Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Still feeling good!

Well i am not sure if it is the low carb diet that is making me feel better, or that I have it in my mind that it is suppose to make me feel better. I felt great again today, even made it to church park day by 9:15am! I was never able to function that early before! I hate the diet with a passion but worth it if I feel better. I eat 1 cup (measured) of cheerios for breakfast as soon as I get up, 2 hours later a piece of fruit (Banana), for lunch I eat meat (pulled chicken) and a vegie, then a fruit smoothie for afternoon snack, and a small sensible dinner with no carbs. I have not had any throwing up, dizzy spells, or feeling like the world is ending. It has only been 2 days but I am hopeful. We even went out for ice cream last night and I got a fruit smoothie instead of a reese's sundae (my fav). Hopefully tonight will go well with french toast for dinner (I am having ham).

The kids are still doing great and wonderful, I am so blessed to have such wonderful kids. I asked Brad the other day why are kids were so great, he says it is because they are loved so much and they know it. I just love them so much and love spending all my time with them and being a stay at home mom. Lizzie is dying to start school and loves to be in the water swimming. Emmie doesn't like bugs or flies and loves her underwear! Children are just so great!

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