Tuesday, May 12, 2009

tuesday..may 12th...i think...16.5 weeks

i feel like i just can not do it. i am so tired of throwing up. i just want it to end, i wish i knew when it would end. brad has moved our bed to the living room so i can lay in bed all day, even sitting in our lazyboy chair makes me feel sick. i no longer can throw up in bowls because bowls are just not big enough. i throw up my stomach lining about 4 times every morning. i am so hungry! I am eating though it all comes up. Cheerios help keeps the throw up taste out of my mouth through out the day. With emmie life was getting easier by now, i can't help but think what if this doesn't end until i deliver...i will never make it. i am off all meds and though i am very sick i will not go back on them for the side effects are still worse. The migraines were literally killing me. When i shower or bath i throw up, every time i move i throw up, i throw up all the time. i go to the doctors tomorrow and i am afraid they will put me in the hospital...if i have lost more weight or have keytones i will have to either be put in the hospital or have a picc line put back in. i hope the doctor has some other options for me. i am wearing heavy clothes to the doctors tomorrow and some boots, hopefully that will help my weight.


One piece of advice i have for women who have hyperemesis: keep a soft stool in the bathroom it is easier to throw up from the stool then the floor, keep a pillow in the bathroom so when you are done throwing up you can rest comfortably until you have enough energy to crawl back down the hall, and finally Kleenex so when throw up is coming out your nose you can blow your nose and get the rest out (I had a noodle from my soup stuck in my nose!) One more thing towels lots of them especially when you need to wipe throw up off your face when it splatters back on you from the toilet!

thank you to the Miles family for a yummy dinner from Panera tonight
thank you heather and St. John for yummy stromboli (SP) last week for dinner


Hyperemesis Survivor Week 19 Michele said...

You have to get yourself out of this cycle. The vomiting and dehydration can set in rather quickly when the IV's stop. You can start small. I bought Rita's Ice by the gallon and then moved on to chicken and stars soup. If you don't want to go back on the fluids then you have to focus on at least staying hydrated. I know that you don't want to take the meds again but despite the side effects Zofran can really help you keep these fluids down and get back on track without being hospitalized or back on the PICC line. You have to start all over with the bland diet. The key is to find something that you can hold down in small amounts and then build up from there whether it's an Icee or popsicle. It will get better and you are so close to the turning point. These are probably things that you already know but you have to keep your mind focused and have a plan to keep in control.

Christina Forshay said...

this post totally looks like I could've written it myself!!! I know those feelings EXACTLY!!!