Wednesday, June 6, 2012

26 weeks! So excited!

Well I had a bad week end but have seemed to recover!  Here is a little update on pregnancy stuff:

  • Today's is my hubby's and mine 9 year Anniversary we went out for a really nice dinner and he told me, "I do not want to spend all this money if you can not keep it down!"  Well, I made it to the car, and across the street to the Wal-Mart parking tasted good going down at least!  He did not say how long I had to keep it down! 
  • Where we have dumpster divers (you know guys that come EVERY week and go through your trash)....last night the girls were watching them and the guy took my IV pole......My 8 year old  said, "His wife must throw-up all the time too!" HA HA HA!
  • The baby has been breach the whole pregnancy my other 3 were NEVER breach at any point and I have to tell you his legs on my pelvis is killing me.....I hope he knows he needs to turn in the next 12 weeks! 
  • I have never got a stretch mark with any of my kids!  Thank goodness they scare me to death, I know that sounds vein and horrible but I really do not want any!  Well I noticed 2 small ones on my hips!  I was devastated.........please no more baby!
  • I think since I am older and more mature with this baby I research things more, then I did with my other 3 kids I did the eye ointment, and vitamin K shot with them in the I have been researching it and I am not sure I want to do it with this baby.  It sure is stressing me out!  I just want to do what is right!
Thats my 26 week update, I would post pictures but I am TOO HUGE!  Sorry!

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