Sunday, May 20, 2012

Heather: I love you!

I do not know how people go through hard trials in their life without the love and support of friends, family, and STRANGERS!  I owe a ton of thank you's to friends and family who helped during the hardest times, my parents taking the kids all the time, and my friends in Cali calling all the time to check on me and listen to me complain, and many others.  One of my biggest supporters was a STRANGER though, she does not even live in the USA!  She lives in Scotland!  Her name is Heather, she is my support person.  She suffered through hyperemesis about 2 years ago with her first child, Joesph.  It is her mission in life to help women with hyperemesis.  She supports numerous women every day make it through another 24 hours of being sick.  She e-mails me numerous times daily and reminds me continually I can do it and it is worth it.  She sends me songs, pictures, videos, and endless e-mails.....all along while working and being a mom.  She has never given up on me and is always there for me.  She not only helps me but many others, and she becomes so attached and heart broken when woman decide on abortion over fighting hyperemesis.  I am sure due to Heather many woman have kept their baby over aborting it due to her support.  How amazing can it be, and how many of us can say, "We have saved 100's of babies life's!"  Well Heather can say, She has!  What an amazing woman and stranger in my life who has helped me and my unborn baby!  I love you Heather!

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