Friday, May 4, 2012

21 weeks and 2 days!

First of all don't ask me what my 2 year old is wearing, she is going through a horrible stage of like 5 outfits a day and picking things out herself (she did not go out in public in that outfit)!  My 5 year old took the picture :)  I was trying to show how BIG my belly is!  I wore this outfit the day I delivered  my first baby and I do not think it is going to fit more then 2 more weeks!  I am huge, look at that belly!  I am totally freaked out about gaining too much weight and having to lose it after the baby is born.  But I talked to a good friend today, Marcy and she assured me to stop stressing and enjoy the pregnancy and not to worry about what I ate and the weight will come off in a few years.  She made me feel better and I needed that talk!  Because I feel FAT!

I went to a brunch at my daughters school today for PTO and I was talking to one of the teachers about it being a boy and a couple of the parents said, "You are pregnant?"  That kinda made me feel good but did they think I was just FAT? HMMMMMMMMMMM....................

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