Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I feel good!

Well I was a grump last night, not thrilled about this lower carb diet, actually lately I feel like I am grumpy all the time, i just hate that feeling, because that is not who I am (grumpy). For dinner we had chicken parmigiana with pasta. Well, everybody but me, I had chicken parmigiana on lettuce instead of pasta. I know that doesn't sound good but it was. I had a small amount and felt good. I cheated and had 1 reese's peanut butter cup for dessert. I had a hard time falling asleep with RLS, then I fell asleep and awoke at 7am to the little ones ready to get up and play. As soon as I woke up I ate 1 cup (I even measured it) of Cheerios.....of all the cereal out there, they are one of the lower ones when it comes to carbs. Then I waited 2 hours and made a banana, strawberry, apple, yogurt smoothie....I do not like smoothies and I hate Jumba Juice...but it was not so bad and I ate all of it. It is now 10:15am and I have not been nauseous since yesterday at lunch! I am not sure what I will have for lunch, but dinner will be ham, carrots, and salad. If it makes me feel better it will be worth it. Tomorrow will be hard we are having the missionary over for dinner for french toast, and hash browns. I will have a smoothie?

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