Sunday, June 10, 2012

26 days and 4 days

Well after yesterday's trip to the hospital I came home and had an aweful night of more cramps and pain on my left side.  I was up all night and finally at 5am I woke my husband up and said I was ready to go back to the hospital, I was in so much pain I could not stand up straight.  Something had to be wrong, I googled symptoms I was feeling and ovarian cyst and kidney stone popped up, maybe it was that but no matter what it was I thought I was going to die.  I decided to take a hot shower to see if that would help.  An hour later I was in less pain but still in pain and decided to sit in my chair for the next 2 hours in pain. 

We belong to The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and my husband holds the priesthood and can give blessings.  I asked him to give me a blessing because I did not want to go to the hospital and I did not want to be in anymore pain.  He gave me a blessing and in the blessing it said after a morning of rest I would feel better.  He took the kids to church and I rested and sure enough by noon the pain had subsided enough for us to go to my aunt and uncles for a swim party for Aunt Lila who turned 75 years old and a b-b-q!  I did not swim but I lasted the whole time without feeling overly sick!  I feel so thankful my hubby holds the priesthood and so thankful the pains have stopped!

Here is to a pain free - throw-up free week!  It is my baby's 8th birthday this week!

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