Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tuesday...34 weeks and 4 days...so about 5 weeks left!

I got a really bad cold last Thursday. Saturday it was the worse and I really thought the world was ending. Sunday I woke up and seemed to be doing a lot better. Now it is only really bad at night. I got the cold from Lizzie and I hope Emmie and Brad will not catch it. I have been feeling good overall. Yesterday me and the girls made homemade cookies...bug mistake. I think I ate a pound of cookie dough, then went and bar-b-q at a friends house and swam...I ate 2 hot dogs with buns....so now I am way over my carb limit, then went to Chick Filet for the free chicken sandwich give away and had fries and a chicken sandwich with a soda. Well all the carbs hit last night and I was so sick! I HATE carbs and I am ready to have this baby. Luckily today I a feeling a lot better.

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