Monday, June 11, 2012

I am Huge!

This is me at 26 weeks and I am huge!  The thing that drives me crazy is when people say, "You are pregnant?"  Do they just think I am FAT? It happened 2 days in a row last week...........the dentist went to take x-rays and I said NO, she said why not and I said because I was pregnant!  She said Oh!  Look at me!  Then my daughters pediatrician said the same thing while we were doing well kids check ups!  Do I really look that Big?  Then the other day while getting ice cream a lady asked how much longer I had and I told her and she said, "WOW You are small!"  That made me feel a little better!

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Angie said...

First of all, you are NOT huge. Second, when you have boobs people don't notice the baby bump as much. They tend to mask the belly (unless you wear a shirt that is fitted to your rib cage just below them). It's just how it works. I have the same problem. A girl in my ward finally noticed that I was pregnant the other day. It's a gift, and a curse. ;)