Wednesday, June 13, 2012

27 Weeks.....Morning Sickness!

Well morning sickness has seem to set in again now that I am approaching my 3rd trimester.  I wake up sick and am typically sick until noon everyday.  Afternoons and evenings are great but I have to remind myself of that every day to get through the morning.  I took my girls to the movies yesterday at 10am and it was so hard afterwards we went to Walmart and thankfully my mom was with us because my mom said I would not have made it through the store.  I had to sit all through the store and put my head between my legs, I can sit anywhere now, bags of charcoal, dog food, towels, etc..... I feel like it is never ending and making it through another day is getting harder and harder!  I still do not want to take my zofran though!

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