Tuesday, September 22, 2009

36.5 weeks!

Spent the day in the hospital or at least a little over 3 hours! Brad wanted me to go in last night but I wouldn't. My hands, and feet are very swollen (flip flops don't even fit) and I have had a headache since Saturday evening. My blood pressure is high again, so I went in to make sure everything was all right with the baby. I am suppose to be "Resting" but everyone knows I am no good at that. My car needs washed so when I came home I was going to wash my car, but Brad said No Way, that is how bad I am at listening to doctors! I got a lot of scripture study time in at the hospital, I am trying to read part of Isiah and he is a really hard prophet to follow, I am going to re-read it again tonight!

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