Thursday, May 10, 2012

22 weeks

Well it feels weird not blogging all the time about how I am dying!  Life has finally seemed to come back together, and I am busy!  I even walked around Target with the kids by myself yesterday!  And I am happy to announce that after 22 weeks after constipation it has finally gotten better without needing meds!  What a nightmare that was.  I still suffer from headaches more often then I would like, and still have to eat a ton every 2 hours or my blood sugar goes crazy and and I get dizzy and throw up!

I am happy hyperemesis is behind me and hope for an easy, fast, cool, summer! I can not belive I surived 22 weeks of hyperenesis!!!!  I know the 22 weeks that I was so sick I swore I would never do it agin.  But time is a funny thing and I have to admit I did tell my hubby 22 weeks was not so long for the reward you get, I think I could do it again!  Yes, something is wrong with me and I might need to see a therapist :)   Will this be the last hyperemesis baby for us?

I will keep the blog updated weekly!  And post baby pictures when out little boy arrives!  Thanks again for all the the love, support, and prayers!

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