, and then again. Now we are home and I don't feel so great. What a bad day! I hope I do not have to do the 3 hour test, I will never make it!

Thank you Angee for watching the girls while I did the test, and thank you Lisa for taking the girls in the evening while I took a nap.

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