Wednesday, May 20, 2009

20th of MAy...9 more days until we find out boy or girl!

9 more days.........I want a boy, Brad and the girls want a girl. I think it is a girl. If it is a girl then I am afraid I will be convinced to do this again! We have the boy name picked out, Evan. (it goes with Elizabeth and Emmie). A girl would be nice because we have everything for a girl. With a boy we would be starting over! But no girl name!!!!!!!! A few options are: Maddie (Brads choice), Cassie (Lizzies choice), Abbie, Dannie, Sammie (my choice), Evie, & Ellie (my mothers choice). We want the girls name to end in "ie" to go with Lizzie and Emmie. Hope its a boy....HA HA HA!

I feel human again. I did laundry and cooked dinner tonight! I still don't have my energy level back. Brad is taking me on walks at night to help, I currently can not make it very far. I am happy to feel well just need some energy!

Thank you to Marcy for lunch and visiting yesterday, it was great!
Thank you to Flo for a yummy chicken dinner!

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