Friday, May 11, 2012

Breast Feeding......

Who has not heard about this?  It is all over the internet, facebook, and the news.  What was TIME magazine thinking?  Seriously?  I am a BIG supporter of breast feeding and breast feeding as long as the child wants to.  I admit my first child was not breast fed at all, she was in nicu when she was born and had a feeding tube and then to bottles, my milk never came in and breast feeding was too stressful with everything going on.  Did I feel bad?  Yes, I felt like a failure as a parent.  I no longer feel that way and feel if you can't and don't want to breast feed you should not feel pressured or look down upon.  It is every womans personal decision.  My second child nursed for maybe 3 months and she did NOT like it!  She was so hungry and  BIG she needed more then I could give her, she loved her bottle and formula, and I was happy not to be nursing every hour all night and day!  Then came baby number 3, she loved nursing!  She was so good at it, well we both were and it was a great bonding experience.  I nursed her until she was over 2 years old.  The only reason I stopped nursing was because I got pregnant with baby #4 and did not feel like all the drugs like zofran were safe for her or I would still be nursing.  I think it is a mothers right to choose.

This picture is GROSS!  Who breast feeds a child like that?  No one I know puts their child on a chair then on their boob!  Really?  Breast feeding is a private thing and anyone who believes in breast feeding a toddler does not do it that way!  And of course lets be stereotypical ( I know this was TIME magazine trying to sale magazines, and I am sure this lady is a great mom, and I know nothing about her and am not trying to judge her...I have no right) and get a 100 pound, white woman, with blond hair, and blue eyes!  Barbie was available for the photo shoot!   Does she really seem that attached to her son in this photo?  Can they do a better cover photo of the truth and love behind breast feeding!  Breast feeding is not a job it is a loving experience between mother and child, I do not see that in this picture!

I have not read the article but it is on Attachment parent, something I try to raise my child by, they believe in co-sleeping (another thing I am a huge fan of), and other attachment parenting practices. I love attachment parenting!


JLTan said...

I think Time magazine was just stirring for a reaction and hoping to sell more magazines that way.

JLTan said...

I think Time magazine was simply hoping to sell more magazines by being provocative.