Friday, June 1, 2012

25 weeks and 2 days

Had anotherultrasound and doctors appointment last night, here is what we found out:

  • The baby's heart looked great!  No concerns!
  • My blood pressure was low 100/70...weird because I have been so busy!
  • My wrists are swollen....the doctor said to sleep with braces on my hand so i can not bend my wrists while I sleep.  I do not think i am going to give that a try!
  • I have gained 5 pounds since my starting weight.  He said other woman would be jealous, the problem is I was overweight when I got pregnant so it feels like I gained 25 pounds not 5 pounds!
  • I think i have decided not to do the glucose test
  • It is still a boy!
  • He is LARGE!  He is 2 inches above my belly button, and his butt is on my pelvis bone!  He is measuring 27 weeks +.......the doctor was shocked he seemed so big even when they measured my belly!  Something to keep an eye on.....maybe he will be an August baby!  I can tell you he feels big to me!  Little kicks are NOT so fun anymore!
  • Go back in 4 weeks then start every other week!

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