Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thursday...close enough to 16 weeks!

Well I have gone almost 9 days without really throwing up. I quit taking my zofran pill Monday because it was giving me headaches and constipation. Plus I wasn't throwing up so I didn't need it. I had a great Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Yesterday me and the girls went to McDonalds for lunch together. It was great. Yesterday afternoon I felt yucky, and wanted to rest. I wasn't hungry which isn't like me lately. I woke up all night long in pain, I was so nauseous. I start throwing up, I throw up my stomach lining 3 times this morning. Brad went to work, I was on my own getting Lizzie ready for preschool...I am a bad mom and I sent her to school without breakfast. She said she wasn't hungry, and I wasn't going to force her to eat. Thank goodness the wonderful preschool moms have been helping get Lizzie to preschool...thank you to all. My mother in law is coming down in an hour and I told Brad I am going to bed and don't wake me until tomorrow morning! He then reminded me he has church basketball tonight, and I not so very nicely told him it was his fault I am sick and pregnant and he would just have to miss church ball! I really thought I was over the hump..I think that is why I am being a big baby today. I thought I wasn't going to throw up any more! Boy was I wrong! I am just whinny (SP?)! After some sleep my tune might change!

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