Sunday, May 20, 2012

Does it ever get 100%?

Well I still have so many ups and downs!  I think how I feel right now is how a normal pregnant woman feels in her first trimester.  I will feel good and fine for hours then on a flip of a dime I feel like the world is ending.  Yesterday we went to lunch and ran errands, our last errand was to Wal Mart and I got out of the car and was sick.  My hubby wanted to take me home but we were all ready there!  I felt horrible the whole time!  I came home and rested for a few hours, felt fine and went to a birthday party at Chuck E,. Cheese, and was fine.  Went to bed fine, woke up at 5am probably the sickest I have felt in a long time, could not make it to church at 9am and finally crawled out of bed at 1pm!  Why can't I feel normal?  I am so sick of feeling great to back down again.  I know I have come a long way and I do not need IV's and tubes, but I want to be better!

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